Mobile Linux group names itself

Mobile Linux group names itself

Summary: Six months after setting up, an alliance including Motorola and Vodafone has become the LiMo Foundation

TOPICS: Networking

A mobile Linux coalition between several major handset manufacturers and operators has finally been christened.

The group was formed six months ago with the goal of creating an open-source platform for mobile phones. From Friday, it will be known as the LiMo Foundation. Its membership includes Motorola, NEC, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone.

The LiMo Foundation should not be confused with the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum, which boasts participants such as manufacturers Texas Instruments, ZTE and Freescale, operators France Telecom (the owners of Orange), Telecom Italia and software vendors Trolltech, Palmsource Inc and McAfee.

Not unlike the LiPS Forum, the goal of the not-for-profit LiMo Foundation is to blend the "community-based development benefits of transparency, innovation and scalability with the best development practices from the mobile community to create an innovative new business model," according to a statement issued on Friday.

The foundation intends to do this by providing an API specification, architecture, references to open-source code, new source code-based reference implementation components and specifications for referenced third-party software.

Topic: Networking

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