Microsoft sails past Apple in best-brand survey

Microsoft sails past Apple in best-brand survey

Summary: The iPhone maker languishes in 24th place in the Best Global Brands 2008 survey, while tech companies including Microsoft and Google dominate the top 10

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Apple may currently be king of consumer gadgets but the company is failing to hit similar heights in a list of the world's most valued brands.

The iPhone maker languishes in 24th place in the Best Global Brands 2008 survey conducted by market-research organisation Interbrand.

In contrast, Google moves into the top 10 for the first time, up from 20th place last year.

Although Coca Cola tops the brand pile, tech companies dominate the top 10 with IBM (second), Microsoft (third), Nokia (fifth), Intel (seventh) and Google (10th) all making the list.

Interbrand calculated the value of the brands by taking into account revenue forecasts, market research and brand risk analysis — including factors such as customer loyalty.

According to Interbrand's criteria, Google's brand value has risen by 43 percent in the past 12 months to $25.6bn, while Apple's has increased by 24 percent to $13.7bn.

Jez Frampton, chief executive of Interbrand, told that despite Apple's seemingly low position, its rise up the rankings has been significant. He said: "This year [Apple] have jumped up faster than any year before."

The Interbrand report added Apple's main strength is the "ability to identify new customer needs and deliver products of beautiful simplicity and desirability".

The report meanwhile attributed Google's success to "innovations like Google Mobile, Google Docs & Spreadsheets and Google Book Search" which has extended its "reach and ubiquity".

Frampton said people are now using Google as a "bellwether for the internet" rather than the more established tech players.

"You're seeing the true establishment of a brand," he added.

Topic: Networking

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  • including factors such as customer loyalty.

    Again, this is not a factual account of rankings. Suppose you had the ability to buy a brand name computer without an OS already installed, or you had a choice of OS's to have installed. As it now stands you WILL get vista, and you will pay the price, and you will be counted as a vista user, like it or not.
    I think it is deplorable that I am forced to pay for something I don't want, and not going to use. That option is controlled by a company in Redmond.
  • Not controlled by a company in Redmond

    What comes pre-packaged with your computers from Dell, HP and Lenovo is controlled by those companies.

    Microsoft does not own these companies.
  • Not controlled by Redmond

    True, but MS can exert enough pressure on these companies to make them get in line. They can raise their prices to Dell, HP, etc. to cut profits, making these companies raise their prices. I recently bought a laptop at Fry's, and asked them to take vista off and they told me they couldn't, because of their deal with MS. Call it what you want, I call it control. I spend my money, I should be able to get what I want, not what Redmond tells me.