Microsoft to patch Windows, Forefront this month

Microsoft to patch Windows, Forefront this month

Summary: This Patch Tuesday will see just five updates and just two critical. Every version of Windows is affected.


Microsoft has released their Security Bulletin Advance Notification for February 2014. There will be just two critical updates this month, the first for Windows 7/8/8.1, both x86 and RT, and for Windows Server 2008 and 2012. The second critical update is for Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server.

The updates and more details on the vulnerabilities they address will be available at 2PM EST on Tuesday, February 11.

Three other updates for various versions of Windows have a maximum rating of Important. Every supported version of Windows is affected by at least two of the three Important updates.

The same day Microsoft will release non-security updates for various products and a new version of the Malicious Software Removal Kit.

After this Tuesday there will be just two Patch Tuesdays until Windows XP and Office 2003 are unsupported.

Topics: Security, Microsoft, Windows

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  • Patch Tuesday

    And I'll bet you donuts to dog turds and the loser eats the stakes that your gonna get a load of negative posts on this article just like always Larry !!!!!
    • Patch Tuesday

      I read this as February 11th the worlds most popular operating system will become even more secure. I guess I'm a glass is half full kind of guy.
    • The problem isn't Microsoft or their products....

      Windows XP and Office 2003 are ancient. The fact Microsoft are supporting them *at all* is a tribute to them and their development teams. The problem is users and corporations not moving off this outdated platform. Heck, I was recently on a cruise ship and their fire/damage control system is run on XP (or at least the terminals on the bridge do).

      People need to bite the bullet, accept the inevitable and upgrade.
      • Specialty systems

        Like a few people said in the past, there are specialty systems out there that were built around XP. If you have a few million to spare for a major upgrade, then go for it.

        If not, patch what you can and let the firewall/antivirus do the rest.
        • On going Microsoft problems and the proposed lack of a continuing support s

          agreed. You buy a product and you expect it to do the job you want and where there are problems they need to be fixed. at the moment the customer is on an endless time paying scheme to keep up with Microsoft problems/ I am, like thousands of other on a age pension, therefore I can keep up with the demands of Microsoft. I am pretty proficient as I have been involved with using computers since the 1980's but there are others coming on late who are isolated due to health or family members drifting away from home area and these rely on keeping contact with the world and families If they cannot get a reliable system then it is likely to further isolate them
          • Hey, professori,

            Will your family members continue to receive your pension after you pass on? Does your car continue to get free service after the warranty period? Of course not, right? Then why do you expect Microsoft to continue providing support after the end of the life of their product?
          • Question

            Why do you feel purchasing a computer once entitles you to service forever?
            Michael Alan Goff
          • A new Windows 8 computer can be had for less than $200

            Wait till Christmas and you can buy a brand new Windows 8 laptop computer for less then $200. Last year I bought two for my daughters and they are still going strong. That like saving $20 a month to buy one next Christmas.

            There is no reason to run XP.
            Rann Xeroxx
        • There is also OS-version-locked software and firmware out there.

          I was working for a place that was actually running some DOS 6.22 / Windows 3.1 machines since a critical card had drivers that refused to start the card until it queried the OS and made sure that that was what was installed. Furthermore they had anti-VM countermeasures so at least up to 2008 it was not possible to successfully run it on a VM (for all I know they could still be running them to this day).
        • When should we upgrade ?

          When should we upgrade ? In an ideal world, where the OS is supposed to be constructed "right" the first time around, never ! In my modest opinion, you shouldn't have to "upgrade" the OS 2 or 3 times on the same machine, you only change the OS when you change for a more recent machine, the rest should be "updating" at the expenses of the OS "maker", in this case MS !
          • Wow, what a utopia

            When you find this magical unicorn, let us know.
            Rann Xeroxx
      • Bit the bullet?

        Is newer better? In all my years as an IT professional I've seen many holes in this theory.
        Just a couple of quick one's... let's see.. ME anyone? Or how about Vista. The XP OS was probably Microsoft's best in a long time. The problem with Microsoft they've lost touch with their customers and how their machines are used. I've seen this with IBM, Unisys and many others. I can recall a local grocery chain that moved to a GUI terminals and quickly rolled back to their ASCII driven screen because the GUI painfully slow and tended to crash. It was pretty but, not practical. New isn't always good!
        My personal opinion has always been, "If it's not broke, don't fix it!"
        • profit not quality

          There's no money in building it right the first time! Microsoft is and always has made its profit in releasing half-baked upgrades and versions. Often the updates will crash your computer. I wait at least one month after release of any updates because updating upon release has crashed my computer more than once! And the only company that makes you agree to not hold the company responsible if its product destroys your data and computer!
          • Windows updates crashing one's computer


            I heartily agree with your comments - I switched on during a lengthy update only for that to be the last time I have used that particular pc.

            With nearly 40% of the world still using XP - why could MS not have continued to support it at a reasonable annual cost of course? I am sure that they could have made a profit and they must have realized that the millions of newcomers to computing each year would have taken to Windows 8 whilst old codgers like me fade away and die.
      • corporate generosity does not make profits.

        the only reason why the old o.s's were supported is not due to microsofts generosity but because a lot of the code for the newer o.s.'s were incorporated to save time and money.

        none of the o.s.'s since win95 were 100% revamped. at best, the old o.s. was revamped by 35% but sold to us as new and improved and unbelievable - spinning it as " you got to have it and get it now. dance and pound on the table !!
      • Upgrade

        Your absolutely right, it is time to bite the bullet and upgrade, which is exactly what I did, dumped XP (which I really liked) for Linux Ubuntu 13.10. Now I realize that I should have done this years ago when Windows ME came out..... Now I have this awesome smooth running OS and didn't have to spend one red cent. I like the OS so much that I'm not even going to dual-boot my system, just Linux....
        • Use Linex Instead?? OK, if...

          ALL the apps I use run on it, but they don't. I even have to use XP Mode in Win 7 because some programs I use wont run under Win 7-64bit.

          Running Windows under an emulator is not sensible either when most of what you are running is Windows based.

          Good Linux worked for you, but it is not a path for everyone (despite what even the fan boys say).
      • The Problem isn't Microsoft...

        Here, here! So agreed. So be it; motion is passed!!
        Crashin Chris
      • Need to upgrade

        What you are saying is not that people need to upgrade their operating system, but that they need to go out and replace the PC's that XP is running on. Since I don't think Win8 will run on that level of hardware.
      • XP Lives

        95% of all ATMs still use XP. 33% of all PCs still use XP. I'd pay Microsoft a small fee to keep XP alive. Too may printers and software packages will not run on Windows Vista or newer. Sarcasm: I'd like to see Ford tell me my car is obsolete and disable its engine. In both cases, hypothetical Ford and the real Microsoft, there are alternatives to company loyalty, just look at Munich -