Microsoft starts taking orders for Surface Pro 3 docking station

Microsoft starts taking orders for Surface Pro 3 docking station

Summary: New dock adds more USB ports ahead of shipping in August.


Microsoft is now taking UK orders for its new Surface Pro 3 docking station, which it claims will turn its tablet into a "full-blown desktop PC".

The dock is due to go on sale on 15 August in the US priced at $199.99; in the UK it's priced at £164.99 and goes on sale on 12 September (UK Surface Pro 3 buyers will also have to pay more for the tablet itself compared to US shoppers). The first version of the dock went on sale in October last year.

US shoppers have been able to order their dock for a few weeks already.

The 12.9-inch x 3.8-inch x 4.4-inch docking station gives users of Microsoft's tablet PC access to external monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, and other USB connected devices.

The 650g dock features three USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports so when the Surface Pro 3 is docked, there's a total of six USB ports available.

The dock also features a Gigabit Ethernet port, 3.5mm audio input/output connection, and a security lock.

  Surface Pro docking station Surface Pro 3 docking station
USB 3.0 ports 1 3 (plus accessible USB 3.0 port on Surface)
USB 2.0 ports 3 2
Ethernet port 10/100 10/100/1000 Gigabit
Mini DisplayPort One on dock One on dock (plus one accessible on Surface)
Security lock slot None One

The Mini DisplayPort connection delivers high-definition video resolution of up to 3840x2600 dpi. The dock supports up to three screens (the Surface itself plus two external monitors), while the 48W power supply recharges the Surface battery while it's docked.

For daisy-chain compatible monitors, no additional equipment is needed if they have Mini DisplayPort connectors. If screens have full DisplayPort connectors, an adaptor will be needed from DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort. For monitors with HDMI, VGA, or DVI two adaptors will be needed.

The Surface Pro 3 is due to go on sale in the UK at the end of August. Microsoft has been marketing the latest version of Surface as a laptop replacement in what's seen as an effort to go head-to-head against the MacBook Air.

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  • Way too expensive

    I would be more than interested in buying one at a much lower price but 200$ for a docking station makes absolutely no sense even for a professional grade product. The Surface pro 3 is top level hardware but it was priced too high. There are very good ultrabooks out there that doesn’t need a 200$ docking station or a 139$ keyboard... and that comes with a bigger screen.

    I don't regret buying a Surface pro 3. It's incredibly fast and light ultra portable computer. However I must admit that an Ultrabook like the Yoga 2 is probably a better deal overall.
    • I bought SP3 and it is the best

      I've upgraded fro SP1 and this is more useful than SP1. The SP1 worked for me decently, but had to carry my laptop because most of my POCs woud turn into products. With SP3, I don't have to carry SP1+Laptop. You are right dock is expensive and may not be useful for many and that includes me. I've JUD500 by j5 create and that sufficies most of my uses. Yeah i know I miss rapid charging this dock brings, but SP3 lasts decently even if you use heavily. I would wait for the Power Keyboard.
      Ram U
  • Nice as a permanent deskstation solution but pricey

    The Targus USB3 Docking station for 134.99 on Amazon or the Pluggable USB3 Docking station for 109 would be good alternatives.

    If you use the Targus under the tablet as a stand the cable is fine otherwise you might need a 2-3' USB cable extender (5.49 on Amazon) depending on position as the supplied cable is on the shortish side.

    I have an older Pluggable USB2 Dock and the supplied cable was long enough. Don't know if the USB3 version contains the same length cable.

    Neither of the USB Docks would charge the Surface so you'll need your charger and have to make just two connections, power and plugin the USB Dock.

    For now I'm not intending to get a Microsoft Docking station but it would make a better showpiece if that extra "Appearance" factor matters to you.
  • Can I change the angle of that thing?

    If not it's a "weird" design after so much self praising about the new free angle support of the surface 3.
    • have another Ale Martin

      That should change the angle of your perspective. :-)

      (use that bank commercial voice when reading this... )
      • During important part of the surface 3 presentation

        2 minutes out of 9.5 minutes (aprox. 20%) were dedicated to the possibility of changing viewing/typing angles. It's not just me that think it can be important, MS thinks the same ;-)
      • I have another one for you

        Go to google or bing image search and search for "laptop docking station".
        Search for monitors also.
        Can you tell me how many can you see that doesn't allow you to change the angle of the screen?

        But someone answer, can you change or not the angle of the display with this docking station?
  • How Much ?

    A Mac is becoming the cheaper option.
    • Sweet irony :)

      A tablet + a keyboard + a stad, ...
  • I agree pricey, but completes the vision

    of the Surface Pro as the "all the PC you need" PC.
    • "all the PC you need"... its certainly that

      For anything most people would ever do. As well as all the tablet you need. (note: I make a distinction between PC and tablet choosing to put a finer point on it). Oh yes the SP3 comes with a finer point too. :-)

      You (the majority of people) really could go with *one device* from serious, office setting, work to meetings, presentations, and travel, to edutainment and entertainment.

      That's not to say you would do things exactly the same way as you might with something else but its like finding something ... once you found it do you keep looking for it or begin doing what you looked for it for. If you need to cut a tree down which is better a saw or an axe and if you have one of them does it matter. It depends... but no generally it wouldn't... unless you don't know how to use it.
  • Surface Pro...

    Acoording to consumers speaking with purses and wallets, is all the overpriced, half-baked, wanna be PC that you don't need... although die hard MS fans might be willing to go into debt to get one.

    The tragedy is that if the docking station came in hot pink, MS would probably sell thousands to gender bending fanboys alone.

    If Surface came with Windows 7, they would also sell a lot more. Being offered with Windows 8 guarantees a fail before it's placed in the box!
    • Win 8.1 the right OS for that computer. Fast, safe, powerful.

      If you really can't live without a Start Menu, get one that's free on the Internet.
    • Hyperbole, FUD, stereotype and intolerance...

      ...all in the same post. Sinking to lower and lower depths with every MS-hate post. How unexp...meh...nevermind - really no surprise here.
    • if Surface came with win 7?

      It wouldn't be retarded.
      • doh!

        I meant it WOULD be retarded.
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports?

    With that much bandwidth, why don't they have an option for an external discrete GPU?

    I mean, this ISN'T "all the PC you need" when you have no option to play (real) PC games on it, or use high-end multimedia applications that support GPU acceleration - like even Office.
    • seems USB3 would be marginal at best for an external GPU

      unless maybe it was a lightweight one which would make it kinda pointless.

      Ref Anandtech article

      So Sony is basically using 10gb bidirectional Thunderbolt connection they call Light Peak for their external GPU in a dock solution. but feel free to make one and sell it if there's a market for it.
  • Surface Pro 3 works for me.

    Not for everyone, but neither is Ferrari. If you can't pay, you don't get to play. Look for something free and deal with that.
  • Price, Price, Price

    Like Real States agents say, location, location, location, the real issue with Surface Pro (all versions) is the price. The hardware is excellent, and so is the software, but the price is what is killing it. While the Surface RT and Surface 2 price is easier to swallow, the price of the Surface Pro is not. It should be $800 for the 128GB including the type keyboard.

    As for the dock, I cannot say is overprice. That is the average price for docking station. Beside you can still connect the Surface to a large monitor and keyboard without the dock if you don't want to pay the price. But the dock makes it more convenience and more connections.