Motorola dropping no-contract Moto X price again, one hour $100 off special too

Motorola dropping no-contract Moto X price again, one hour $100 off special too

Summary: Motorola continues to drop the price of the Moto X, this time down $70 off for a couple weeks. There will also be a one hour $100 off special offer on Monday, 27 January.

Motorola drops Moto X regular price to $399.99

Motorola offered up the Moto X with a $150 discount for Black Friday, then permanently dropped the price earlier this month. Android Central reported that Motorola will offer up the 16GB model for just $299.99 for one hour on Monday, 27 January.

This $299.99 off-contract price is another $100 off the current $399.99 price. Given the problems Motorola had and the popularity of their Black Friday special, I wouldn’t count on getting in on one of these $100 off deals in just one hour. You can give it a try though, between 3pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time on Monday.

The good news is that they will offer a $70 discount from 27 January until Valentine’s Day, 14 February, so that is still a great deal on a fantastic Android smartphone. With these recent price drops, the Moto X will now be priced less than the Nexus 5.

Don’t forget for just another $25 you can also now purchase these Moto X units with a wood back, which again is $75 less than when they launched the wood back option.

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  • Its not a good phone though....

    It uses 2 year old technology... It doesnt deserve to have a flaghship price because it has NO flagship features... The Moto G is quite a value though.
    • Uh, what?

      1) MotoX is cheaper than any other unlocked flagship phone.
      2) It's not using out dated hardware. It's using the Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System. It removes redundant and unnecessary cores to save on battery, but it still has a total of 8 computing cores. That's as many as any other flagship phone, except the battery life is better. Also, it benchmarks consistent with, or even better than every other flagship phone.
      3) No flagship features? You're just repeating mindless uninformed drivel here. Let's go down the list:

      Motorola Assist
      Motorola Active Display
      Touchless Control
      Motorola Camera

      All those things can only be found on top of the line Motorola phones (MotoX and Droid) running the X8 Mobile Computing System. The X8 is specifically designed for these programs, utilizing a Contextual Awareness Processor and a Natural Language Processor. This is something no other flagship phone provides, and are the most revolutionary and truly useful features, because they actually help with how useful the photo is, unlike with Touchwiz, and Beats Audio.
    • ^That

      ("Not a good phone") Is just about the dumbest thing I've read so far in 2014...
  • Android market saturation

    Samsung's sales underperformed last quarter and every one of other Android smartphone vendors are struggling to make any profit. The Android market has reached the commodity stage. Like any commodity market prices and profits will fall and the lowest cost producers will have an advantage. Apple is isolated from the Android market and has its own market.
    • That is true.

      I have read various replies here for other products that lowering the price of an item is clear indication that it is not selling well.

      As Apple does not lower their prices, and with the iPhone's continued popularity, I would surmise that it is a validation of the afore mentioned sentiment.
      John Zern
  • That's a very flawed reasoning, Zern...

    Google is not after squeezing every last cent of profit from Moto X (like Apple is from iPhone) - they try to get more mobile users on the net and using Google services, so Google can mine thair data and sell targeted ads...
    And dropping price after holidays and all the way through Valentine’s Day is sure way to get those "been thinking about it" as well as some who are tired at staring at small iPhone screen...