Microsoft Surface: What you need to know

Microsoft Surface: What you need to know

Summary: Considering investing in a Surface tablet PC? Check out this set of our must-read stories.

A Microsoft Surface Pro. Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has today unveiled a new Surface Pro 3 to add to its range of Windows powered tablet PCs, claiming this will be the tablet that can replace your laptop. Here's everything you need to know about the Surface family in one handy list of stories.

The first-gen Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets were released in October 2012 and February 2013 respectively. Their successors, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, arrived in October 2013, but so far adoption remains low. So can a new addition - shipments start next month - encourage take-up in the face of strong competition from Apple's iPad and the many Android tablets available? If you're thinking of investing in a Surface, check out our extensive coverage of Microsoft's tablet so far.

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Microsoft Surface tablet reviews:

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Microsoft Surface tablet news:

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  • Microsoft Surface: What you need to know

    I know these Microsoft Surfaces are in high demand and will sell quickly. This updated model is going to give you great bang for your buck.
    • Take a cookie.

      I promise, by the time you're done eating it, you'll feel right as rain

      And then get out of your fantasy world.
    • MS Surface, What You Need To Know:

      * The same Product has previously failed two times

      * You're paying up to two grand for a half-a$$ laptop that switch hits as a half-a$$ tablet

      * Windows 8 is so horrbile that China (the software piracy captial of the world), will not even touch it

      * The hot pink keyboard is extra and sure to out all switch hitting MS fanboys :)
      • Twisting facts?

        - The Surface hasn't failed, actually. Good try though

        - It costs $800, but I guess that $2000 is close...

        - You're just outright lying now. China stated that it was for "security" reasons. There's a lot of debate going on around about it.

        - Some people like pink. You mad?
        • "The Surface hasn't failed" ??

          I guess your made up facts are as good as real facts
          • No denying iPads sales dropped dramaticly

            yet Android sales didn't go up accordingly.

  • This all i need to know

    Look what i get from apple
    • 11-inch MacBook Air
    o Item Price: $1,649.00
    o Quantity (11-inch MacBook Air)
    o Line Price: $1,649.00
    o 1.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz
    o 8GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM
    o 512GB PCIe-based Flash Storage
    o Backlit Keyboard (English) & User's Guide
    o Accessory Kit
    o Pages, Numbers, Keynote
    o iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand
    o OS X

    Apple TV
    o Item Price: $99.00
    o Quantity (Apple TV)
    o Line Price: $99.00

    Total: $1,748.00

    MS$ =Core i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB storage - $1,949

    I even get an APPLE TV and save $200 bucks
    • why are you comparing it wht 11 ?

      This 12" screen has more area than the 13" Air.

      Also the Air has a low res scree, no touch and digityzer and its heavier...
      • But can i run WIN 8 on it?

        Can i get an answer on that?
        • Of course you can.

          Since apple uses Intel you can actually run real windows software on apple hardware. Unfortunately there's no digitizer or touch screen, so you'll never realize it's potential.
          • And?

            I think i'll just save the 200 bucks.
          • Sounds like moving goalposts to me.

            If you really wanted to make a fair comparison, you'd add in an iPad and a Wacom Intuos.

            Come on, go ahead and add the numbers.

            I'll go ahead and save $400, thank you very much.
          • Plus Windows licence

            And there you are at the same price, but with the shame of going around with an Apple logo.

            No Thank you!
          • Not really a shame to have an Apple logo...

            ... but the argument remains.

            I'll go ahead and save $500.
          • @ForeverCookie

            Nice point!
          • re:

            I wonder if Apple could sell more laptops if they offered some that didn't come bundled with MacOS and didn't have their logo on the cover? I'm guessing they'd sell quite a few more to Windows users.
            Sir Name
        • Errr yes?

          You can run Windows 8 on a MBA.

          The drivers for the WiFi aren't great, and the battery life is crap, but you can do it if you want.
          Michael Alan Goff
      • More to know

        He forgot to mention the 11 hour battery life and no Windows 8 (which is pure extrement)
  • "Need to know basis"

    Trust me, Steve, no-one, not even 'Lovesick.M$Lover' NEEDS to know anything about 'Surface'; we've heard it all before, and an 'updated, improved' model simply means recalling the previous stack of unsold tablets at a huge loss.

    DON'T call us, we - well, Loverock - will call you.
    • How in the world aren't you banned?

      All you do is harass other users and spam in MS articles.