Microsoft reveals the one music service to rule them all with Xbox Music

Microsoft reveals the one music service to rule them all with Xbox Music

Summary: Microsoft's new Xbox Music service will bring streaming, offline, cloud storage, and a music store to the masses with Xbox Music.


Back in June, Microsoft revealed that Xbox Music would be the new music service for the Xbox 360, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8 and late last night that transition was officially announced with updates to Xbox consoles starting tomorrow. You will be able to experience free, ad-supported, streaming Xbox Music on Windows 8 and Windows RT computers starting on 26 October.

Microsoft reveals the one music service to rule them all with Xbox Music

To get offline song access, access on your Windows Phone 8 device, and ad-free music on your other Microsoft devices you will need the $9.99/month Xbox Music Pass. You can also purchase individual, DRM-free songs on the Music Store just like you can with the Zune store now.

If you have been reading my blog, then you know I have been searching for a single music service to meet all of my needs and Xbox Music turns out to be the one. While Xbox Music Pass is launching on Microsoft products, they also stated they will be bringing it to other platforms in the next year. In addition to the Xbox Music streaming and offline options, early in 2013 Microsoft plans to offer a scan-and-match feature and social aspects of the service. So it looks like Xbox Music will truly be the one I have been looking for with streaming music, offline music, radio functionality through Smart DJ, cloud storage and match, and a music store for individual tracks. Microsoft is going beyond what Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and others have done. Samsung has a similar service, but they limit it to just their devices at this time.

Existing Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 owners will NOT get a Xbox Music update, but the existing Zune Pass and application will work just fine. My Zune Pass is getting ready to renew and I am going to continue it since I get 10 free songs a month to keep as well and will continue to build up my personal library. If you own a Nokia Windows Phone, then don't forget you can get free streaming and offline music through Nokia Music as well so you may want to even skip paying for Xbox Music.

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  • For those about to ROCK

    We salute you !!!
  • xbox music

    I won't be using it because I went with the galaxy S3 after Microsoft decided to trash a new service again shortly after it started (windows phone 7). Microsoft does this to it's customers all the time.
  • and WP7? Do they have something for those poor souls

    that bought in WP7?
  • "Stated they will be bringing it to other platforms in the next year"

    So, Matt, in your other blog you say you're a "fairly mobile OS agnostic person" ... you're declaring something the winner based on a vague statement that it will be ported to other platforms eventually? Because, you know, MS has never ever failed to fulfill that kind of platform-agnostic promise ...
  • XBOX Music & SkyDrive Integration

    Matthew Miller: Regarding today's press release about XBOX music, any idea how we're going to access our own ripped music? SkyDrive was supposedly adding a Music folder but that never happened.

    If Microsoft follows Apple's approach of paying for a Music Matching service instead of Google's approach with Google Music, I believe that would be a huge mistake.
  • Not seeing iphone support

    Without Iphone support this will fail like zune did.
  • Sounds familiar.....

    Ah, yes, Napster has had this model for a while now, although they now appear to have joined with Rapsody, making them even larger. And they do support the iPhone, as well as Zune and pretty much any other MP3 player out there, so I would say that this is not a good option as it stands right now.