Microsoft to patch Windows, IE, Lync Server next week

Microsoft to patch Windows, IE, Lync Server next week

Summary: A total of four updates will be released next Tuesday. One is a critical update for Internet Explorer.


Microsoft has released their advance notification for the September 2014 Patch Tuesday updates. There will be a total of four updates issued next Tuesday, September 9, one of them rated critical.

The one critical update addresses a problem or problems in Internet Explorer in all versions of Windows. Following a pattern typical of IE updates, it is rated Critical on Windows client systems and Moderate on servers. The problems are likely mitigated by the Enhanced Security Configuration in Windows Server.

Two of the other updates are rated Important and affect Windows. One specifically affects the .NET Framework and all versions of Windows (oddly, except for Server Core versions of the non-R2 editions of Windows Server 2008) and could result in a denial of service. The other affects Windows 8.x, Windows RT and Windows Server 2012.

The final update will fix a denial of service bug in Lync Server 2010 and 2013 and is rated Important.

Microsoft will also release a new version of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and probably some as-yet undisclosed number of non-security updates to various Windows versions. It has also become popular for other companies, most prominently Adobe, to release security updates for their own products on that day.

Topics: Security, Microsoft, Windows

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  • MS Should Just Go Into The Patch Business

    And spend all their time patching their broken down, tired, crappy software.

    That will easily keep them busy for another 30-years.

    The hardest job in the world right now is being a MS Fanboy in 2014!

    As the movie Hustle and Flow stated ever so poetically... "It's hard out there for a pimp."
    • I am gald to hear

      The software and OS you use do not have any vulnerabilities that don't need patching.
      • Looks like your spell checker needs patching

        It's not a question of needing patching, it's a question as to the volume of patches needed. MS has always used it's paid customer base as beta testers and therein lies the thrust of the complaint.
        Don't eat the yellow snow
        • Why wouldn't they have many patches?

          They have the largest number of users for any other desktop operating system.

          If you're getting targeted a lot, expect to have a lot of patches.

          Besides that, you're complaining about MS using its customers as "beta testers"?

          What about the lag-fest known as iOS 7 for the iPhone 4 or the Mavericks wi-fi issues?

          Things go wrong sometimes. Considering the size and diversity of the Windows user-base, you can't expect everything to work perfectly for everyone.
          • Number of users doesn't translate into number of patches...

            Number of patches comes from the amount of sloppy code created.
  • If it's critical why wait until next week to release it ?

    • This is the right way

      They've been following this Patch Tuesday procedure of advance notification the week before for over 10 years, and it's because large customers want it this way. This gives them a basis for planning for the next week.
      Larry Seltzer
      • It's Really Sad Commentary That Your Software Is So Poorly Written That...

        ... It needs to be critically patched EVERY single week, 52-times per year!

        If you built an automobile that was recalled every week of the year, well, draw your own conclusions.

        MS desperately needs to get into a new line of work.

        Let's see, they lie, they're sneaky, they bully, and they're greedy and have lots of cash on hand... how about politics?

        • 52 months per year?

          patch tuesday is the 2nd tuesday of each month, and just so you know there's 12 months in a year, not 52.
        • You've already disqualified yourself from commenting

          Obviously you have no concept of technology. All Microsoft does is package their updates individually as opposed to OS X, or Linux where you're just pulling updates with no idea of what they're patching.

          Do a little more research, read a calendar and then come back and join in the conversation.
          • Do a little research yourself.

            "or Linux where you're just pulling updates with no idea of what they're patching."

            Linux updates are done on a per package basis, so we know exactly what is being changed.
          • Yes, do a little research.

            Too many times patches from Microsoft include patches total unrelated to what is documented to be being patched.
        • orandy's comments in a nutshell:

          "Dear Diary,

          Microsoft is successful! Waah! They're evil! Microsoft is patching its OS! Waah! They're evil! Microsoft is supporting its users! Waah! They're evil!"
          • well - I guess you like the bricked systems...

            caused by the sloppy code.
          • Ubuntu's bricked on my system before.

            Sloppy code?
        • every week

          What OS is patched every week?
          Michael Alan Goff
    • Business needs reliability

      When you have an operating system that is relied upon by 90-95% of businesses worldwide, you don't just "have a fiddle" without giving them warning.

      Many of those businesses will thoroughly review the patch notes, examine each item that is sent out on patch Tuesday, test the ones they decide are relevant to them in a test environment (discarding the rest), and then decide if they will release it to end users or if it breaks something they have deployed on their network. You are aware of "unsupported code", presumably?

      I realise you're just here to troll, but the question deserves an answer regardless of the source.
    • Maybe working on preparing for bricked systems?

      By the time the bricked systems are complained about they will have a story ready...
  • Trust is the Issue

    With the fiasco of last month's updates, I turned off auto-update. I will check each update one-at-a-time on my Win 8.1 box.
  • How many..

    ..Critical flaws are there in Windows before the applogists say they've had enough of supporting such a terrible piece of software.

    IE doesnt have holes....Microsoft have different ideas on that
    Windows doesn'y have holes...Microsoft have different ideas for that too!
    Microsoft...lets throw in a few Office patches just to cover up the other 100 we'll have to sort out in monthly "updates" this year