Microsoft Windows Store hits 100,000 Windows 8 apps, still playing catch-up with Google and Apple

Microsoft Windows Store hits 100,000 Windows 8 apps, still playing catch-up with Google and Apple

Summary: The Windows Store, key to Microsoft's 'devices and services' strategy, hits an app milestone.


Microsoft's Windows Store has hit the 100,000-app milestone, but it's still playing catch-up with Google and Apple when it comes to overall numbers.

A Windows Store app is a new type of application that only runs on Windows 8 devices. "Thanks for a great \\build! Just passed 100k apps in the Windows Store", Microsoft said via its Windows App Builders Twitter account.

Windows RT: Can Microsoft snatch victory from the jaws of total failure?

Windows RT: Can Microsoft snatch victory from the jaws of total failure?

Windows RT: Can Microsoft snatch victory from the jaws of total failure?

The emphasis on Windows Store as a way of delivering software to Windows 8 devices is part of Microsoft's evolution into a devices and services company. Since the runaway success of iPhone and iPad apps, any device is only as good as the app ecosystem that surrounds it.

The Surface RT can only use apps from the Windows Store, for example, as it can't load existing desktop Windows applications.

Unlike traditional desktop apps, a Windows Store app has a single, chromeless window that fills the entire screen. Once downloaded, Windows Store apps appear as a tile on the Windows 8 Start screen, which means they can show new information to users even when they aren't running.

Developers can write Windows Store apps in languages such as JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, or C++, and Microsoft says it offers developers up to 80 percent revenue sharing when you reach $25,000 or more in revenue — which Microsoft claims is higher than Apple or Google offer.

But Microsoft is still playing catch-up when it comes to building an app-based ecosystem around its hardware. Microsoft also claims to have more than 160,000 apps and games in its Windows Phone store, but these numbers are dwarfed by the approximately 700,000 apps that Google has in its Play store, while Apple has around 850,000 iPhone apps and 350,000 iPad apps available.

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  • yes but...

    google doesn't have 100k tablet apps in its play store you failed to mention that... only 700k scaled up phone apps which look terrible. so I wouldn't be making a big deal about those, and at the rate windows app store is growing it will surpass apple in a year or so.
    • Don't be an ignorant fanboy...

      Your comment betrays ignorance more than anything. Not only is it false to claim that there are no (or few) tablet apps in the Google Play store, the idea that phone apps need to be "scaled up" for tablets hasn't been true for years. The simple fact is: since Apple started the dpi wars with their retina displays some phones have come to surpass tablets in terms of screen resolution. App developers code for these phones, and such apps require very little tweaking to look good on a tablet. It's a no brainer for developers to do so, and they do.

      Now let me add this: I've got an ASUS transformer as well as a Windows RT tablet. I like them both. In fact, I prefer the RT tablet because it better suits my needs, and I find Win RT to be a more polished, more capable OS. But as someone who's perused the Google Play as well as the Windows store, the Windows store is a sad joke compared to Google Play store. I do hope things improve, because I want my Surface to be a useful device, but as things stand, the Google Play store wins hands down.
      • But

        you fail to realize MS hit this mark in 8 months instead of 14 months. You also fail to recognize that Google Play Store has been around a lot longer. At the Windows Store matures the things you hope for will happen. The redesigned store in 8.1 looks fantastic so the UI will be improved and a much better showcase for Devs. Things are looking up for MS and consumers.
        • What, like the article says

          I don't think any regular on here is ignorant of the windows store history but the comments were about now. Yes things will improve, but is it currently on a par with either competitor? Getting there, yes, there already, no.

          Tomorrow will be a better day, yeah we get the message.
          Little Old Man
        • Errrrrrrr

          I used to have a windows tablet and that actually didn't work for me, first of all most apps i needed don't exist in the app store and even to find them apps i needed was a mission. There isn't even a search engine to find the app you want. I agree with you that Microsoft's app store hasn't been around long but Microsoft has, and a search engine is a basic need... Microsoft is just a joke.
      • really...

        Not quite... the fact is Google has a lack of Tablet Optimized apps in not a big secret the apps are blown up for 10 inch or greater tablets and do not look like they were made for a tablet I have seen many examples of this.. try reading . or here also I never said they did not have any I said it was less than the 100k MS has..
    • SO ?

      windows is crap malware full of crap
      Diego Novo
  • Sacrificing Quality For Quantity

    100,000 apps, and not a single one actually worth buying a Windows device for.
    • Funny, I read those very same words about iOS and Android

      in reference to "what good are 700,000 apps when 690,000 of them are junk or free rip offs of other apps"?

      Not a single one is worth buying an Android device for, IMO.

      Which is why I didn't.
      William Farrel
      • but windows RT has

        apps that are so much better than iOS or android, so you bought an RT?
      • windows is malware

        windows is malware trying to milk people
        Diego Novo
  • A new market

    Of course MS is playing catch up right now. Dah!!! Their market was opened with the arrival of Windows 8 and that very same Windows version is constantly destroyed by every Google fanboi journalist on the planet. The industry is living a great revolution right now and MS as joined the party very late, but their rate is amazing. MS has now sold 100 M Win 8 licence. Even if a few percent of users are downgrading their new PC to Win 7 or Linux, it is still impressing numbers. This article should be titled: “Microsoft Windows Store hits 100,000 Windows 8 apps: Impressive achievement for an underrated company”
    • Underrated?

      Really, on what planet is Microsoft underrated?

      Microsoft's problem is that they entered the tablet market far too late. Two years after Apple and one year after Google put them at a huge disadvantage in the marketplace.

      Heck, the only reason Google survived in the tablet market at all is because for about a year after consumers had shown a true desire to own smaller tablets, Apple stubbornly refused to offer anything larger than an iPhone but smaller than a 9.7" iPad. Meanwhile Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Samsung and Google itself were offering consumers a form factor that Apple insisted was unusable, but consumers demanded anyway. Today, of course, millions of 7" Android tablets have been sold and the iPad mini is outselling it's 9.7" big brother.

      But what foothold does Microsoft have to exploit? You look around and it's not obvious how Microsoft grows its market-share other than puckering up and patiently waiting for consumer uptake. There are no easy ins left, and Microsoft is stuck playing and praying for the long-game.
      • By Bloggers

        I can name you a couple of bloggers on this site alone that compare MS with a pile of s**t very often.
        • Haters

          Haters gonna hate. But anyone who thinks Microsoft isn't going to be around in 10 years is smoking crack. That said, the consumer market does look challenging for Microsoft. The company needs to learn from its successful experience with the Xbox and try to apply that magic to their consumer computing divisions.
          • The XBox magic? MS is doing just that, with the XBox One,

            which will replace the current XBox, and will be a more than adequate desktop/laptop replacement, and will also serve as an entertainment hub/center.

            The XBox One will take a lot of desktop/laptop business away from MS's partner OEMs, since, with one device, MS is replacing 3 form-factors. '

            XBox One alone could represent many millions of Windows 8 licenses, which will add to whatever MS and the OEMs will have hold separately. If the XBox One sells well, Windows 8 could become the best selling Windows of all time.
    • Re: Their market was opened with the arrival of Windows 8

      What were they doing before?
  • May I remind you

    it's quality not quantity that determines a good market. Throwing numbers around means nothing.

    • Tell that to apple

      Little Old Man
    • Mac users' mantra for decades...

      "it's quality not quantity that determines a good market. Throwing numbers around means nothing."

      As true as that statement may be, the perception has always been "More Apps = More Good Apps". Despite any difference in quality, the fact is that people will feel that the smaller ecosystem is limiting, despite the fact that everything you "really need" is probably available.

      This "quality over quantity" mantra was the rallying call for Mac users in the late 90's and early 00's, too. It didn't work then and it doesn't work now.