Modbook Pro OS X tablet gets a pre-release upgrade

Modbook Pro OS X tablet gets a pre-release upgrade

Summary: If the iPad isn't enough of a tablet for you, then perhaps you need the Modbook Pro, a custom-built tablet with a MacBook Pro at its heart.

TOPICS: Tablets, Apple, Hardware

If you've long given up on Apple to ever release an OS X-powered tablet, the Modbook Pro might be just what you're looking for, and the device has seen a much-welcomed pre-release upgrade.

The Modbook Pro is a tablet that's built around an existing Apple hardware system. Modbook Inc. takes a MacBook Pro system and converts the system into a tablet using its Modbook Pro Build Kit. The main part of the kit is a specially made 13.3-inch Wacom pen-controlled screen which, along with other custom components, converts the notebook into a tablet.

The first Modbooks are expected to ship by the end of this month, but the company has announced that the base specification of the device has been significantly upgraded. Pen pressures have been upgraded, making the screen more responsive to pen inputs. The solid-state drive has been increased from 64GB to a more spacious 120GB, and the RAM memory bumped from 4GB to 8GB.

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The base price of the system is unchanged at $3,500.

The base system comes with a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor -- upgradable to a 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 for an additional $300 -- and there are optional RAM and storage upgrades, with 16GB RAM costing an extra $240, and 240GB and 480GB of storage costing an added $390 and $780 respectively.

Modbook Inc. will also install Windows 7 onto the system into a Boot Camp partition for an extra $200. It's worth noting that as this is not an official Apple product, all warranty issues will have to go Modbook Inc.

This upgrade will apply to new units and those that have already been pre-ordered.

Image source: Modbook Inc.

Topics: Tablets, Apple, Hardware

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  • So let's see if we can apply the same standards to this

    1. Needs a pen? Fail.
    2. A UI designed for mouse and keyboard slapped onto a tablet? Fail.
    3. An Intel x86 processor on a tablet? Fail.
    4. 120GB advertised but when you get it, it will certainly be less than 120GB? Fail.
    5. 5.5lbs? Fail.
    6. Nearly an inch thick? Fail.
    7. Ethernet port? Fail.
    8. Thunderbolt port? Fail.
    9. USB port? Fail.
    10. $3,500? Fail.

    So Adrian, now you have to explain to all of us why you didn't point these out in a SCATHING blog post about how stupid of a device this thing is. Why didn't you? Oh right, it wasn't made by Microsoft.
    • Interesting that they where the reasons given

      as to why early tablets (2002) running Windows where wortless.

      Now it's a non issue?
      William Farrel
      • Yes, interesting.

        Come one now you cannot compare 2002 technology with today tech. If you go to the pass then you will bring Apple to who was Apple back in 2002?

        REALLY $3,500! I'm not a MAC OS user so what are you getting for $3,500.00 compared to any Windows 8 or 7 tablet with similar specs?

        For $3,500.00 you can build (2) mid-high performance PC and still get a decent laptop or tablet.

        Do a comparison where it counts like software (not apps).
    • Intellectually and emotionally challenged?

      I know your feelings are a bit raw right now, but with a base price of $3500, I hardly think what you suggest is necessary. Most readers here are not stupid.

      Are you concerned that this device may just outsell the Surface? Is that why you feel the need to list those 10 "deficiencies"?

      You fan boys have unbelievably thin skin. Maybe you should re-read my "fan boy" post elsewhere that you responded to and then take a few deep breaths.
      • Whatever happened to you not responding to my posts?

        Huh. Maybe you have a thin skin and can't tolerate anyone who doesn't love Apple?
        • Please pay attention

          I said (elsewhere): "I will not respond further to your pathetic posts to this blog."

          This is a DIFFERENT blog.

          And I do not own a SINGLE Apple product, as I have explained before.

          I am done.
      • price

        For $1,349.99 you can get Samsung Slate 7 with this same hardware... so why overpay? This thing don't have even 'apple on the box", so how iPeople justify the price?
        • Not really comparable.

          This is a workstation class tablet PC, not a tablet. It is like comparing a Ford F350 to a minivan.
          Kieron Seymour-Howell
      • It sounds like you're upset that this won't outsell the Surface

        as you brought it up, so it must weigh on your mind.

        Give it up - they are just tablets and OSes. Not sure why you feel threatened by them. How does it matter how many sell, as long as people get what they want in the end?

        But TB3 makes a good point - Needs a pen, runs a UI designed for mouse and keyboard, 5lbs weight, thick, low battery life, expensive - all the things that people said was a FAIL in the early Windows tablets, so why did these companies even bother?

        Yet now, they are meaningless arguments, as those limitations no longer matter.
        William Farrel
        • why do they bother

          Probably, you missed the point that this is not an Apple product.

          There are plenty of companies that adapt existing products to niche use. This is an example of such product. It is in no way targeting the mass market.
    • Okay, I'll bite.

      "1. Needs a pen? Fail." - Agreed.
      "2. A UI designed for mouse and keyboard slapped onto a tablet? Fail." - Agreed
      "3. An Intel x86 processor on a tablet? Fail." - Not so fast... BTW who said that?
      "4. 120GB advertised but when you get it, it will certainly be less than 120GB? Fail." - Idiotic statement no matter what the source.
      "5. 5.5lbs? Fail." - For a tablet? Agreed
      "6. Nearly an inch thick? Fail." Depends... I doubt I'd buy it.
      "7. Ethernet port? Fail." - How?
      "8. Thunderbolt port? Fail." - Again, how?
      "9. USB port? Fail." - And once again, how?
      "10. $3,500? Fail." - Definitely agree.

      Oh wait, was that supposed to be a mockery of the various fanbois? Gotcha.
      • regarding #3

        we heard from the likes of SeanConnery007 and his various alters. But I take it with troll alert. I never expected from the likes of other Apple users. I am not adding you and James Quinn into that list though.
        Ram U
        • Ahh that explains it

          I tend to gloss over his posts... too many attacks on those who do not toe the "have to love Apple" line... I like some of their products and I think they are given a harsh rap at times but in the end all of these devices are simply tools we use - I don't get the point of the zealotry.
      • You got it right

        "Oh wait, was that supposed to be a mockery of the various fanbois? Gotcha."

        As for your questions:
        "3. An Intel x86 processor on a tablet? Fail." - Not so fast... BTW who said that?
        We are constantly told that x86 processors require fans, make the tablet too big, heavy, and give it a lousy battery life. Actually, I don't even disagree. I think people who are expecting the Surface Pro to have the exact same size/weight/battery life specs are going to be disappointed.

        As for the ports, we are constantly told that ports are a stupid thing to add to a tablet because the mere ability to plug something into it immediately makes the tablet completely incapable of ever being moved because suddenly it isn't portable anymore. I don't quite get the logic myself.
        • Need edit

          "I think people who are expecting the Surface Pro to have the exact same size/weight/battery life specs are going to be disappointed."

          should be

          "I think people who are expecting the Surface Pro to have the exact same size/weight/battery life specs as the Surface RT are going to be disappointed."
        • about ports

          I for one believe that any tablet needs just one, Thunderbolt like port and nothing else. It seems Apple is heading this way with Lighting.

          But this is a special purpose computer with a digitizer in a tablet form factor.
          The Surface Pro might be way cheaper, if you only need Windows. But more and more people need more than Windows, you see :)
        • I've do not understand the

          point about how adding a port makes a tablet less portable... Which id10t said that? How would adding say an HDMI port to an iPad make that iPad less portable? I'm not sure I'd refer to that as "logic"
    • Wow, so ignorant it is actually funny.

      It requires a pen because is has an active digitizer, not merely a touch screen like a pseudo computing device (It has both actually). This is a workstation class Tablet PC, not a tablet. It can run Windows 7 Pro, or 8 Enterprise AND Mac OS at the same time, on the same desktop. It has more than enough power to run 10 content creation suites or applications at the same time. This is not a consumer targeted content-consumption level device. This is a professional portable workstation for serious professionals. It is very funny how you have no idea what you are talking about ... LOL
      Kieron Seymour-Howell
  • Converging a ‘Toaster and a Refrigerator’

    So now converging a toaster and a refrigerator is a awesome, amazing very innovation idea?
    • Exactly right

      Notice how fanbois like DTLong can't debate a single one of my points. All they can do is spit and sputter and cry: "nuh uh, you suck".

      That's when you know you have them.