Microsoft to add 1,000 employees in China

Microsoft to add 1,000 employees in China

Summary: The software giant is growing its operations in the country with this recruitment drive, particularly research and development which it plans to increase expenditure in this area by 15 percent over the next year.


Software giant Microsoft intends to bring in another 1,000 staff in China over the coming year, as it ramps up its research and development (R&D) efforts in the country.

According to a report by Reuters Thursday, Redmond's recruitment drive will help beef up the talent pool in departments such as R&D, sales, marketing, and services, said Ralph Haupter, chairman and CEO for Microsoft's Greater China division.

It also plans to boost its R&D spend in the country by 15 percent over the same time period, noted Zhang Ya-Qin, chairman of Microsoft's Asia-Pacific R&D group.

Redmond currently spends some US$500 million annually on research and development work in China, Reuters added.



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  • not in the usa

    microsoft you need to add people in the usa not in China
  • Economic imperialism is so two centuries ago

    Most big companies try to arrange things so that their revenues and expenses are roughly in balance in each country where they do business. This isolates them from currency fluctuations and it keeps the local governments happy.

    Microsoft sells a lot of stuff in China. The government of China therefore expects them to hire some Chinese people. It's that way in every country.
    Robert Hahn
  • so you don't mind

    US taxpayer money subsidizing MS' offshoring??

    Or MS telling politicians like Grassley it has no "moral imperative" to hire Americans despite our tax money and other entitlements given to them??

    I could go on and on but we've been here before on this issue and you seem to be fine with our paying them to gut this country...
    • or ballmer treatening Obama

      In 2009 with more offshoring if ballmer did not get his way about offshore-work being taxed?

      Happy web searching as all i have said can be found very quickly..