MIT camera can 'see around corners'

MIT camera can 'see around corners'

Summary: MIT researchers have developed a camera system that uses reflected laser light to 'see' and build 3D images of objects that are out of line-of-sight

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    The system gauges how far the bursts of light have travelled by measuring the time taken for the light bursts to get back to the detector, said MIT. This allows the system to build a 3D image of the object.

    "Light is scattered not only by transmission through objects, but also by multiple reflection from diffuse surfaces in a scene. This reflected light contains information about the scene that becomes mixed by the diffuse reflections before reaching the image sensor. This mixing is difficult to decode using traditional cameras," the researchers said in a paper published in Nature Communications on Tuesday.

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    The technology could eventually be used by emergency services to locate people in dangerous situations, said MIT. Further possible applications for such picosecond photography include vehicle navigation systems and endoscopy.

    Image credit: MIT

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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