Mobile POS system outfits food trucks

Mobile POS system outfits food trucks

Summary: Revel Systems, which develops POS solutions that work with Apple's iPad, has come out with a $1,999 product for delivery vehicles.

TOPICS: SMBs, Mobility

Anyone who has ever struggled with finding the right amount of cash to pay the pizza delivery person will totally appreciate a new mobile solution from POS vendor Revel System that is intended to ease mobile payments.

The $1,999 solution integrates technology from Revel's new wireless router, which uses the wireless service on an iPad to create an ad hoc point of sale network for small businesses, and its traditional POS system into a package including a receipt printer that can be installed in about an hour.

Revel Food Truck Twitter Screenshot

Revel System CEO Lisa Falzone said the company put together the system after restaurants and food delivery organizations complained of limited mobile payment options for food trucks, which are profilerating across the United States. The solution even includes Twitter integration, so that companies can alert followers to their location.

"Being able to Tweet wthin the point of sale system on the iPad has generated a tremendously enthusiastic response from our food truck restaurant POS solution beta testers, who until now have had to put up with bulk connectivity hardware such as routers and cabling," Falcone said.

The company has forged a relationship with Best Buy's Geek Squad to help with installations, she added. 

San Francisco-based Revel Systems is based by $3.7 million 

Screenshots courtesy of Revel Systems


Topics: SMBs, Mobility

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  • You'd have to gross more than $72,000 to be cheaper than Square.

    Granted I haven't fully examined this product, but a quick "back of the of the envelop" calculation shows that at $1,999, you'd have to gross almost $73,000 to be more cost-effective than a Square device. Since my favorite food trucks (e.g. @CurryUpNow, @TheRibWhip, and @HapaRamen) already have no problem letting me know where they are on Twitter, it's hard to see where the value-add is at.
    • RE: $72,000

      Square is a simple payment processing app and magnetic stripe reader. This is a full POS system that includes a receipt printer. Apples and Oranges. :)
      Chris Nudd
      • More like oranges and tangerines.

        I'm sure the system has all kinds of extra features, and at a cost of two grand it damn well better, but since the title of the article directly references Food Trucks you have to ask yourself how much of POS system would they need beyond "a simple payment processing app and magnetic stripe reader?"
      • Square Register for the iPad

        Allows an inventory, discounts/specials, pre-programmed favorites, custom sale amounts, and a wireless receipt printer, and, IIRC, the ability to generate receipts as emails or text messages.

        Seems like a pretty good solution if you don't need a specific centralized payment system.
        David Chernicoff
  • The router looks to cost $3200 per terminal

    (according to the linked article), and since you need that to begin with, wouldn't the whole package cost $5100.00 ?
    William Farrel
  • Way too much cost

    The cost of entry for a system like that just alienated about 99% of the food truck industry. No one in their mind would drop that amount of capital up front, when there are other systems out there that work and are tried and true. And about 10x less in cost.

    This is the food truck industry. They do it because the startup costs are 10x less than a brick and mortar establishment. They do it, because it's a good low cost way to test the waters in for growing even bigger. i.e. more trucks or an actual physical location.

    This product will never make it past this marketing announcement, simply due to upfront cost... Perhaps a leasing option, perhaps a subsidized option, perhaps a subscription and the vendor provides Internet and an iDevice.

    I'll stick to square.

    Ladies and Gentelmouses what you have here is a bunch of square jealous followers. Look Revel ROCKS! the cost of this FOoD truck system is 2k not 5100 It is a simple solution for a great business. If you want to really increase your line you need Revel, if you are gonna believe the hype go get square and call Revel when you are done pulling your hair out because you were sliding your card 10 times a customer and your line got long and your people started to leave. The Revel Router is a ingenious device that simples your whole setup. Square and all other POS system require a Ethernet Router where Revel designed and created their own device with Apple to simply your life! ROCK YOUR FOOD TRUCK WITH REVEL!
  • Get a solution that can help you!

    I have been a customer of Revel for almost 2 years now. This new technology they created called "revel router" is amazing resolved all of my food truck related issues I was having with the ethernet router from before. Revel took my problems and created a solution around it to better help me and my friends that have food trucks. I want to thank them for helping me and my team out! We have 10 food trucks and growing!
  • Would like a trial and then implament with a fleet...

    I am the owner of a gourmet Indian food truck & dealing with inventory & sales can seem like a real challenge. I am willing to try your system during SXSW Technology Convention and I believe that would be great exposure for your company & we would love to bring new technology to our business.
    Don Rajja