Moto X: Real smartphone personalization on tap?

Moto X: Real smartphone personalization on tap?

Summary: Motorola's argument is that the mobile experience is highly personal and the actual device should follow suit. Can Google's smartphone unit back up its customization talk.


You can customize your PC. You can customize a car to some degree. And now apparently your smartphone is going to be much more personalized.

A snippet of a print ad touting the Moto X. Will personalization make you feel this good? Credit: Ad Age

Google's Motorola unit will plug its Moto X smartphone this week. The tagline via Ad Age: "The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S. is coming."

But what's more interesting than the July 4 all-American pitch is that the Moto X is the first smartphone "that you can design yourself." Motorola's argument is that the mobile experience is highly personal and the actual device should follow suit.

The most obvious thing would be that the Moto X comes in various color schemes, say five or six. Perhaps, Motorola will allow customers to play with specs on memory and chips.

Of course, the big question here is how much personalization will be allowed. The Google Motorola ad sounds like customization will be some competitive advantage. If the Moto X can live up to its ad campaign, perhaps the supply chain and manufacturing may matter again.

As Ad Age noted, Motorola isn't talking about what Moto X features can be customized. The move could be interesting---assuming Motorola can back up its all-American personalization starter ad.

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  • Very interesting

    Hope they deliver as this looks to be very interesting.
  • personalized?

    As in unlocked bootloader, oem unlock rootable and carrier unlocked? Or just some wet dream.
  • Personalization

    Personalization is rather a double-edged sword. It makes the phone easier for the owner to use it, but may confuse anyone else who tries to use it beyond utility. My previous smartphone was so customized for my use that my wife, who used an iPhone couldn't even figure out how to make a simple phone call with it. Having had that experience, I elected to replace it with an iPhone, which allows some personalization, but maintains the basic functions, and how it responds, unchanged so that if I hand my phone to my wife, she can always manage to do what she wants.
    • re: So customized someone else can't use it

      That's honestly not always a bad thing... The various reasons should be apparent.
    • That's why it was Your phone

      You had it personalized for You, because it was Yours. If your wife was so unfamiliar as to how to make a phone call you could have simply told her how to make one since it was Yours after all. Instead, you opted to give up completely and buy a sub-par device so your wife could figure out how to use it? How stupid was that?
  • Meaningless in a world dominated by Windows Phone 8

    I don't see the excitement here. As an all powerful CIO, I rule the corporate IT landscape with an iron fist and a firm hand. Personalization is not allowed and should not be allowed as the masses are unable to comprehend the effects of their actions. My rep has whole heartedly endorsed this idea which I have coined "I bemoan those without Windows Phone". What is the point of a phone that cannot run the Office 2013 eXPerience? What is the point of customization if IE is not the browser? Motorola has blown it by not going the Windows Phone route and they will pay for their lack of vision.
    Mike Cox
    • ...

      This has to be a joke, right?
  • Moto is turning the word "personalization" into a gimmick to woo consumers,

    but, it's just the kind of customization which people can already do now. People choose their device colors when there is a choice there, and they choose a phone with certain features that others in the same line might not have, and they choose their apps, and they choose what icons or apps appear on the screen, and they choose the brand, and the OS and the maker, and service providers.

    It's like what Apple did with smartphones in 2007, where they redefined what smartphones would do, and everybody bought into the hype, and Apple made zillions of dollars from the gimmick, and still do.

    Moto-Google is just trying a rewording gimmick, which they hope people will buy into. But, whatever smartphone gets the "personalization" feature, will just be another smartphone, and nothing really different to offer. The MotoGoogle phone will offer texting and phoning and web access and apps and cloud storage and social sites integration, and, basically the same things that all other smartphones offer by now. Since there is really nothing really new that can be offered as a killer-feature anymore, Moto is using the "personalization" farce.
    • Maybe

      Or maybe we will be able to opt for 3 or 4 GB of RAM in it... Or maybe a quad core instead of a dual core... Or maybe higher speed processors.. Or a higher DPI screen... Or a larger or smaller screen to fit the hands of the person using it... Lots of things can be done to make your phone what You want, instead of a cookie-cutter design for everyone to have the same.
      • You're making my point, and there is no "maybe" to it...

        because, what Moto is doing is exactly what other makers already do.

        Redefining the terminology isn't going to change the technology or the OS of the market. It's pure hype, and in reality, there are people who do buy into the hype, but the market is somewhat mature and most people are already quite familiar with the technology and won't be as easily fooled anymore.
  • Having my doubts as well...

    I'd have to agree mostly with adornoe. It'll likely let you select a custom overlay, background, exclusive apps, color/case, and maybe upgrade the camera or something. Alienware went this route... upgrade a couple pcs of hardware, the rest is entirely lame stuff like office, what version of os, background, light color... all stuff the user (if semi-knowledgable) could do. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be able to select between a Snapdragon 400, 600, 800, etc, a 324, 440 ppi screen, 5, 8, 13 mp camera, 1, 2, 4GB of RAM, select sensors, rubberized coating, and on and on... I just question if they'll deliver, I guess only time will tell.
  • Moto X Customization

    Rumor is you will be able to choose from different materials as well...such as wood, ceramic and fabric for the back of the well as have it engraved. There's many more pics of the Moto X at