Microsoft to resume email security notifications

Microsoft to resume email security notifications

Summary: After a weekend of questions and confusion, the company has decided not to stop using emails to notify customers of security issues

TOPICS: Security, Microsoft

Microsoft has effectively retracted a policy announcement from last Friday that they would no longer send emails to notify of certain security problems and events. After further consideration, they will continue issuing the emails.

The announcement last Friday blamed "...changing governmental policies concerning the issuance of automated electronic messaging..." for the decision. It was clear that the government policy at issue was a new Canadian anti-spam law, scheduled to go into effect July 1. Microsoft recommended that users switch to their RSS feeds instead.

This afternoon a Microsoft spokesperson issued this statement: "On June 27, 2014, Microsoft notified customers that we were suspending Microsoft Security Notifications due to changing governmental policies concerning the issuance of automated electronic messaging. We have reviewed our processes and will resume these security notifications with our monthly Advanced Notification Service (ANS) on July 3, 2014."

The ANS this Thursday is the advance notification of updates to be released on July, i.e. Patch Tuesday.

Topics: Security, Microsoft

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  • MS needs a new policy ...

    Write statements then pass them around for a week maybe two and have them vetted by outside counsel to see it they pass a sanity check before releasing to the public.
    • Apply this to Windows Updates as well

      They need to do this with Windows Updates as well. I shouldn't have to research every patch to make sure it won't have a good chance to fry my home machine if I install it.