Microsoft to update Windows, Internet Explorer next week

Microsoft to update Windows, Internet Explorer next week

Summary: Critical updates for Windows and IE and other less-severe Windows patches will be released on Tuesday.


Microsoft has released their advance notification for the July 2014 Patch Tuesday updates. There will be a total of six updates issued next Tuesday, July 8, two of them rated critical.

Three Windows updates rated important, all for privilege elevation bugs, will also be released. There will also be one update for the "Microsoft Service Bus for Windows Server" rated moderate for a denial of service vulnerability.

As is usually the case, Microsoft will also release a new version of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and probably some non-security updates to various Windows versions.

In an entry on the Microsoft Security Response Center blog Dustin Childs, Group Manager, Response Communications for Microsoft Trustworthy Computing also announced that as of this month Microsoft will be changing the format for their Security Bulletin Webcast. The monthly webcast always runs at 11AM PST Wednesday, the morning after Patch Tuesday.

Topics: Security, Microsoft, Windows

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  • IE update

    IE update and/or patch??? Maybe a new "screen attention getter" to replace "IE has stopped working... Microsoft is searching for a solution to the problem." Unusual occurrence here.. My laptop is Win 7 Home Premium but my big desktop is Win7 Ultimate... Never a problem with the Ultimate, IE works just fine... can't stay up on line with IE and laptop... Use Chrome to avoid frustration...
    • Internet explorer :(

      (I'll try say in english-I speak portuguese): I always format my windows 7 pc with fpp full license ms disk (once in a mounth), so after fresh install I insist in using microsoft browser (IE8,9,10). Never could do it. My world top record was 14 strait days without IE crashing the machine.. This on a microsoft OS with a microsoft browser ??? I tried and tried and tried IE, because I wanted all MS products on my machine. Never worked. Since i change to FF I dont recall what is a browser crash...
    • Just patches

      No new features
      • crashing IS a feature...

        How else can MS force people to continue paying....
        • Does anyone really sit back and think about these posts?

          Apparently Microsoft expects users to constantly baby sit their security and hand feed it to keep the computers from being infected.

          Now, what is so absolutely wrong with that picture? How can anyone support such a faulty concept and continue to do it day after day?

          It's absolutley foolish.

          I use Mint 17 Cinnamin and have been using Linux for 14 years. During that time, I've never had to use AV and have never become infected. You will not find any Linux user complaining about infection. I belong to several Linux forums where people write in for help. (I currently have 15,408 saved emails. I never once remember any user posting for help with an infection.

          Seriously, if you are interested in computers (not just Microsoft), at least give it a try, either running as a Live DVD (runs off system memory and DVD or USB drive) and does not affect the hard drive. Or, install it on a second computer.

          Here are some configuration changes I make after installing conventional Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon.

          Run updates from Update manager, Activate the default firewall.

          Add Google Public DNS, IPv4 =,
          Add Google Public DNS, IPv6 = 2001:4860:4860::8888, 2001:4860:4860::8844

          Configure two taskbars, the top for tray icons and the workspace switcher and
          the bottom one for open Windows and secondary icons.

          Install WINE for the ability to installs some MS .exe applications
          Install the KDE burner sottware (now availible for reguular Mint Cinnamon) called K3b.
          Install Bluefish Web editor

          Install free Arachnophilia Web editor (JAVA version with Jar file) see...

          Install free Chromium, Chrome, Opera and add Ad Block Plus extension to each.

          Install Ad Block Plus 2.6.3 on Firefox, YouTube All HTML5 ver. 2.1.3 and
          YouTube Audio and Video Downloader ver.

          Install free Google Call and Google Voice for Gmail

          Install Google Picasa dn Google Earth

          Install Scribus Desktop Publishing

          Install DropBox

          Linux uses the EXT4 filesystem which does not require de-fragging. The only maintenance required is to periodically check the shield icon in the system tray. A green checkmark indicates that everything is up to date, an exclamation point symbol in the shiled means there are updateds available. Linux Mint updates the kernel, OS and any applications you have installed at the same time. So, Firefox, LibreOffice, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, etc are all updated automatically along with other programs.
          • Screenshot of current Linux Desktop.

          • Sounds like an advertisement.

          • No, just a troll...

            since Linux is free, there is nothing to advertise. I know, I use Slackware! But Joe is a bit over-the-top, as Linux has various patches that need to be applied as well. Oh, for the record, I also use Windows, have since Win3X in 1992, without any virus, trojan, malware infection compromising any of my systems. Then again, I don't download porn, pirated software or other questionable activities (other than occasional ZDNet post)
          • Enjoy playing with your Windows and AV It's really unnecessary.

            People are starting to realize how foolish it is to constantly do Microsofts' work for them.

            This article and all the comments are an inexcusable travesty and abuse of customers.

            But..., go with you fix-me-ups. You obviously work for MS.

            BTW, in 14 years I've never been into a position where I absolutely had to update Linux for an impending security issue or to avoid getting infected.
          • I refuse to fix Microsoft any more.

            It's worthless and I'm seeing constant Win7 machines coming in completely infected. Most have 2,000-3,000 infections.

            Using quarantine to isolate the files is pointless. So many system files are taken over, the computer won't even start up., but go on, tell everyone how great Windows is and how it doesn't get infected.
          • Hyperbole

            When you come here and talk about the 2000-3000 infections, it just makes you seem to be a liar.
            Michael Alan Goff
          • Babysitting security

            It's a good thing you haven't actually babysat.

            Knowing what sites you go to, as well as knowing what you download, is hardly babysitting. Letting updates run in the background is not babysitting.

            Oh, and you don't defray an SSD.
            Michael Alan Goff
          • Install; install; install; zzzzzzz

            As usual we get the geek response. YES we can do that but my mum, dad, and granny can't. They want an OS that powers on like a telly and works. It needs an update? They press a button and it updates!

            Once Linux gets a grip on mass reality we might see that. So whilst folk babble on about repositories and an OS prompts you to choose which incompatibility you'd prefer over an other (like we're going to know the answer) Linux isn't really mass market IMHO. Add to that the requirements for WINE and loading it in itself; and deciding what version of installers you need for your brand if Linux..... Be serious. Look at this from an end user perspective and it is rubbish!

            At least you've summarised some good stuff for those that have the time and inclination to get a Linux system emulating MS functionality but it is an effort.
    • whats simple terms

      Twice now when i go onto internet explorer its not responding. Ita saying "this page can't be displayed" . Can someone here explain to me in simple terms whats going on. I read about some update that Microsoft is to undergo. Is this an effect of those updats, if so how long will this be of an issue. Need answers please!!!
  • We don't need a patch, we need a new version of IE!

    My Surface Pro 2 (new as of late 2013) has a totally hosed IE 11. Fully updated with all Windows and IE patches as of July 1, it immediately crashes within 2 seconds of loading. MS Support has been unable to fix it without a PC Refresh (wiping all customized settings and non-Windows Store apps). Not going to happen. As the saying goes, "time is galleons, little bro."

    Thank goodness for Chrome.
    • re: new version of IE...

      it's called Chrome. It's a big improvement. Really.

      (The V8 JavaScript engine alone is worth the price of admission.)
  • IE Uggggh

    Having the same problems as users above. IE has stopped working message every day. I am on a 1 month old HP Pavilion with 8.1. I can only use Chrome to avoid problems.
    I am now, well have been, a Chromaholic.
  • IE Crashes

    Like mhfernandes I prefer everything Microsoft, but if this IE update doesn't fix the crash problem I'm going to have to switch. What I don't understand is why I never have an IE crash on my Surface Pro (1st generation).
  • I'm confused by all of these people with crashing problems

    IE never crashes on my Surface RT.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • Re: IE never crashes on my Surface RT….

      IE performance is very dependent on the Hardware on which it is run. For example on a Surface RT performance would be consistently good whereas on a budget laptop it is likely to be poor. In such situations an alternative browser such as Google Chrome is a better option being a lighter burden on system resources.