Microsoft updates Skype for Windows Phone 8, Windows desktop

Microsoft updates Skype for Windows Phone 8, Windows desktop

Summary: Microsoft made available for download minor updates for its Skype application for Windows Phone 8, the Windows desktop and its SkyDrive storage cloud service.


Microsoft's Skype unit made available for download on May 13 Skype updates for Windows Phone 8 and Windows desktop.

Skype 2.6 for Windows Phone 8, which the team calls a "minor" update, is available for download from the Windows Phone Store. The 2.6 update includes improvements around the reliability of chat and call notifications, of calls to phone numbers, and resolution to "occasional missing message preview in the recent conversations list," according to the Skype site.

The Skype team also provided information about some upcoming fixes and updates for still-unresolved problems with Skype on Windows Phone 8. The team is working to fix an issue where calls keep ringing when answered on a different device or ended by the caller. The team also said it would provide in an unspecified future release the ability to sign in with a Microsoft account that itsn't joined to a Skype account.

Other coming improvements for some unspecified future releases: A fix to problems some are having with video stopping when a call is in the background; marking as read on other devices a message that the user reads on Windows Phone; and a bug resulting in all calls received when the Skype app is closed appearing as audio calls.

Skype 6.3 for Windows, which works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, is available here. (This new version is not an update for the Skype for Windows 8 application.) There's not much information as to specific new features in 6.3, but improvements to "the quality and stability of the application" are listed on Skype's site as what's new.

In other Microsoft service updates, the SkyDrive cloud storage team also announced a few new enhancements to SkyDrive on May 13 that will be rolling out over the next 48 hours. Among them: 

  • Ability to scroll through all photos stored on SkyDrive in one seamless timeline experience
  • Faster photo upload
  • Easier readability of thumbnails, as well as new thumbnails for PowerPoint and Word files

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  • Kudos Microsoft

    Making the best in class products like Skype and Skydrive even better.

    Being a part of Microsoft's industry leading ecosystem make my life so much easier than if I'd decided to go with anyone else.
    • Fawning all over MS much?

      Care to provide some objective facts and comparisons instead of your usual drivel?
      • Stop being a nuisance to all.

        As I said before, you can't even make a single logical argument to support why you are in this forum in the first place. You have transformed to a buffoon like CB7.
        • OwlllllNet Stop being a nuisance to all.

          As I said before, you can't even make a single logical argument to support why you are in this forum in the first place. You have transformed to a Loverock Davidson or toddbottom3 disciple.
          Over and Out
      • Why does it bother you so much?

        If I believe that Skype and Skydrive are the best and this makes them better, how does this hurt you?

        If I believe that my needs are best served by Microsoft's ecosystem instead of the one you fawn over, how does this hurt you?
        • toddbottom3....Why does it bother you so much?

          f I believe that Skype and Skydrive are the poorest and this makes them crappy, how does this hurt you?

          If I believe that my needs are best served by Apple or Linux's ecosystem instead of the one you fawn over (Microsoft), how does this hurt you?
          Over and Out
          • Doesn't bother me

            Where did I respond negatively to your post where you said you hated Skype and Skydrive?
        • Re: makes them better

          Be so kind and share with us, Skype users what you know about these updates, that we don't.

          What do they make better for Skype? Introduce new functionality, fix bugs that make Skype unusable?

          Microsoft said "improvements"? So what else should you expect they say? I doubt anyone will install a patch that says "this will break your Skype installation in a way we don't yet understand".
          Microsoft claims are so unreliable, that when they say it will be sunny today -- you don't have to bring your umbrella, as there is absolutely no guarantee they are right or wrong.
          • You're so right, danbi, and nobody uses anything from MS anymore,

            since, they're so "unreliable". In fact, they're so unreliable that, when they reported a great quarterly report with great profits, they had to be lying, because, nobody uses anything from Microsoft, and they're going down for the count. Next quarter, when they report another great profitable period, it must have been because they are lying again, because, they're so "unreliable".
    • if so, I don't know how Skype would play into that

      Microsoft makes a high quality version of Skype available to a number of platforms. It is superb on Mac and iPhone as well.
      • Skype is part of Microsoft ecosystem

        Whether it is on Windows or not. itunes is part of apple ecosystem whether it is on osx or Windows. Right?
    • This is where non-windows users get nervous

      seeing them give preferential treatment to only the windows versions. If windows picks up steam, you will quickly see other platform support left behind. I choose apps from companies that are concerned only with applications and not directly depending on sales of the platform as well. For me that is a conflict of interest. Today, we have other cross-platform choices.
      • re: This is where non-windows users get nervous

        History is against you. Back in 1997, MS saved a nearly dead Apple by investing $150 million in exchange for non-voting stock and producing a new version of Office for the Mac.
        Sir Name
        • History and reseaerch and clear not your strong suits

          That notion that MS saved Apple is rubbish.

          Non-Windows users are not nervous. There are alternatives to Skype.
    • But still waiting

      for IPV-6 support.
    • Well there IS Google Hangouts...

      ...which now destroys Skype feature-wise, and runs well on any platform, including Linux. There's no reason anyone needs Skype anymore than anyone "needs" an iPhone. There are other options.
      • needing Skype

        Nobody needs Skype as such. It is only neccesary if those with whom you need to communicate are using Skype. If they use any other platform, you can just forget about Skype.

        It's just like "needing" to read fanboy posts by toddbottom3. For this, you "need" to come to ZDNET.
    • evaluating entropy in this message

      Zero bits of information found.

      Toddy, hi :)
  • Skype 6.3 for Windows also works on Windows 8

    It's worth mentioning this. You've got a choice whether you want to run Desktop Skype or Start Screen Skype and may even want to install both.
  • Amazing.

    I used skype for the first time yesterday (as far as I can remember,) after years of avoiding all mainstream IM clients like the plague that they are, with programs like trillian or pidgin, which simply work, minus all of the tacked on garbage the others are so loaded with.

    All I can say is, I am sincerely amazed that people can put up with using Skype at all. I've used pretty much all of the big name clients in the past, but I have never seen anything as bad as this!

    I think this is the point in time when people ought to be begging google on their hands and knees to revive wave. If we absolutely MUST throw every kind of personal communication known to man, into a single client, can it at least be THAT sane?!

    I'm not sure, but skype may actually drive me all of the way back to good, old-fashioned email. (Oh, and oovoo... which has obnoxious ads, but at least is useable.)

    But then, this reminds me of the whole Windows 8 fiasco. "Lets just assume we can successfully throw every kind of user device in together, under one OS roof!" ... Uh... If that's how you're going to go about it, let's not!

    This is starting to remind me of the jokes people make about RV/tiny house furniture: "Oh look! It's a table! But wait! Do this, and it's a chair! And now it's a bed! And it's also a stove-top! With a built in fan, to turn it into a space heater! But there's more! Stick your head in this drawer for a really close haircut!"

    There's a reason people joke about things like that: beyond a certain point, "multipurpose" can easily become asinine... or else simply so awkward as to become undesirable because of it.

    Don't get me wrong. It'd be great if someone could invent an all-purpose communications console that looks great and just works, minus the ads and gross invasion of personal privacy. But watching people trying to actually attempt this marvelous feat is sometimes frankly embarrassing. (And even more embarrassing with the ads.)