Microsoft ups app-roaming limits for Windows 8 to 81 devices

Microsoft ups app-roaming limits for Windows 8 to 81 devices

Summary: Microsoft is removing the Microsoft-imposed five-device app-installation limit for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices. Starting next month, the new upper limit is 81 devices.


Microsoft is increasing the number of Windows 8 and 8.1 devices on which users can install Windows Store apps from 5 to 81. (And no, that's not a typo.)


The new app-roaming limit takes effect on October 9 and applies to Windows Store/Metro Style apps associated with a single Microsoft account, according to a new Microsoft "Windows App Builder" blog post on September 27.

Microsoft officials told developers attending its Build conference in June that the company was planning to make a change to the 5-device limit, based on feedback.

"Developers that decide to have the app enforce a constraint around the number of devices must disclose that constraint to Windows Store customers and set expectations appropriately," according to the new blog post.

I'm not exactly sure why the new limit is 81. (I mean that particular number; I'm not questioning whether 81 is sufficient.) I've got a question in to Microsoft about that.


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  • 8.1 -> 81

    Hazarding a guess, I'd say that the 81 allowed devices comes from it being Windows 8.1. Just Microsoft having a little fun?
    • LOL

      LOL, my thought exactly!
      • Meh, maybe they are having a bit too much fun

        And not enough serious work.

        I remember visiting the campus, went into a building and all the office furniture was piled in the lobby, an overnight prank it seems. I flippantly thought, now I understand why they miss deadlines and have the same issues over several releases. It's not entirely accurate but there's is a measure of truth to it as well.

        So the number could have been based off of stats but appears to have been purely arbitrary in the absurd.

        How long before this becomes yet another public decision that gets changed? Credibility? What credibility.
        • find something good

          What are you, a critic or a cynic or both!!!
  • Great News

    I hit the 5 device limit a long time ago and am happy to see it lifted.
    • MS fan!

      Windows 8 just out for 1 year and you already have over 5 devices?
  • 81?

    3 to the 4th power?
    Sir Name
  • a few old freaks

    out there still using Microsoft stuff; ggod for them!
    • Few?

      ... Did you forget the /s?
    • Yes, we are.

    • My Microsoft Stuff

      has automatic spell checker even. /s
  • so wait

    before if you went through 5 windows devices, you couldn't install the apps you already bought again?
    • No...

      This limit only allowed apps to be on up to five devices at once. You could deauthorize devices so you could use it on others.
  • What! 81?

    How arbitrary of MS! Now what am I going to do with that 82nd cell phone? Guess I have to switch to Android.
    • Wouldn't any number be arbitrary?

      Why is five not arbitrary? If they set it to 15, what's the logic behind that? I suppose Microsoft could find out how many devices people use on average and use that... But that would change over time anyways.

      This number is likely because of Windows 8.1, just remove the decimal and you have 81. It's unlikely anyone will have 81 devices, so this makes it kind of unlimited devices.
      • And each re-install counts as a new device

        Well according to Microsoft it does. I believe they are allowing all 81 Windows Surface RT users to share Apps, for
        I hate trolls also
        • It doesn't

          Quit making stuff up.
        • Yes

          As long as they all use the same MS account meaning all 81 users are sharing their infos.
      • Yeah, to hell with principles

        The principle that they shouldn't continue to control a product for which I've already paid can get stuffed, I guess.
        I'm sickened by the increasingly subservient society in which I live.

        The issue shouldn't be how many devices they "allow" me to install it on, the issue should be, "why are they dictating how many machines I can install my app on... at all?"
    • 81 is not arbitrary, it is Windows 8.1 -> 81

      Ram U