Mozilla releases Firefox 18 with Retina display support

Mozilla releases Firefox 18 with Retina display support

Summary: Mozilla has released the newest versions of its desktop and mobile software, which brings new features as well as bug fixes to the browser.


Open source software company Mozilla has released Firefox 18 for desktops, as well as updating its
Android mobile client to warn users before they visit potentially malicious websites.

The update for the desktop client, announced on Tuesday, brings few in the way of new features — with a short six-week release cycle, updates often bring a drip-feed of new options rather than a barrage — but it does include Firefox's new JavaScript compiler ionMonkey.

As a result, web apps and games perform up to 25-percent faster, the organisation said. It added that Firefox 18 also adds support for Retina displays for Mac users on OS X 10.7 or higher. There have also been a number of bug fixes and tweaks, such as disabling insecure content loading on secure (HTTPS) pages.

Firefox Retina display
Firefox 18 adds support for Retina displays for Mac users on OS X 10.7 or higher. Image: Mozilla

The list of updates for Firefox for Android is similarly short but does bring the an opt-in search suggestions feature as users type in the 'Awesome Bar'. For extra privacy, search suggestions are conducted over a secure connection.

Rounding off the most notable new features of the Android app is the warning system now in place to inform users that they are about to visit malicious websites that may be used for malware or phishing.

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  • Why are they not using vector graphics to begin with?

    None of that looked like anything that would be impossible to do with vector graphics - why are they not using vector graphics to begin with? Vector based graphics could be scaled to any resolution, including "retina" resolutions.
  • Requirements....

    It now says it is if for Windows 7 & 8, is working well on Win 8 so far, not crashed once :)
    • Requirements for Firefox 17.0

      Also says Windows 8 and drops support for OS X 10.5:

      It looks like Firefox 16.x was the last version to support OS X 10.5:
  • About time...

    Mozilla has been among the last to adopt the retina display compatibility. It ruins the entire experience since I use multiple browsers heavily for different purposes.
  • WinXP

    One of my puters is a WinXP for special (old) software.
    18 is doing fine on it.
  • The 17.x.x versions have been buggy

    Especially with embedded PDF files, causing me to move back to the 16.0.2 for some people and then disable auto updates. Not many, but still.... I hope v.18 fixes these more everyday issues.