More notebooks getting touchscreens, says analyst

More notebooks getting touchscreens, says analyst

Summary: By 2017 NPD estimates that touchscreen-enabled notebook PC shipments will rise to 64.2 million units.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

Windows 8's touchscreen interface, combined with new mobile form factors, has meant a modest rise in notebooks featuring touchscreen displays.

According to NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim touchscreen-enabled notebook PC shipments will reach 19.8 million units, or 11 percent penetration, in 2013, and this is estimated to increase to 64.2 million units, or 40 percent, by 2017. 

Ultraslim PCs made up 1.7 million of the units shipped, while standard notebooks accounted for a further 4.5 million units.

(Source: NPD)

"Touch penetration in notebooks was modest in the first half of the year, and we expect a slight increase to 10% in the second half. Premium pricing and a lack of compelling uses for touch screens on notebooks continue to hinder adoption," said Richard Shim, senior analyst at NPD DisplaySearch.

"As touch interfaces become increasingly common across all mobile devices, however, it is just a matter of time before the technology also becomes more prevalent in notebooks," Shim added.

Form factor plays an important part in fueling adoption, with systems such as convertibles and hybrids being more suited to touch.

"A touch panel on a clamshell notebook seems less intuitive than it does on a tablet-like device, which is better suited to touch interactions," according to Shim.

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • I would love to be an analyst...

    You get to sit around all day, pointing out the obvious.

    I bet that they said the same thing about "more laptops getting touch-pads" and "more people being born".
    • Or a blogger... just post a link to or regurgitate the "research" that the "anal"yst performed.
  • Once you have had a touchscreen

    You can't go back. It becomes second nature and intuitive to use and it feels awkward when it is missing.
    • Unless you hit the ergonomic problems

      I for one tried one, got enough serious problems I've been having physical therapy. I am not the only one, I know of two firms who to save on health insurance have banned all touch screens in their company, including selling off 3 month old laptops to get rid of the junk.

      That is the complaint many of us have with Windows 8 and later, it is still touch screen centric, and there are good reasons to avoid at all costs.
      • Don't lie to yourself.

        "Physical therapy"?

        Know how I can tell you're lying?

        You have a keyboard and touch-pad, and probably even a mouse.

        A majority of "real" work is done on the desktop, not the Modern UI.

        If the firms you stated are real, then post a link and prove your relationship.
        • Déjà vu

          In the early days of using mice the same thing happened. There were stories about companies removing all mice because of health problems. Few were identified at that time as carpal tunnel syndrome. There were all sorts of back, shoulder, and elbow problems. Mostly because people were so out of shape that using in different muscles caused problems.
          • Mouse

            I remember when we moved to Windows 3.11 and were introduced to the mouse. The company actually had us set aside time to practice with the mouse by playing a built in card game. I felt like I was trying to control the cursor by pushing around a brick! The good old days.
          • Should've seen LCD monitors with gamers.

            Even today, there are some who swear to CRT monitors.

            And don't even get me started with 2-button versus 3-button mice...
        • He can lie to himself if he wants.

          I personally never had an issue with that. It's when they lie to me thats bothers me.
      • LOL

        You got injured by a computer screen!

        Just how soft are you? What are you French or something?

        Talk about funny stories.
        • Lol

          He surrendered to his touch screen.
    • Yeah, right.

      No one is going to enjoy sticking their arm out to their vertical screen dozens of times an hour in order to use a brain-dead UI.
      • right

        Also, no one could possibly have a need for more than 640k of RAM.
    • Totally agree

      I'm using a Surface since launch in 2012 and I never looked back. I also sold my laptop because I wasn't using it anymore.

      I can't see now how I could live with a small laptop without a touchscreen now. I even put my fingers in non-touch laptops, which is a sign that I am completely convert (and that I can be very dumb sometimes ;) ).
      Maxime Tremblay
  • The only thing dumber than a touchscreen on a laptop is...

    …a touchscreen on a desktop.
    • Actually counter top monitors with touch screen

      powered by a desktop make more sense. We are using a HP All-in-One in our kitchen countertop and it is perfect fit there.
      Ram U
      • I'm actually going with Surface RT, version one

        for our kitchen. It'll be mounted to a small swing down arm attached to a cabinet. The touch interface will be perfect for pulling up recipe,s among other things.
        • Actually that is a good idea

          May be we should move our AIO to bedroom and push the Surface RT to kitchen.
          Ram U
      • 3 Monitors

        I have 3 touch screen monitors. That is a lot of screen. Moving the mouse around in that area is a real pain. I often touch the general area that I want and then use the mouse to close in to the details. Sometimes the touch is all I need.
    • Not really

      I think there time s when I can use a touch screen monitor. Control of remote equipment for example . when touch makes more sense than a series of mouse clicks and menus.