MOGA gaming controller enhances the Android gaming experience

MOGA gaming controller enhances the Android gaming experience

Summary: Gaming has come a long way on the Android platform and devices like the MOGA controller make that experience so much better. The Note II is actually now a great Android gaming machine.


I am thoroughly enjoying my Samsung Galaxy Note II and find the speed of the quad-core Exynos processor to provide a flawless experience. Gaming has gotten much better on the Android platform over the last year, but it can still be tough to control movement without blocking the display. That's where external controllers fit in and a couple weeks ago I ordered the MOGA game controller and see that it is also being promoted by T-Mobile along with the Galaxy Note II.

Check out my image gallery of the MOGA controller, along with the video of me using it with the Note II and Droid DNA.

As you can see in my image gallery you get a free game with the MOGA using the code inside the package. The MOGA package includes the game controller and a pleather soft case that is attractive in black with orange writing. The MOGA controller comes with two analog sticks, right and left shoulder triggers, four action buttons, select and start buttons, and blue and green indicator lights. The back is covered with a soft touch coating and inside each gaming arm you will find a compartment for a AAA battery.

To mount your Android device, works with Android 2.3 and higher devices, you simply flip up the MOGA arm, extend it, and insert your device. The arm extends enough to easily fit in my Note II so any Android smartphone should fit into the controller. There is thick, sticky rubber at the top and bottom of the arm mounting brackets so you can relax knowing your device is secure. There is an on/off switch under the extended arm towards the bottom of the controller.

Now before you can use the controller you first need to visit the Google Play Store and download the MOGA Pivot app. The application walks you through the steps to setup the MOGA, including turning on Bluetooth. Within the app you will find the games that are enhanced for playing with the MOGA controller, a storefront to find and purchase MOGA enhanced apps, settings to setup and sync your controller, and a help section to answer questions. I was able to get Dungeon Hunter 3 and Pac-Man for free and there are even more free games to download. I also purchased Asphalt 7 to enjoy on my Note II. You will not find games like Angry Birds in this app store, but they are not optimized for this type of game.

As you can see in my video, game play is awesome with the MOGA controller and racing games are particularly easy to play. The experience is quite enjoyable and if you play a lot of racing games then it might be worth the $50 to you. I don't play a ton of games, but when I do I want the experience to be good. The MOGA controller makes gaming fun and free from frustration in addition to giving you an experience free from the display being blocked by your finger. You can now purchase the MOGA gaming controller for $49.99.

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  • Pity Sony and Nintendo

    Their portables sales will drop further. As a matter of fact, I think this will affect consoles sales also.
    • Yep but

      Sony realizes this and their tablets come setup to play games using a PS3 controller.
    • Er, not really

      Console gamers aren't really interested in these types of games at all. The only people putting iOS and Android games at the same level of dedicated devices are the people that don't ever use said devices. And honestly a third-party gamepad isn't going to help at all, as there are a LOT more hurdles than just the input device. You won't find many game developers that will make games exclusively for use with a third-party device, meaning you have to dumb it down enough to make use of touchscreen controls. Hell, it doesn't even work if you integrate the gamepad. My current phone is an Xperia Play. You know, the Playstation Phone. The only games I ever play with it are old NES and SNES ROMs because all of the Android games compatible with it (and yes, there's quite a lot of them) are dumbed down enough so as to be relatively uninteresting. Pretty much the only one I played that was any good was hit upon in this article. Asphalt 6 was quite fun. That was about it.

      The 3DS has a library that completely trounces anything in the Android or iOS markets (especially if you consider DS backwards compatibility). As for the Vita? The thing's basically a freaking PS3 in your hand.

      This isn't to say there aren't a ton of games being sold on Android and iOS, but those games are marketed and appeal towards a completely different group of people than those who would buy a PSV or 3DS. None of them require gamepads though.
      • Your case is the only case?

        My xbox time has been reduced with the addition of more games to my S3. I'm not saying the games are comparable but the usage is - to relax. I'm not the only one to be finding this, as my XBL friends network testifies.
        No, the hardcore gamers won't switch to android games but as technology improves and games get better, there will be a % that shun the XB720 as they have games to keep them entertained on their mobile devices.
        Little Old Man
  • Wow

    Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
  • This is huge

    I realize many fans, of an unnamed brand, do not know this but, a large portion of console quality games on Android, also support these controllers.

    So, wireless Bluetooth controller and HDMI Out pretty much turns your tablet into a gaming console
  • MOGA

    It looks like a good concept but I dont think its going to catch on. Gaming consumers do not generally game in this manner.
    • I think they do.

      I think there are plenty of gamers who would go for this over a console if the controller functions on par with a standard controller, the graphics are comparable, and the titles that work well with it are full games rather than mobile games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja.

      I bought one of these controllers just to try it out and see what games it was compatible with, and while there are a few titles currently that I find enjoyable, if there were more console quality games I'd gladly sit on my couch while sports are on or what not and play, versus turning on my consoles or going to my PC.

      It really is all about how it is done and what is available, rather than gaming consumers just not generally gaming in this manner. I'd bet there are tons of gamers that have purchased a PS Vita and play it more while in their homes than on the go.
      Matthew Perry
  • External gaming controller for android and iOS iphone ipad google phone
    I found a new gaming controller which you wont need to tilt your android device or iDevices around any more
    This amazing game controller is called ikazoo and here is the link to their youtbe video
    it looks so cool that i had to order one!