Microsoft starts testing Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

Microsoft starts testing Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

Summary: Microsoft has begun testing its second update to its Visual Studio 2013 tool suite and is readying an update to Windows Embedded Compact 2013 that provides VS 2013 integration.


Just weeks after delivering its first update for Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft has made available a test version of Update 2 for the product.

The Community Technology Preview test build of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft isn't disclosing yet all of the features that will be part of Update 2. The ones it did disclose are itemized in this Knowledge Base article. Many of the ones listed involve updates to Team Foundation Server. There are also a few fixes in Update 2 involving code analysis, IntelliTrace and the VS 2013 IDE.

Microsoft announced plans in September 2012 to make more updates to Visual Studio available on a regular basis. Microsoft released four updates to VS 2012.

In other Visual Studio 2013-related news, Microsoft officials disclosed on February 5 that the company will make available "this spring" an update to Windows Embedded Compact 2013 that will provide integration with VS 2013, along with a few other platform-specific updates.

The coming update to the Embedded Compact 2013 offering is the first Microsoft will provide to this small-footprint OS SKU since it was rolled out in June 2013.

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