Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 Update 1 to manufacturing

Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 Update 1 to manufacturing

Summary: Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Update 1 is done and heading towards general availability in April, according to various sources.


Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 Update 1 to manufacturing, according to my sources, as well as the known Windows leaker WZor.


Windows 8.1 Update 1 -- which Microsoft also has referred to internally as "Windows 8.1 Spring Update" and "Windows 8.1 Update" -- is designed to make Windows 8.1 more palatable and familiar to users who prefer to use mice as much, if not more, than touch.

Word of Windows 8.1 Update 1's existence and feature set began leaking months ago. Pre-RTM builds of the update have been leaking for weeks. (The RTM build has not yet leaked to the Web as of March 4.) During Mobile World Congress, Microsoft execs officially provided some information on the coming release for the first time publicly.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 tweaks include a title bar at the top of Modern/Windows Store apps; new, right-clickable context menus; and the addition of power and search buttons on the Start Screen. Windows 8.1 Update 1 will have a smaller footprint (1 GB of RAM; 16 GB of storage), which will enable device makers to put Windows 8.1 with the update on smaller, cheaper tablets. Windows 8.1 Update 1 will include IE8 compatibility mode in IE11 -- previously reported as IE11 Enterprise Mode.

CNET: Windows 8.1 update aims to fix common issues

With Windows 8.1, according to previous reports, boot to desktop will be installed by default on new PCs/devices without touch screens. Users who are upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update 1 who don't have boot to desktop set as their default already won't see their settings change to boot to default, according to WZor.

WZor reported that the build designated RTM was compiled on February 21 and signed off on February 26. Microsoft's next step is to provide the RTM code to OEMs for preloading on new machines.

Microsoft also has released the complementary Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1 to manufacturing, WZor said. Microsoft officials acknowledged last week that Update 1 would be coming to server as well as client.

Microsoft is planning to make Windows 8.1 Update 1 available to MSDN subscribers on April 2, according to Windows SuperSite's Paul Thurrott. Microsoft will make the update generally available via Windows Update on April 8, Patch Tuesday, I've heard from my contacts.

Microsoft may release at least one more update to Windows 8.1 later this year. I've heard from my contacts plans as to whether or not to do this are still not set in stone inside the company.

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  • Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 Update 1 to manufacturing

    Way to go, Microsoft! I will be eagerly awaiting to try out the update. Will be the first person on my block with it which not only gives me bragging rights but the advantage of learning the system before anyone else. So when it comes time for more upgrades they will call on me.
    • Where do you live

      Tried making friends the old fashioned way?
      • The Exploiters are striking again...

        (This comment is not directed to Boothy_p, it is directed to the offending exploiter who is spamming up-votes and flags.)

        Again, with the vote spam exploit.

        39 flags on Loverock, and 13 votes on a comment that insults him?

        What the hell is wrong with you people?

        Are you really that insecure with yourselves?

        Instead of gathering actual support, you've decided to cheat the system by making it seem like people actually support you.

        The public forum is a place for people to express their opinions, and gather the votes of REAL people.

        Why would you embarrass the actual ABMers with your actions? Are you trying to make the group more hated than it already is?

        You exploiters? Why would they want to support you?

        Right now, what you're doing is no worse than what a corrupt politician would do.

        Drowning out your opposition with false negativity, and forging your votes.

        That is disgusting, and you completely disregard the point of the voting system.

        Your actions are disgraceful to the community you follow. Whether you're a fan of Android, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, BBOS, iOS, WebOS, or whatever you want, none of this matters.

        Instead of being a selfish shill, gather your own support like the rest of us have.

        If anything though, this just means that it's time for change.

        If a single nut-job, or a group of ones, can do something like this continually, this just means that ZD|Net's comment system is broken beyond fix.
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          I would guess that since the flag system is used to determine SPAM (and perhaps obscene) postings, those who consistently give false positives would be "de-ranked" and those who consistently flag real SPAM would be given a higher rank. So, I'm guessing these worthless flagger's flags become of no real value very quickly--they don't affect anything.

          As for what we see, except for removing SPAM, yeah, the votes and flags can be pretty much meaningless.
          • From what I understand...

            ... when a comment gets flagged enough, it alerts the moderator.

            I don't think there's anything attached to a user's account, other than the traditional "Did they vote yet or not?" condition.

            If there was, then surely the moderator, would be able to see and ban the offenders.

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        • Ignore the votes

          No need to make lengthy posts about it either. That just gives the flaggers the attention they crave.

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        • The Exploiters are striking again...

          ..... and probably getting a huge amount of satisfaction and a damn good laugh out of getting you so hot and bothered about it every time!

          What does it really matter how many flags or posts are given against somebody's comment or opinion?

          Are you really so insecure in your love of MS that you feel so threatened by the impression being caused by this 'exploit' that the ABMers are in the majority here?

          These aren't important votes in a Government election, and nor do I see MS's share price crashing through the floor tomorrow because Loverock received a high number of flags on ZDNet. There are more important things in life to worry about than ZDNets flawed voting system or other people's love affairs with specific software companies.....
          The Central Scrutinizer
          • The Central S. You are absolutely right and considering this is Linux site

            Since this website and the software that runs on it is Linux based, it is easy to see why it's hacked so easily.
            So why should a Windows backer like the OP you posted back to be upset, hell it's only really showing how easy it is to hack Linux.
            He should be happy! :)
            If he follows the news and realizes that even Google admits Android is not designed for security, he would not worry about these silly things and just continue using the best and most secure OS on the planet.
    • Call on you???

      But according to your usual spiel Microsoft Windows 8 is the perfect OS, so simple to set up and use and just runs so smoothly without any problems... So why would anyone need any assistance with upgrades from you?? Oh wait - you couldn't have just been making it all up could you......?
      The Central Scrutinizer
      • Win 8 is the perfect OS

        You can see that in the sales of Windows Phones and Windows tablets, both of which now have the majority of market share.

        Oh, hang on . . .
        • Weird

          So we're now saying that we can decide quality based on sales?
          Michael Alan Goff
          • Are you saying that quality

            has no relationship to sales. Wow, CMO would love to hear more about your theory. Most are desperately in need of a good laugh.
          • No, today quality has very little to do with sales

            What does is people having a 'certain company' that they like or dislike and being willing or not willing to switch from that companies products.

            That is why Windows Phone is having so many issue, it was a BAD O.S. years ago and it still cannot shed that history.
          • One left foot, so you are saying Windows...

            is the highest quality PC OS? It certainly still has the sales lead and I do agree, especially with Windows 7, the best OS I've ever used and I have used Linux and OS X. I don't count Android nor iOS as PC OSes nor even true computer OSes in general, they are consumer electronics OSes.

            Also Windows and office are still the defacto standard in 80 to 90% of all enterprise.
            Oh, wait, that came from a monopoly from a tiny company that not IBM, not Apple, not SUN, not IBM not SCO, not AT&T not all of IT together could compete with for 25 years until they found a way to ride on the back of Windows to succeed (Google search, itunes for Windows etc) ...yeah that "monopoly".
      • Call on me

        Despite no matter how easy Microsoft makes it to install and upgrade Microsoft Windows there will still be some people who like the reassurance of having an IT Professional doing it for them. That is where I come in. Plus the rewards are great - good chat, sometimes gifts in the form of food and snacks. I can't turn that down.
        • "...having an IT Professional doing it for them. That is where I come in."

          Best LD joke ever! So you HAVE actually been writing some new material!
        • "...having an IT Professional doing it for them. That is where I come in."

          The Central Scrutinizer
    • Note sure if you are serious...

      If Zdnet had a modern comment system, I would put the not sure if serious meme here.
    • Sorry, I can't give this more than 2/10 in good conscience.

      Have you learned nothing from Mike Cox? No reference to scones, or even a Microsoft rep?
      Third of Five
  • MSDN?

    Do you know if it will be available early to MSDN subscribers?
    Sean Foley