Mobile security takes the stage at CommunicAsia

Mobile security takes the stage at CommunicAsia

Summary: Companies such as VeriMatrix and ST Electronics showcase tools that protect video content, data, phone calls and text messages at this year's ICT tradeshow.

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  • COMMUNICASIA, SINGAPORE--IT vendors showcase security tools which can protect content, phone calls, text messages and data on mobile devices. ZDNet Asia visits some booths to uncover what they are showcasing this year.

  • Verimatrix, a content security company, has an offering which protects video content on mobile devices.

    A company representive said the proliferation of Internet TV had given rise to piracy and created content rights issues. The product, called the Video Content Authority System (VCAS) for Internet TV, prevents non-authorized users from streaming and gaining access to these media.
  • When users wants access to broadcast or on-demand content, VCAS for Internet TV's technical capabilities "locks" the video and ensures only paying customers are able to enjoy the content.

    The software resides on the servers which hosts the Internet video content. Components include the operator management interface for customer care, billing and middleware systems, adaptive content security manager, which generates encryption keys and the MutiCAS adaptive that provides the encryption keys to the encoder.

Topic: CommunicAsia

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