Mozilla releases Firefox 25, includes Web Audio support

Mozilla releases Firefox 25, includes Web Audio support

Summary: The browser is updated with Web Audio support, which the browser maker suggests is the last major building block in supporting advanced games and applications.

TOPICS: Software, Networking
Firefox 25 now supports Web Audio, which Mozilla demoed. (Image: ZDNet/Mozilla)

Mozilla released Firefox 25 on Tuesday, hours after dishing out the browser on its servers.

The not-for-profit company touted as its flagship feature for the updated software Web Audio, which extends existing APIs across platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

In adding the technology, developers can now significantly improve audio support for browser-based games, services, and applications. Essentially, the browser is one step closer to completing the full-circle support for the more memory- and processor-based games and applications.

In a blog post, the company explained the real-world benefits, by tuning the soundscape:

We can attach the sounds of a roaring fire to my magicians fireball, hurl it away and hear the fireball moving towards its target. We can hear the siren of a police car approaching and hear how it passes by from the pitch shift known as doppler effect. And we know we can use these features without needing to manage the production of an audio engine.

Also in the updated software, resetting Firefox no longer clears the browser session, while the browser now supports the option to migrate from another browser's history and settings if Firefox isn't used for months.

Firefox 25 also includes security fixes for more than five critical vulnerabilities, as well other less critical fixes.

Meanwhile, Firefox for Android was also updated, and is making its way to Google Play throughout the day. As its main feature, guest browsing has been added to the software, allowing phone and tablet users to share their browsers with friends without losing their existing tabs. 

According to market share statistics firm Net Applications, Firefox has more than 18 percent of the overall browser usage share, ahead of Chrome's 16 percent, but behind Internet Explorer's 57 percent.

Topics: Software, Networking

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  • The best keeps getting better

    Go Mozilla.
    x I'm tc
    • Yes it does. But this story isn't about the best browser it's about FireFox

      Pick up IE11 if you want the best browser. You will however have to be running on the best OS to do that. :)
      Johnny Vegas
      • what...

        is this IE11 you speak of? where can i 'pick it up?' how can i 'run on the best OS?'

        yes, silly questions.
        hoping you don't mind that i use FF. but not much...
      • @JV

        Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha....for a second there I thought you were serious. Good one!
      • Yes it does. But this story isn't about the best browser it's about FireFox

        IE is not the BEST Browser and Windows 8.0/8.1 is not the BEST Operating System.
        Quit kidding yourself.
        • It was funny

          And if he meant it - fine. Do you think your post changed his mind? I'd love to see more levity in the posts. Everybody seems intent on flaming the other OS or manufacturer (no yours was not a flame).

          I am glad we have options - keeps every competitor on their toes.
          Luke Skywalker
      • Just an opinion.

        When you say "best OS", are you referring to Windows? lol To each there own I guess. And yes, I'm on OS X. But I have to use Windows 7 at work. Microsoft is finally starting to get it right since XP. But if I had to choose one, it's still the OS X for me. I've actually convinced my boss to switch me to the Mac. So Windows 7's days are numbered.
  • Mozilla releases Firefox 25, includes Web Audio support

    Going to be the first one on my block to upgrade. Bragging rights will be mine! Good going for the Mozilla team because Firefox is a great browser and has all the add-ons I need.
    • Beta

      If you really want a leg up, run the beta.
      • I've tried the betas before

        I've tried the Firefox betas before, they were a little too unstable for my tastes so now I wait until they do a release.
  • Mozilla releases Firefox 25, includes Web Audio support

    I wonder if this same code is going to be found in Nightly and Waterfox ?
  • Switched to FireFox

    Have been a long-time user of IE but for some reason IE10 and W7 dont play nice. FireFox has worked like a charm with W7 and though it doesnt have the bells and whistles of IE, it works wonderfully.
    born here
  • FF gets better

    It's important that we have again a trustfull browser since opera became based on chromium.
    In the benchmark test ff is the best choice and with the privacy issue emerging more and more the extension list for ff is almost absolute in its functionalities.
    Below is my list of add ons,

    adblock edge
    do not track me
    https everywere
    mail envelope
    request policy
    self disctruct cookies
    webmail ad blocker
  • Finally!

    I recently started a project that loads all 88 notes from a piano into [audio] elements to test browser functionality. Half of them load, and inconsistently at best. Notes need to be restarted to play, or else cloned into another channel if you want to play the same note. One weird behavior is that if you play a chord over and over, a delay would build up and cause them to go out of sync. Thankfully, this will help enable greater effects than what I was originally intending to do with my experiment.
  • Hopefully, no inherent problems.

    The last couple of updates (23 and 24) really messed up Firefox for me. Extreme lags, and memory hogging. It was pretty much unusable for me. Even after doing every single tip I came across in the Mozilla forum and anywhere else online I can find. Including deleting all remnants of Firefox from my Mac. Then starting from scratch. Still no fix. So I'm hoping v25 has solved this problem, and not created anymore. I had to switch to Chrome, just because it was so much faster (like comparing a bicycle to a GXSR 1100). Yes, Firefox was that slooooow for me. But Chrome is so ugly and very user unfriendly. But I can deal with that, more than i can deal with lags. After a while, seeing letters come up 2-3 seconds after I hit the keys, becomes extremely infuriating.