Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) goes Golden Master

Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) goes Golden Master

Summary: Apple released the "Golden Master" of OS X 10.8 to developers yesterday meaning that the official public release is right around the corner. Here's why you should care.


Mountain Lion goes Golden Master - Jason O'GradyApple released the "Golden Master" of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to developers yesterday which means that a full-scale public release is imminent barring any blocker bugs. According to MacRumors the build is labeled 12A269 and is being released as a 4.34GB download via the Mac App Store (the last developer update was build 12A256).

Mountain Lion made its public debut in February 2012 with a feature list that included iCloud integration, Messages, Reminders, Notes, Notification Center, Game Center, Messages, Calendar and Contacts. During WWDC 2012 Apple previewed several new Mountain Lion features including Dictation, iCloud Tabs, and Power Nap.

Mountain Lion will ship with 200+ new features in July for $19.99 and CNet's Topher Kessler's How to prepare your Mac for Mountain Lion is required reading if you're planning to make the leap to Apple's latest cat later this month.

And of you aren't a huge reader, this handy video covers 30 Mountain Lion features in two minutes:

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  • Awesome

    Can't wait to give it a spin!
  • Any of you gamblers?

    Who wants to bet OS X 10.8 doesn't sell as well as Vista?
    • Too Easy

      Currently, as of June, there are more active Windows Vista users than there are OSX users, all versions COMBINED.

      Such a failure, eh?

      But I actually am on OSX now. I am an iOS dev, with a 17" late 2011 MBP hopped up on 16GB ram and lots of SSD. OSX is ho hum (I'm coming from a mixed Windows / Linux dev environment). I don't quite get the fuss. I think there are too many design paradigms - e.g. skeuomorphism in the mail, calendar and notes apps and then some modernity, computerish stuff with the window chrome, finder, launchpad and mission control. No consistency in design.

      I'm hoping that the OSX next feline name will have a design refresh. I have Win 8 in a VM and in boot camp for games and it is a nice OS (my biggest complaint is the lack of color customization on actual tiles - too garish for me - wish there was a "subtle" theme option).
      • Dilution

        Based on brush metal and the new Podcast app, skeuomorphism will outstay its, such as it was, welcome. I like the look of the Podcast app, but I think they missed a bet by not having the feed reel decrease and take-up reel increase, hinting the podcast's percent of completion.

        Hoping for a design refresh is like hoping for world peace, except there's maybe a little something we can do for the latter.

        And I shall wish you luck as an iOS developer. This is a bit back-handed and I apologize. You see, if you compare current install base of Vista to the aggregate number of OS X users and, on that basis, refute everyone, including Microsoft, who label Vista, at best, a disappointment as a product, then maybe there's something you don't quite understand about the development game.
    • I am willing to bet

      That William "toddbottom3" Farrel will troll, and make disparaging remarks about anything not made by Microsoft. See his post above for proof...
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Ying...

        to your Yang.
        • Better ying to yang

          than your yung.

      • Sure thing, CaviarBlack

        you can claim we're the same person (toddbottom3), but we're not.
        You on the other hand ARE CaviarBlack, so quit with the games, OK?
        William Farrel
        • Again

          Do not claim I have the same affliction you do.
          Jumpin Jack Flash
        • Whazat, Wilie?

          You talkin' to me?

          I know you're an idiot, but...

    • Nah, but I'll bet you Apple makes more than

      twice as much money as Microsoft in 2013. Since, at the end of the day, that's the only metric that counts.
    • That's hardly a fair competition

      I can't get OSX on a 300-500$ computer.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Actually you can

        "I can't get OSX on a 300-500$ computer."
        You just can't get a New Mac for $300 to $500. But when you buy a $300 computer are you really getting something that is going to work well, and last?
        Jumpin Jack Flash
        • Yes. I've bought one.

          $325, quad core, 8GB RAM, 750GB HD, dual layer DVD, Vista. Running great (though upgraded to 7 as I could for free).
          • yeah well we we all know you're a dinosaur

            ...looking for the latest in bottom-feeder Pavilion or Inspiron deals.
        • Okay

          I wouldn't buy a 300$ computer and expect to run OSX on it legally or well.
          Michael Alan Goff
  • Will Apple continue to support Snow Leopard with security patches?

    Traditionally Apple has supported current and current - 1 with security patches. However that was when release time frames were longer than a year. Does anyone know if Apple will support older operating systems given they just released Lion a year ago?
    • You can still get

      Security updates for Snow Leopard

      Apple is actually pretty good with updating their stuff.
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • I can right now because Snow Leopard is current - 1.

        My question is what happens after Mountain Lion is released in a few weeks? Snow Leopard will then be current - 2, of which Apple does not provide security updates (save for a one off for Leopard due to a malware outbreak).
        • I still see

          Leopard updates, I just can't vouch for the exact dates.

          Most of the updates, and bug fixes are handled through Software Update though
          Jumpin Jack Flash