More Windows Phone GDR2 updates are rolling out

More Windows Phone GDR2 updates are rolling out

Summary: Microsoft's GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8 is rolling out more broadly. HTC 8X users on Verizon are among the latest to get the update.


Nokia may be providing roughly 80 percent of the Windows Phones in use, but there are some of us sporting Windows Phone 8 devices from HTC. And at least for those of us in the U.S. on Verizon, the long-awaited GDR2 update is arriving on our HTC 8X devices, as of today, August 28.



I just downloaded the GDR2 update and an HTC update that came along with it. The build number is 8.0.10327.77 on my phone. (Thanks to Todd Northrop at @LotteryPost for the heads-up on availability of the update for HTC 8X on Verizon.)

Microsoft finished developing General Distribution Release (GDR) 2 around April 2013, from what we've heard. As it is up to carriers and handset makers when these updates are pushed to us, the wait between RTM and delivery can and has been lengthy. The carriers often prefer to wait for multiple firmware and OS updates to be available so they can piggyback them and push them out as a group.

Microsoft officials recently blogged about what's in GDR2 to remind those of us who may have forgotten. The list:

  • Substantial fixes to Xbox Music
  • Fixes for Bluetooth issues
  • Google CalDAV and CardDAV support for calendar/contact syncing
  • Reduction in size of "Other" storage
  • FM Radio support (depending on carrier)
  • DataSense support (depending on carrier)
  • Improvements in Skype and Lync support
  • Camera improvements

On the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 update history page, Microsoft also lists those features, noting that GDR2 may use the build numbers 8.0.10327.77 or 8.0.10328.78 (depending on phone model numbers and mobile operators).

There were reports over recent months about the GDR2 update bricking some users' HTC 8X phones once it was installed. I tried to track down information about this from HTC. An HTC spokesperson told me earlier this month that they were not able to replicate this despite reports and that user reports in forums didn't specify carrier names, so they were unable to check on it. I can (happily) report my phone is fine after downloading GDR2.

There are still many Windows Phone 8 users who do not have GDR2 (or the accompanying "Amber" update from Nokia, which is for Nokia phones only). I've heard from anxious Lumia 920 users on AT&T that they still don't have the updates -- which also means they cannot use the new Nokia Pro Camera app, which is available on Lumia 1020, 920, 925 and 928 phones. 

Nokia has provided this chart listing rough dates for GDR2 availability for its various Lumia various phones. There's no further information available from Microsoft about the schedule.

What's up next? GDR3, which Microsoft is expected to finish up soon and make available starting this fall. Then early next year it will be Windows Phone Blue. It sounds from my sources like this is still the schedule, as it has been for months.

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  • Downloading and Installing

    Hopefully all goes well.
  • Att waits for Blue...

    All the while quietly chuckling about the money they saved not rolling out updates. If the current slew of long awaited updates don't appear by October, I will be changing carriers.
    • AT&T

      claims first week of sept for the lumia 920.
      • at&t

        They keep sending me mail to bundle but don't handle the services I've got well.
    • AT&T Ugh!

      Late with updates is one reason I changed to Verizon after many many years with AT&T.
      Verizon HTC 8X came through on 8/29/13 @ 8:30 PM CST on my phone and everything seems to be working like it should.
      I'm totally happy with the HTC 8x and with Verizon and after putting up with Win Phone 7 on AT&T, I love Win Phone 8.
  • And all 10 users rejoyced!

    Put a fork in it, Microsoft.
    • Nice one Gago!!!

      Still waiting for EE UK For the upgrade.
    • Is that what you say about desktop Linux?

      Not very sporting of you, is it..."it-troll10". I don't even have a "smartphone", but I would give consideration to ALL brands prior to making a purchase decision. I guess I may as well forget about my Slackware preferences too...NOT!
      • Linux desktop are just 5

      • wizard57m-cnet: "I would give consideration to ALL brands"

        I wouldn't. I refuse to consider a platform that restricts the web browsers that I have available for use. The iPhone and Windows Phone 8 are not nearly as open to alternative web browsers as is Android. And Firefox OS, like Chrome OS, allows only the built-in web browser, Firefox and Chrome, respectively.

        In addition, with an Android smartphone, there are various AOSP mods available to install after the update/upgrade support ends from the OEM/carrier. Meaning that the customer decides when the smartphone device life is over rather than the OEM/carrier.

        P.S. I will also be open to Ubuntu-based smartphones for similar reasons.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • @Rabid Howler Monkey

          "In addition, with an Android smartphone, there are various AOSP mods available to install after the update/upgrade support ends from the OEM/carrier."

          If you ever install another AOSP model, the free support ends then and there buddy. You can make a correction that only the techie customer decides when the smartphone device's support life is over.

          However, I am also looking forward for Firefox phones and Ubuntu phones :-)
          • @spicycheeks

            Once update/upgrade support ends from the Android device OEM/carrier, who cares? And the OHA, not too long ago, agreed that the support duration for Android devices would be 18 months, which doesn't cut it for users choosing a locked smartphone with a 2-year contract.
            Rabid Howler Monkey
    • @itguy10

      Which means their updates reached 100%. Great efficiency by HTC ;-)
  • I have a Lumia 920 with AT&T

    Based on the Nokia chart, it sure looks like AT&T is the hold up. I'm OK with it as long as it is solid when it is available.
    • correct

      AT&T has had GDR2 since late July.
  • No FM radio on Verizon 928

    Not happy at all.
    • Got it on my L822 on Verizon

      Along with group messaging enabled, that was my most wanted feature. I was thinking about upgrading to 928 but now that I have all the functionality that should have been included from the start, I am good for awhile. Verizon sure tried to supress a lot of features on WP8.
    • Got it on HTC 8X

      Also has group messaging. The 8X is a really nice phone, I'm not sure why the Nokia gets all the love.
  • Smartphone OS updates coming through your carrier,

    how quaint.
    • Agreed


      At least with Android, one has the option to ditch the OEM/carrier and install a supported AOSP-based mod for their smartphone.
      Rabid Howler Monkey