Moto X: Will colors and fancy engraving help Motorola?

Moto X: Will colors and fancy engraving help Motorola?

Summary: More details have leaked about the mysterious "Moto X" -- the big debut (and bigger bet) for now Google-owned Motorola.


In the face of other Android ecosystem giants (notably Samsung), Motorola has a lot to prove -- especially now that it is owned by the mobile operating system's maker, Google.

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Thus, perhaps banking on the combination of customizable design notes along with the hype surrounding anything shrouded in secrecy, more details about the upcoming "Moto X" have leaked.

ABC News reported on Wednesday, based on unnamed sources, that the device is already being tested by wireless providers (notably Verizon).

Aside from running Android version 4.2.2 (more Ice Cream Sandwich), the takeaway seems to be that customers will be able to personalize both the exterior color and engrave names and/or messages on the back panel. Customers will reportedly be able to receive their custom-made devices "within days" of purchase.

Motorola has offered a few snippets of information itself. Describing the device as "the first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA," Motorola also boasted it is "the first smartphone that you can design yourself."

The mobile phone maker added that it will have more than 2000 new employees in Ft. Worth, Texas by the end of the summer working rolling it out. A release date has not been revealed yet.

These concepts aren't exactly new, but more like a hodge-podge of premium options seen on a number of other mobile devices. For example, iPod buyers have had the option to add engravings to their MP3 players for years.

Additionally, buyers of the Moto X will supposedly be able to mix and match colors for the rear and trim of the handheld -- not exactly the same but still a similar motif employed by Nokia featurephones more than a decade ago.

Certainly there is something to be said for offering these customizable options. Plenty of consumers buy smartphone cases that reflect their personal style and the image they want to project.

Nevertheless, what is really going to matter is how the device runs and costs against offerings from Samsung and HTC (at least in the Android world, not even counting iOS or Windows Phone).

But until we know more, Motorola is slowly but surely doing a good job of building up tension and hype for the mysterious project.

For now, interested followers can sign up to be emailed directly when Motorola releases more details.

Image via CNET/Motorola

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  • Android version 4.2.2 (more Ice Cream Sandwich)

    Don't you mean Android 4.2, Jelly Bean?
    • JB..

      Yep. Rachel seems to be clueless about Android. Let me guess, iPhone user? lol
      Bob Level
  • Can't wait

    I luv how I can preset the wallpaper with a photo....because you know....I don't know how to do it myself and I rarely would change it if I could.
    I heard you can also preset the volume coz finding the volume button is so hard.
    Hope you set the orientation holding out for this.....just peed myself
  • Motorola's Waterproof Phone

    Based on the picture, my guess is that the new phone will be waterproof as a standard feature.

    This is a good move for Motorola. Usually, a person has to pay $60 to Liquipel a phone.
    donald duck 313
    • Based on the picture, my guess is

      either it will be waterproof or it will enable one to jump really high.
  • What is really going to matter is having your computer assist you, your way

    Bloatware from anyone, even Samsung is like having your butler answer to some temp-agency and not you.
  • Failure out of the gate.

    "already being tested by wireless providers (notably Verizon)."

    Who's bright idea was this to start with Verizon. After they get done with it, not to mention MotoBlur the handset will look nothing like Android plus Verizon will cripple the hell out of it. Bad move Moto.
    Some Internet Dude
  • Real name...

    Based on the photo, it will be called either the "Moto X1" or "Moto X Bikini".

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it might ALSO have a SoC 800, HD IPS, Adreno 420, WiFi AC. Ya know, stuff like that. Or it could just have pretty colors and engraving.
  • 4.2.2 = Jelly Bean!!!

    "Aside from running Android version 4.2.2 (more Ice Cream Sandwich)"

    4.0.x is Ice Cream Sandwich. 4.1.x and 4.2.x are Jelly Bean.
    It's strange how clueless tech sites are about technology.

    It's disgraceful how far behind Motorola's updates are, how they wait to fix bugs until the next major update in which they create more bugs, and how short their update support is. I actually thought that things would get better after they were bought by Google, boy was I wrong. Motorola is giving Google a bad name.
  • Remember All The Predictions That Google's Buy Would Spook The Other OEMs?

    Remember, when it was announced that Google were acquiring Motorola, that this would "send shockwaves" through the entire Android ecosystem? Maybe even drive some OEMs away from Android?

    Did it shite...