Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet gets new processor

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet gets new processor

Summary: The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet gets a speed bump only two months after its release.


Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 tablet has been given a processor upgrade only two months after its release.

The processor in the tablet has received a speed bump with an upgrade from a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 4200U CPU to a 1.9GHz Core i5 4300U chip.

"Microsoft routinely makes small changes to internal components over the lifetime of a product, based on numerous factors including supply chain partnerships, availability, and value for our customers," Microsoft said in a statement.

The Surface Pro 2 earned praise for improving the performance in Internet Explorer and 3D graphics over the original Microsoft Surface Pro when it was reviewed last year.

The Pro 2 contains the U variant of the fourth generation Intel Core CPU, which offers better performance than the more power-efficient Y-series of Intel Core processors.

ZDNet sister site CNET captured the screenshot below showing the 300MHz speed bump


The news of the upgrade was first reported by Windows rumours site WinBeta.

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  • Wait for it....

    Cue the outrage comments from people who didn't buy one because Microsoft updated the product with a marginal change because the old version was either more expensive or unavailable. How dare they keep their production lines running without a delay?
    Dreyer Smit
    • price

      The new CPU probably costs the same as the previous one so why not simply put it in. Incremental updates between new models release might not be common but it isn't a bad thing. Apple usually ad an "S" to their models when the do that and sell them as entirely new.
      • Probably should compare Surface Pro to laptops, not phones

        Since the Surface Pro is more computer than phone-like, it might make more sense to compare to the MacBook Air. MacBooks can have tweaks in hardware. In fact, you often don't know what hardware exactly you are getting among variants. There are times when it is luck of the draw as to whether you get the faster SSD of the different drives being used.
        • let's have some perspective...

          I'm currently shopping laptops for a friend. She loves the latest Acer Aspire S7 which is beautiful, thin, and light. And costs $1330-1400 for the i5 with the 1.6 GHz processor. The Surface Pro 2 was quietly bumped from that same 1.6 GHz processor to the 1.9 GHz model. That's not chump change and it's cheaper (marginally).
    • Don't really think this is the issue...

      It's great that they are upping the CPU but, what is the point? Based on previous comments by MS about dumping one of their OS's it would seem that RT has a limited future.

      Now with that being said I suppose that they might be aiming at moving the WinPhone OS into the RT and this CPU move may be related to that. Either way it is and or will be a mess for some time with very limited software aviablity. Money is better spent else where in the Pad world.
      • Surface PRO - PRO - PRO!

        It's not the RT version.
        The Surface PRO is a true Intel tablet, and it runs the "true" Windows 8.1, as well as any/all Windows Apps.
        • Brain Cramp

          Well, give me a moment to pull my foot out of my mouth. I will officially blame that on way too much Captain Morgan on New Years.
      • More likely than not ...

        ... the unification of Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT 8,1 will look more like RT 8.1 and WP 8.
        M Wagner
    • It's more like a side-grade exchange

      At 1.9 GHz, it consumes slightly more average power, thereby slightly reducing the battery life. The TDP may be the same, but TDP is a measure of how much heat it generates.
      Jacob VanWagoner
  • Surface 2- now with 18% less suck

    Time to stop beating, *oops* I mean tweaking, a dead horse M$. Adding tweaks to a bad platform isn't likely to ever result in a good product when the product was fundamentally flawed from conception. Go back to the drawing board and come up with something the consumer wants.
    • Its good news

      Maybe MS are reshaping the hardware upgrade landscape by bringing smaller improvements to the production line faster than competitors. It's good for choice and consumers.
      • M$ better do something competitive

        Chromebook sales devastated M$ sales this holiday season. I guess M$ got Scroogled.
        • Pointless rip

          The Surface Pro 2 screams as is. Either you like the form factor and the OS or you don't. If you don't like it it should mean you prefer something different - the performance is stellar. Seems like the Pro 2 is doing fine. Not sure about the Surface 2 with RT.
          Luke Skywalker
        • 22% of laptop sales

          means there were 78% of laptop sales that weren't Chromebooks.
          Michael Alan Goff
        • I don't think you have the statistics to back that up ...

          ... even if you are claiming that Google OEMs sell more $249 devices than Microsoft sells $999 devices.
          M Wagner
        • In the real world

          Chromebook sales devastated Apple laptop sales, while Windows laptops continue to lead the way.
        • I know at least 3 people

          That bought chromebooks thinking its a cheap windows laptop and gave it to some kids as christmas presents.
    • Bias

      I stopped reading at M$.
      • yeah really, any reference to M$ guarantees the source is a nutjob

      • Clearly

        you are referring to YOUR bias.

        How is reporting about a change in CPU revealing any sort of bias? You really need to do some introspection. A reasonable response to this article might be, "even with the upgrade, I am not interested in the form factor". Your response is essentially "if people write about something I am not interested in, there is something nefarious going on".