MoPub: iOS trumped Android for mobile ad value in Q1 2013

MoPub: iOS trumped Android for mobile ad value in Q1 2013

Summary: One platform saw a 14 percent decrease in the value of ads during Q1 while the other platform saw an increase of nearly the same amount.


iOS arguably dominated the mobile ad market during the first quarter of 2013, trouncing Android in both ad spend and value, based on a new report.

MoPub, a hosted ad server for mobile publishers worldwide, issued its quarterly update on Thursday, recapping mobile ad spend and value, among other topics.

Android suffered a 14 percent decrease in the value of mobile ads during Q1 while iOS saw an increase of nearly 15 percent.

Analysts summed up in the report that during the first quarter, "many ad buyers discovered the increase in user value on Android devices was offset by a poor conversion rate of users from of ads."

Here's more:

After CPM and CTR declines in February, all three iOS devices recouped their losses and exceeded their January metrics in March. The unprecedented March ad spend growth, which carried Q1 after just a couple of weeks, was powered by both the addition of brand budgets, and the flight of ad spend back to higher priced and higher quality iOS inventory.

When it comes to ad spend, the iOS share grew slightly to 75 percent -- although iPad and iPod shares declined.

But it's a different story for the iPhone as monthly ad spend share grew 12.4 percent over the quarter, accounting for more than half by of the entire pie by itself.

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  • more ad value equals

    More apps, better experience.. Simple as that..
    • Re: more ad value equals More apps

      Are Apple users more willing to put up with ads in their apps?
  • Let's see where this puts iOS.

    Developers still making more money? Check.
    Web Usage stil 50% above the nearest competing mobile platform? Check.
    Developers still making more money? Check.
    4% YoY market share gain on Verizon from 51% to 54%? Check.

    Android winning because there is no cheap iPhone or no iPhablet? So says the media.
    • And

      iOS users blindly follow ads and buy whatever is put infront of them with pretty pictures.....
    • This means nothing..

      This is like whataburger predicting burger sales for the whole industry based on in house numbers.
    • oh and

      There's a free iPhone 4 as well as $99 iPhone 4s on Verizon and yes people are opting for them or iPhone 5 sales would have been above 50%.

      Unfortunately, the worlds largest growing smartphone markets still have Apple below 5% and shrinking.
    • Re: Let's see where this puts iOS.

      All these are reasons why customers should buy? Check?
  • iPhone=Adphone

    iPhone is an excellent device for those who enjoy viewing Ads. This report is good news for spammers :).
    Selvakumar Manickam