Microsoft's Surface Pro 3: In pictures

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3: In pictures

Summary: Microsoft has unveiled its latest entry into the tablet market. Called the Surface Pro 3, it replaces the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 lines that were released less than a year ago.


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  • At the heart of the Surface Pro 3 is an Intel Core processor, and Core i3, i5, and i7 will be offered.

    Microsoft says this is the thinnest Intel Core product ever made, coming in at only 9.1mm (0.358 inches) thick.

    (Image credit: CBS Interactive)

  • The Surface Pro 3 has enough power to run Adobe's Photoshop CC. Adobe is also working on a tablet-optimized version of this application specifically for the new Surface Pro 3. 

    (Image credit: CBS Interactive)

  • Microsoft says this is the thinnest Intel Core product ever made, coming in at only 9.1mm (0.358 inches) thick. 

    However, despite being this thin Microsoft chose to cool the Intel Core processor with a fan which the company claims is 30 percent more efficient than any other CPU fan in the market today.

    (Image credit: CBS Interactive)

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  • Stable pricing

    Looks like the price of the larger SP3 is right in line with the price of the original SP for equivalent processor and SSD size. The keyboard is even the same price.
    Sir Name
  • Wondering if other Surfaces will switch to 3:2 aspect ratio...

    I'm wondering if the next line of Surface RTs will switch to the 3:2 aspect ratio...
  • Battery life?

    Bettery life? It seems nobody says anything about how much the battery lasts.
    • re:

      I read nine hours in one of the other articles.
      Sir Name
      • Browsing or more intensive stuff?

        Do they make that clear or not?

        Mind you, I would rather they just made it a laptop.
        • Browsing or more instensive stuff?

          Then just buy a laptop. Lots of those available. What a dumb comment.
          • Unless he was just expressing his preference of laptops generally.

            Some people have a very difficult time understanding why anyone would want a tablet to begin with. To be honest, unless you really really do have some kind of specific issue in your life that really requires a tablet, I have a hard time swallowing the price tag on any of them, and the cheaper ones, as in any non-Windows Pro tablet from any company I simply would never own.

            The question for many simply is "do I really need this expensive thing, and if so how did I get by without it for so long?".

            On the other hand, if ego.sum.stig is simply complaining for the sake of complaining it is a dumb comment because there are plenty of great Windows 8 Laptops for sale for less money that do more.

            Hence the reason many people just cant swallow a lot of this tablet nonsense.
          • Especially at $2,000+ for this "tablet"

            Which is more than likely designed by Foxconn, and either built in China, or more likely India. Nice to pay $1,000+ For the Microsoft name on it. But what the heck people pay thousands of dollars extra for the Harley DVidson nameplate. Stupid is, as stupid does.
            I hate trolls also
          • The price makes sense when you use the right comparisons.

            The Surface Pro seems expensive when you compare it to a basic model of iPad, but the Surface Pro is not just a simple tablet. It has much higher specs. It's a powerful, fully-fledged Windows computer that's more portable than most laptops, yet can also be used as a touch-screen tablet. Where it compares with an iPad, the basic model of the Surface Pro compares in specs with the high end models of iPad, which cost around $900. Really, though, the Surface Pro's closest competitor is the MacBook Air, since it is designed to be a good laptop as well as a tablet - and the MacBook Air starts at around $900 and goes up to more than $1700.
            Xenia Onatopp
        • Browsing.

          Every product has their battery life based off of browsing and light workloads.

          The SP2 hits 7 hours, so it wouldn't be strange for this to hit 9.
        • why just make it a laptop?

          Is there not enough laptops to choose from out there?
          I don't understand this kind of braindead comment.
          • Maybe because MSFT just bought a big hardware division

            And it wouldn't be brain dead for them to make their own laptop. The days of MSFT not entering the hardware market so they won't piss off their partners are over.

            I actually would like to see the combined teams (MSFT's hardware group and Nokia's) come together to create a notebook. I bet they could beat most of the crap that is coming out of Lenovo, Dell and HP.

            I bought a Yoga 2 Pro loaded up and it was so disappointing I eBay'ed it and bought another MacBook Pro 15. I got 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD in a 4 lb notebook and it runs Parallels with Win 8.1 flawlessly.

            So, no, there aren't many great laptops out there, there is plenty of room for MSFT to do something great with one and certainly for comments here about it. IMHO of course.
    • he did say 20-30% more

      So, I get at least 7 hours out of my p2 (without power cover)

      7x60= 360
      20% extra = 72 minutes
      So its 8 hours minimum

      For a machine with that power........????

      Where do I sign?
      • weird, my mind played a trick on me :L-)

        20%= 82
        More then 9 hours

        Where do I sign again :-)
        • .

          (420+82)/60 = 8 hrs 22 mins
  • Pen Adds to the Price

    If you buy a replacement pen. A pen is included with the purchase, according to WPCentral.
  • Grrr. Timing is everything, but still no regrets with Pro II

    I would have waited for the Pro 3 if I had known it would have a larger screen.

    I got the Pro II with 8/256 ram/storage.

    Still pleased with it but the larger screen would be ideal for more of an Ultra book/tablet tool.

    Note: Running SQLServer Mgmt Tools/Oracle Client and Toad for Oracle.
  • Maybe If MS Reintroduces The Same Product a 4th Time...

    People will think it's from a reputable hardware company and buy it... instead of thinking it's from the same old irrelevant, wannabe, "Products and Services" company that got its start by making buggy and virus prone software, killing off its competition with cheap and horrible knockoffs, while stifling competition in the PC industry until it bled the PC OEMs, businesses, and consumers bone dry!
    • re:

      Your desperation is showing. Pathetic.
      Sir Name
      • He's just trolling for attention, Sir Name.

        If he really was as dumb as he pretends, do you honestly believe he could use a computer?

        I agree it is pathetic. Sad, really - to feel so insignificant about himself that he's forced to embarrass himself as he does in some lame attempt to appear relevant.

        A interesting case study, I have no doubt...