Microsoft releases out-of-band Outlook 2013 update

Microsoft releases out-of-band Outlook 2013 update

Summary: An update from this month's Patch Tuesday updates caused the folder pane in Outlook 2013 to disappear for many users. Microsoft has released a new version of the update that fixes the problem.

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Microsoft has released a fixed version of an earlier update to Outlook 2013 that had been pulled from distribution.


The update was released originally as part of September's Patch Tuesday updates. But within a few days Microsoft acknowledged problems caused by the update and pulled it from their distribution systems. Users reported that, after applying the update, the Outlook folder pane disappeared. Removing the update reversed the problem.

The update affects only Outlook 2013 and is not a security update. According to Microsoft, it contains "stability and performance improvements."

This was not the only problem with this month's Patch Tuesday updates, and it was in fact part of a longer pattern of code quality problems in Microsoft updates.

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  • Any word on why

    it took them so long to fix it?
    • they probably triple-tested it

      It's only 2 weeks, but I'm sure they tested the living crap out of this version. Having another problem with it would just be too embarassing
  • Not showing for me

    but there again, Outlook 2013 didn't lose its folder pane on either of my machines.
    • Actually, me either

      On any of the 4 system on which we run Outlook 2013 here. But clearly it was happening for a lot of people