Microsoft reorganizes its Server and Tools unit

Microsoft reorganizes its Server and Tools unit

Summary: Now that Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 are starting to roll out to customers, Microsoft is making some org changes to the unit that built the products.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Cloud, Servers

On the heels of releasing to manufacturing Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012, the Microsoft Server and Tools team has been reorganized.



Satya Nadella remains the President of the unit. But a number of senior leaders reporting to him now have new titles:

Scott Guthrie. New title: Corporate Vice President (CVP) of Program Management. Former title: CVP Azure App Platform
Jason Zander. New title: CVP of Development. Former title: CVP Visual Studio
Bharat Shah. New title: CVP of Test & Engineering Systems. Former title: CVP Active Directory and Identity
Brad Anderson. New title: CVP of Program Management. Former title: CVP of Management and Security
Bill Laing. New title: CVP of Development. Former title: CVP Server and Cloud
Craig Fleischman. New title: Partner Director of Test and Engineering Systems. Former title: Partner Director of Test and Operations.

"A good chunk of STB (Server and Tools Business) has gone functional up to Satya, so mirroring the (Windows President Steven) Sinofsky world," said one of my sources, in explaining the new, flatter corporate structure that he said had been put in place.

The Windows Embedded team, which became part of the Server and Tools unit in 2010, has been moved into the Data Platform Group under Corporate Vice President Ted Kummert as part of this reorg, as well.

Microsoft officials confirmed the STB reorg details above, with General Manager of Communications Amy Bardzukas offering the following statement:
"There were some changes in the Server and Tools engineering organization. It is not at all uncommon for there to be occasional shifts throughout the product cycle. The purpose of the reorg is to create a consistent engineering structure for improved alignment and faster decision making. The completion of a significant Windows server product development cycle provides us with an opportunity to improve our alignment. We continue to focus on the service we run and the infrastructure we provide to help cloud optimize our customers’ businesses."

Microsoft's Server and Tools unit is a consistently solid performer, generating more revenues than Windows client in Microsoft's most recent fiscal quarter.

Topics: Microsoft, Cloud, Servers


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  • Server division is amazing

    Just think of how relatively few people they have and yet how many fronts they are competing on: Windows Server, .Net, Sql Server, Azure, Visual Studio ...
    • When will Server 2012 RTM be available to TechNet?

      Speaking of which, I thought the Server 2012 RTM bits would be available to TechNet subscribers this week, but I only see the release candidate for download.

      Anyone know when TechNet subscribers can get the final version and their testing licenses? Thanks!
  • Server Division Rocks!

    With consistently awesome products like Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, and SQL... both on-premise and hosted varieties... it's no wonder Microsoft STILL dominates in business.
    • Um...

      Exchange Lync and SP are all in MOD (Office division).
    • What do you mean by rock?

      Are you implying they are very unstable?
  • Double-Checking...


    Scott Guthrie and Brad Anderson really both have the same "Program Management" CVP role?
    • functional levels

      there are two pairs of people with the same job title; that says to me they're classing the level of responsibility rather than the specific areas of responsibility.
    • Reporting by role

      Microsoft mostly organizes their development into roles of developers, testers, and program managers. It sounds like they are organizing their reporting structure by role instead of by product. However if there are multiple CVPs for dev, pm, etc., I wonder each will still own different sets of products within the overall organization.
    • titles

      Hi. MS confirmed these titles. I'd think each of them oversees a different set of products. MJ
      Mary Jo Foley
  • windows server 2012 and visual studio 2012 don't mix

    I installed windows server 2012 and then tried to install visual studio 2012. You get an error on the version 4.5 .Net as not being compatible. If you try to install a version it wants, it says 4.5 is already part of the operating system and won't do it. Classy Microsoft. Classy.
    • Nice combo!

      Maybe you should install it on Windows Phone as well!
      • It is a nice combo

        VS 2012 rocks.
        Unfortunately it won't install on WP (just as you wouldn't expect any full IDE available today to install on an app market class device).

        Now, on MS Surface Pro, on the other hand, you certainly will be able to do so.

        Can hardly wait!
        • You can hardly wait...

          ...because your a dipshitting Micro$oft tool.

          I need to tell you this for your own good.

          • Golum

            CaviarBlack seems to be having a severe Golum attach........Calfee
          • More like sock puppet vs. sock puppet

            Cylon Centurion
    • @Steveferg

      So, hang on a sec ... did you install the Visual Studio 2012 RTM on top of Windows Server 2012 RC?

      That is going to be a tricky combination since you're trying to install an RTM build of NETFX on an OS which includes a non-final build of the same version of NETFX.

      Wait a few more days until the RTM build for Server 2012 is released and you should find this issue remedied.
  • Orly?

    Is this a server OS with Metro screen?!
    -OOOPS 2
    Noobsoft Windows Server 2012!!!
  • Why no MSDN & Technet availability of Server 2012 RTM?

    @maryjoe - was really hoping you would pick up on all the comments on the server and tools blog about the lack of availability of Server 2012 RTM for MSDN & Technet subscribers. If interested, check out the comments on the blog. Subscribers are not happy (me being one of them).
    It feels like MSDN & Technet are being wholly de-emphasized by the business unit.