Mobile apps to aid health and wellness

Mobile apps to aid health and wellness

Summary: Developers are using mobile platforms to deliver an array of useful health-related apps, from calorie counters to diabetes tools and medicine directories

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  • Dragon Medical Search app

    Dragon Medical Search
    Dragon Medical Search is a voice-recognition iPhone app that lets medical professionals search for online content using just their voice. Doctors speak their search queries into the app and receive up-to-date information.

    The app's maker, Nuance Communications, specialises in voice-recognition apps such as Dragon Dictate.

    The app is available for free via the US App Store for a limited time only.

    Photo credit: Nuance Communications

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  • Singapore rheumatoid arthritis app

    Rheumatoid Arthritis app
    Singapore General Hospital has pioneered an app (PDF) for managing rheumatoid arthritis. While not strictly a mobile app, it can be accessed via a mobile phone (above), and demonstrates an interesting approach authorities are taking for managing patient care.

    The app works like a journal for patients to record their condition. Data, which remains confidential, can be shared with doctors at the patient's next appointment.

    Photo credit: SingHealth/Singapore General Hospital

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Topics: Mobility, Apps

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