Mormon missionaries to get iPads, take to Facebook

Mormon missionaries to get iPads, take to Facebook

Summary: Mormons are using iPads and Facebook to get new followers.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is moving forward with its plan to arm missionaries with iPad minis and broaden their proselytising to social media.

A test program that began last autumn with 6,500 missionaries in the US and Japan went well, prompting the initiative's expansion, the church said. Church leaders expect to have the devices in the hands of more than 32,000 missionaries by early 2015.

Using iPad minis has proved an effective tool for missionaries to communicate with church leaders and keep in touch with people who've expressed interest in joining the church, said David Evans, director of the missionary department.

"We know in many parts of the world, the traditional forms of proselyting work very, very well," Evans said. "In some other places where technology and urban life has developed in such a way that missionaries have a harder time contacting people, we hope that these tools become even more valuable in those places."

Scholars say this is the latest example of the LDS church's gradual embrace of the digital age and its recognition that door-to-door proselytising is not the most effective way to expand church membership.

The program will expand to all missions in US, Canada, Japan and western Europe.

The iPads have several apps including a gospel app that includes scriptures, manuals and other teaching materials.

Missionaries are encouraged to use Facebook to find new members.

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  • Wow!

    Can't have coffee, can't have alcohol, can't drive cars on their missions (with a few exceptions), cannot even watch TV......but they can get on FB.

    There's a real religion for you. Next thing you know they'll be adverting on TV and Radio. Sure looks more like a business to me.
  • Precursor to Scientology with the weird underwear, tells you much..

    that they would gravitate to iPad and FaceBook (what a stupid name for a social service). After all, Mormonism is based on a claim that Jesus and Satan are brother space aliens who came to earth in a dispute over who can save the human race. L. Ron Hubbard dolled up that plot a lot, creating a whole RACE sequestered here, ripe even with Jews as 'body thetans'.

    Both religions are anti-semitic to the core, as well; Mormonism is based on a laughable claim that someone who exited during First Temple Destruction travelled to the US, with misquotes of Bible in derisive satire all over the so-called Book of Mormon, which isn't even claimed to be in Hebrew, but in some goofball imitation of Egyptian. Which of course was found on brass plates (lol) 'translated' by the ever-prurient, Joseph Smith.

    You gotta love their funny stories, which no one sane would ever believe.

    So I'm not at all surprised they would grab onto the useless iPad and even more useless FACE Book (as if all you are is a face in a book), in order to sell their trashy ideas.
  • WOW... three strikes and they're outta here...

    iPads? No thank you - although using a cult to promote a cult is clever.
    Facebook? Using narcissism to promote a cult... excellent!
    Evangelism? Well, we're back to Apple again, aren't we?
  • Great match!

    Religion and Facebook are both evil, so that is a perfect match in my opinion!