Microsoft, stop telling me that you're going to break Skype

Microsoft, stop telling me that you're going to break Skype

Summary: Are you getting tired of seeing the "Please move to Skype" messages from Microsoft? Oy, it's enough to make me kvetch!

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<kvetch>Here, in its near entirety (below), is the message that I've received from the "Messenger Team" several times lately. I don't recall ever signing up for a mailing list related to Messenger, but who remembers a single click out of a lifetime? I was never a regular Messenger user, but I must have used it at some point to keep receiving these very annoying messages. All this message tells me is that Microsoft is about to break Skype.


As you may have heard, starting April 8th, 2013, we are bringing the great features of Messenger and Skype together, including your IM and contact list. (April 8th is the first day that you may be required to upgrade to Skype).

We know saying goodbye can be hard, but don't worry. Not only will all your Messenger contacts appear in Skype when you upgrade and sign in, but you can also redeem a free welcome gift. Follow the instructions below to enjoy calls to landlines and mobiles around the world, group video calling, group screen sharing (and more) absolutely free for a month. We want to thank you for being a Messenger customer and even more, are excited to welcome you to Skype!"

I just want to say one thing to the "Messenger Team": Stop sending me these messages and switch already!

OK, I feel a little better now. Is it really this difficult to get people to stop using Messenger? And what, pray tell, are those awesome features from Messenger that they're going to add to Skype?

My guess is that Microsoft is about to royally screw up a good product (Skype) with Messenger's "great" features. I've been a Skype user for a few years now, and I don't want it broken with any of those "great" Messenger features. Messenger was a diaper load in my not so humble opinion. Now Lync, on the other hand, is a pretty darn nice product. Microsoft should add some of those features into Skype or combine the two into a single product. I'm not sure they need two products that do similar things.

But for my money, and I do pay money for it, Skype is a superior product with only one missing feature: Call recording. I had to also purchase Pamela Call Recorder for my Skype account because Skype doesn't come with one, and I need to record calls for interviews and podcasts.

So if the great additions to an already great product don't include call recording, please don't break Skype with them. I have coined my own "old" adage about such things: If it ain't broke, don't break it.

I think there needs to be a national or international "Don't email list" for those of us who don't want such messages. It only serves to upset me and causes me to wait with an impending sense of doom of what horrible fate awaits my Skype service. I bemoan the changes, a la Dr Smith*: "Oh the pain, the pain."

Seriously, move your lingering, anachronistic Messenger users to Skype, but a) Stop with the emails, and b) Don't break Skype by attempting to add some lame feature that no one cares about. </kvetch>

Do you use Skype? Are/were you a Messenger user? What great features would you miss from Messenger if Microsoft just stopped supporting it entirely? Talk back and let me know.

*Dr. Zachary Smith from Lost in Space. A classic kvetchmeister. My hero.

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Topics: Microsoft, Software


Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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  • it's enough to make me kvetch

    Very cute....haven't herd that term used in some did make your point.
    Over and Out
    • Never fear, Smith is here...

      Unhand me, you mechanical moron

      don't like the sound of that sound...
  • Microsoft, stop telling me that you're going to break Skype

    Lets see here:

    Take 2 seconds to delete the email and think nothing more of it...
    Take 2 hours to write a blog post about how it annoys you that you receive email

    You didn't choose the path of least resistance.

    Fear not, Microsoft knows what they are doing and have no intentions to mess up Skype with Messenger's great features. There is nothing wrong with combining the two and you don't need to use all features that will be included. Skype will still be there for you when you want to use it. Just a bunch of complaining over nothing.
    • Take a break,Please!

      Your constant sugar coated defense of everything Microsoft is getting old and stale.
    • It's not like

      MS ever made stupid decisions that annoyed the hell out of people, is it? Start button anyone? Half-baked Windows 8 apps like Xbox Music and Video?

      And don't start with "don't whine about it, it still works the same" because the question is WHY THE HELL DID THEY REMOVE IT?!

      The guy has legitimate concerns. Microsoft doesn't have a track record of not making stupid decisions.

      P.S. Typing this on my Surface RT, just in case you wanted to switch to full attack mode.
      Ehsan Irani
      • ...switch to full attack mode

        very telling clarification. Your points are valid, whatever you type from Surface ReTard or wathever. So you wont receive a full attack in response, because you are a Surface user?

        I knew Surface users are in high esteem among MS supporters. Why? because there are so few, sales are abyssal, the brave that put his money deserve to get hailed for his bravery.

        So don't worry you will get a free pass...
        • ..

          I think he was simply making a point that he is a user of Microsoft products.

          This community really is so damn hostile.
  • And if they sent one or two emails, total

    and you missed it (them) then we would be hearing -

    William Farrel
    • yep

      I think you're actually right. sucks if they do, sucks if they don't. it's like a way of life now.
    • I see 007 and his aliases were here

      par for the course.
      William Farrel
    • I do agree.

      In today's society, too many look for that "out" that will absolve them of blame for not responding adequately to a situation confronting them.

      If daily emails are what is required for a retailer to cover their end of an upcoming change to a product offering, then they will do that so as to lessen the impact to themselves should too many not see a single email, had they determined that only one email should be sufficient.

      They understand the change will catch many off guard, but it is still better then catching everyone off guard.
      John Zern
  • If anything that would screw up skype, it would be skype itself

    Another classic Hessian post, 10% complaining and 90% baseless conjectures.

    I'm not sure how Ken Hess came to the conclusion of MS going to screw up Skype, but the core of the Skype hasn't been changed. It is still one monolith binary written by Delphi. All the "new" functions that works with .Net/RT is thru the wrapper. Unless MS decided to rewritten the whole thing from the ground up, they basically got the same access as all other Skype developers around the world.

    Other than the email warning about impending demise of Live Messenger, there isn't no change to the functionalities of Skype at all. The impact is happening on the Live Messenger side way more than Skype side so I really don't see what the fuss this post.
    • The Theory

      Microsoft paid a lot of good money to acquire it.

      That money is wasted, except Skype generates a serious revenue stream (the lack thereof being the motive to sell to Redmond) or Skype becomes a value add and increases sales of devices using Microsoft's operating systems.

      The latter is what leads us who were using Skype before its acquisition and who prefer other platforms to have the so far unfounded worry that Microsoft would gum up Skype.

      Returning to the main point. I've been getting those emails and I am irritated for the 15 seconds it takes me to delete. Thing is, I use Skype and have never used Messenger. Near as I can figure, it's because I set up a Microsoft ID so I could do some .net development.

      The silver lining to that cloud: they do not know everything about me.
  • Get therapy...

    You write...

    "Is it really this difficult to get people to stop using Messenger?"

    One might ask, is it really that oppressive to receive a few emails?
  • Skype goes ....

    If we are going, and there will be others ...

    posicionamiento web
  • Ken Hess, with all respect...

    Please STOP posting such silly posts.
  • Fail.

    "My guess is that Microsoft is about to royally screw up a good product (Skype) with Messenger's 'great' features. I've been a Skype user for a few years now and I don't want it broken with any of those great Messenger features."

    You don't know what the features are, but you KNOW they are going to screw up your experience, and you KNOW you will hate them.

    Fail on so many levels.
  • Let me get this straight

    You assume, with no real evidence, that Microsoft is going to screw up Skype...

    And you hate getting emails enough to rant about it?
    Michael Alan Goff
    • Of course they will screw up Skype

      Its MS. Its what they do.