Microsoft takes no prisoners with $39 upgrade price

Microsoft takes no prisoners with $39 upgrade price

Summary: Microsoft has apparently grown some serious stones. Ballsy move, Ballmer.

TOPICS: Windows, Software

Microsoft has apparently grown some serious stones. First, the company gave OEMs something to hold meetings about when the Surface twins were announced.

Now Microsoft is upping the ante by driving a great big stake into the heart of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 hangers-on by offering a $39.95 upgrade from pretty much anything to Windows 8 Pro.

Let's be clear. If you want Windows 7 Pro, you're looking at putting more than $150 down on your plastic. Even the cheapest good Windows 7 edition, Windows 7 Home Premium, can't be bought for much less than $99.

Windows 8 Pro? $39.95. And that's from pretty much any Windows that isn't sprouting weeds.

It is now FAR cheaper to upgrade a machine to Windows 8 Pro than anything else. Were you thinking about moving that old machine to Windows 7? No more. Windows 8 will save you a boatload of cash.

So, here's how it's going to go down. Most sane people will look at Metro and respond "Meh." Up until today, they would have gone with another copy of Windows 7.

But now, they'll say, "Hmmm...I can save anywhere from $60 to $150 if I buy Windows 8. Okay, that'll work."

And there you go. Ba-billions of new Windows 8 users. Ba-billions of new Windows 8 users with access to the Microsoft App store. Ba-billions of people who will now be running Windows 8 instead of XP.

And ba-billions of users who will find it vastly more cost effective to go to Windows than to buy an Apple product.

Heck, Windows -- in individual units -- is almost as cheap as Linux.

Microsoft just bought itself another decade of life for Windows.

Ballsy move, Ballmer.

Topics: Windows, Software


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • Great move.

    Until today I was planning to continue to running Win 7 on my current home PCs until its end of life... but with Win8 coming so cheap, I am planning to upgrade all of my PCs...
    • What, with that stupid metro interface for desktops?

      Forget it!!

      They could give it away and I still wouldn't use it. Not until they have an option to disable the thing.
      • I'll upgrade Cylon Centurian and Loverock for that price

        But no one else (especially not me, myself or I). ;)
      • They may have to give it away......

        Businesses have stated that Win8 was DOA, (Some of those articles posted on this site). Many businesses are still running XP and haven't even started to upgrade to Win7. Rewriting customized applications and mass upgrades take lost of cash, labor, time, and retraining.

        No....Microsoft has made a huge error in the Metro interface, secure boot, and trying to push their own iPad wannabe, and will pay dearly for that.
        • You don't know businesses

          I agree most fortune 500 companies are pretty poorly run, but I have worked with some of them and they are slowly updating their IT policies. They are realizing that in-house IT shops are not working very well and are outsourcing to shops which are more about what is new than about what they know and keeping things safe. I did a job with a company once where I was actually told by someone that they couldn't help me make a process more efficient because then there wouldn't be any reason for them to have a job. I mean, really? Wow.
      • stupid metro interface

        have you actually tried the interface as there is an option to use either you do not have to use the scrolling interface use the normal windows interface. im so sick of reading comments from bloody ipad users
        Roy Urey
    • Surface / WinRT Pricing

      And hopefully, we'll see the same ballsy Surface and WinRT pricing. You're way behind, MS. Without a low price, your tablets and phones are done. And while you're at it, get WP on prepaid ASAP. Stop trying to grow your smartphone market share from only the top down.
      • You get what you pay for

        And based on their past history, I'm sure HP or Dell can come up with plenty of bottom-feeder hardware that can run these things. Half-assed, of course.

        And that's all most people need is 'half-assed', right?


        • Duh

          Well ya, nothing but praise for iOS and it's a half assed operating system. Obviously most users are just browsing the web and email...
          An occasional spreadsheet? No problem even on a 1ghz POS processor.
          • @Umadbro2012

            Hey dude, just because you can't afford one.

            Neither can I, but I don't resent other people for it.


            Now, back to that bottom-feeder hardware...

      • booo

        Here's a tissue android or apple phanboi. If you soak this one just ask Titto for another.

        This was an excellent article and shows exactly what MS is doing..Ba Billions will be hitting the Windows App store and since you can still run x86 apps you get lots of options. MS will be serious competition going forward.
        • Metro Sucks!

          Metro sucks. Compatibility sucks. Microsoft refuses to offer non-Metro for any of their products in a fully-functional way. Our company pulled the plug on Windows and never looked back. Many of my clients began investing in non-Windows solutions as of the Windows 8 Public Preview. Several friends have discussed the likelihood of leaving XBOX 360 because of the same god awful Metro interface.

          How amusing it is that Linux and Mac are more compatible than Widows 8 with many Windows solutions. They're typically more stable and they look better too.

          As for pricing, Microsoft is finally starting to get it. Now if they'll only make a version of Windows more functional, more aesthetically pleasing (or at least natively easy to be user customizable like Linux), and still chase the aggressively low pricing...

          Not impressed yet and certainly not motivated to deal with Windows 8 at all if it's possible to let the fad die.
    • yes, great move indeed !

      So not only get new PC buyers under Windows 8 but also XP, Vista and & 7 buyers in one go. Very nice move. This has success written all over it, even before its release. Just 20% upgrades from current Windows users will amount to over 100 million buyers in no time. Then add the ones buying x86 and RT tablets
      • Great moves

        are often born of desperation.
    • Until this moment.

      I thought you were a real person instead of an obvious Microsoft mouth piece.

      Let me phrase it a different way, you've probably all heard this pitch before.

      Well, until today I was going to keep with my current washing powder. But now I know how cheap (insert brand) is then I am going to buy the "All new improved washing powder" tomorrow. And not only that, but the "all new improved washing powder", now gets my white whiter than white. All for the remarkably low price of just $39. Wow
      • Missing a few things

        1. Most of us who have been making glowing reviews of Windows 8 and Metro have actually used the thing since the Developer Preview, at least.
        2. Metro is nothing more than a big start menu with some added functionality. I don't find it hard to press the Windows key and then type in the name of the application I am trying to open (if it isn't already pinned to Start) in the slightest.

        Some of the people who are most outspoken against Windows 8 I am coming to the conclusion that they are Lintards or OSX-tards.
        • In a world where quality is downhill and people accept inferiority

          I can see people jumping all over this offer.
        • Apple copier is running again...

          This time in the price department. Microsoft has finally understood that if a competitor offers an operating system for $30, then they will have a harder time selling theirs for $150 and even with a substantial discount to an OEM, the OS price embedded in the cost of the new computer is still more than what Apple charges. This is a good move. Since the cost of duplicating software is next to nothing, I hope they sell a lot of copies at this price. $39 isn't exactly free, but it should seriously discourage piracy.
          • Not quite a copier this time...

            While I suspect Microsoft is seeing the pricing options Apple used, it does not mean they're a copier. It means Apple was smart and got there first. Coming to their senses does not make Microsoft a copier. It makes them last place in the same race.

            If they were their usual Apple-copier selves, we wouldn't have been cursed with Metro.

            I'll accept Microsoft's inability to be creative if they'll get rid of that horrid Metro interface on the video game consoles and computer systems. I suppose it's tolerable on the cell phone.
    • Great Move?

      Well to be honest, and here comes the flames, Microsoft had to price it low or based on what I am seeing no one would upgrade to that uglier than ever interface and crippled desktop. No, I haven't used it. I ran Vista will all the badmouthing and found it to be quite adequate. Windows 7 polished it and now it's great. Windows 8, God, what an ugly interface.