Microsoft says new Kinect for Windows sensor coming in 2014

Microsoft says new Kinect for Windows sensor coming in 2014

Summary: A new Kinect for Windows sensor which shares many of the same technological underpinnings as the just-announced Kinect for Xbox One sensor, is due out in 2014.


Microsoft will make available a new Kinect sensor for Windows in 2014, officials said on May 23.


The new Kinect for Windows sensor will include many of the technologies that Microsoft showed off in the Kinect for Xbox One product earlier this week. Microsoft is promising the Kinect for Windows sensor also will include higher fidelity, an expanded field of view, skeletal tracking and new active infrared -- all features of the Kinect for Xbox One.

There also will be a new Kinect for Windows software development kit coming. Microsoft officials said they will be discussing the new SDK and the Kinect for Windows sensor at Build 2013 in June, but aren't saying when the new SDK will be available.

The current Kinect for Windows sensor looks like the existing Kinect for Xbox sensor. But it is designed to work at closer range and to work with Windows 7/8 PCs.

In addition to making firmware adjustments in the current Windows Kinect sensor, Microsoft shortened the the USB cable and is including of a “small dongle” to improve coexistence with other USB peripherals. The first Windows version also modified the Kinect depth camera to see objects that are “as close as 50 centimeters in front of the device” without sacrificing accuracy or precision.

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  • yawn!

    without FOSS support it is doomed to fail.
    LlNUX Geek
    • Nobody cares

      you do get that, right?

      BTW, the "FOSS support" it allegedly lacks? It isn't actually lacking it.
  • yay

    I can flap my arms and wiggle my fingers to create spreadsheets. What an improvement over the keyboard and mouse.
    • You're a close-minded person, aren't you?

      If you've ever played a flight simulator, you'd realize the importance of head-tracking.

      Current solutions like TrackIR rely on LEDs to follow your head.

      With the Kinect, many of those limitations are extinguished.

      While the usage may be niche, it's just one of the many applications for the hardware.
      • He must be because he does not seem able to think imaginatively

        narrow minded people are like that in many things, as their minds do not have the ability to think beyond anything other then what is taught to them.
  • Build into monitor?

    MS should build, or more likely license someone else to build, monitors with Kinect built into them.
    • Yes

      Now your talking... It'd be a good store surveillance camera... work clock in device, or security, it'd know your hight, face and voice, no need for a card... baby monitor :P, I could go on but yea you get the idea...