Motorola S11-HD sweat proof headphones: Quick charging and light weight

Motorola S11-HD sweat proof headphones: Quick charging and light weight

Summary: Many people enjoy using Bluetooth headphones for commuting and working out. The latest Motorola design functions well, but the fit isn't great if you wear glasses.


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  • Apt-X

    Apt-X is the most important spec in bluetooth headphones and transmitters for audio quality. Thankfully, the cell phone manufacturers, with the exception of LG, support the codec in their top range phones (boo, LG, which I have).
  • Proof read

    Thank you for the article. I have been looking at options in this area. I would suggest you proof read your article though. When I read comments or articles that contain numerous typos I tend to question the accuracy of their information.
  • Good option, but I like mine better

    Over the years I've tried several Bluetooth headphones, including the ones you mentioned. The LG Tone has now served me well and overcomes the glasses issue that all over-the-ear devices face.
  • Motorola S11-HD poor design

    I purchased the next higher model of the S11 ($120) and within a few weeks a split developed in the center of the band between the two ear pieces. The pulling them outward when putting the device on and off my head cause a fatigue split in the plastic. I was very disappointed in build quality that this would happen so early in the life cycle of the unit.
    • I had a similar design headset by Nokia and it did the same thing.

      I think the problem is that these tend to be designed for small heads. Mine were uncomfortably tight and soon split in half. I got them replaced and the second set did the same thing again. NOkia refused to take back the second set and I have never considered buying another NOkia product. I was glad to see them have to sell out to Microsoft. Now they can flounder behind together along with Apple's sinking ship in Google's dust losing more and more market share by the day.
  • S10 user here

    I've gone through three of the S10s; I think they're the best compromise for sweat proof BT headsets; if you actually wear them while sweating a lot. I drench mine daily at the gym and on the road(bike). Each has lasted about 6-8 months and usually succumbs to shorts from moisture penetration.

    On thing to watch out for is quick temperature changes, condensation inside the device going from hot to cold in a humid environment will likely kill it instantly.

    The splitting of the back band of the S11 design is noted in many reviews posted on online retailers feedback sections, and is a primary reason I've stayed with the S10..