Multimedia pioneer Marc Canter launches ThingFace venture for authoring Internet of Things apps

Multimedia pioneer Marc Canter launches ThingFace venture for authoring Internet of Things apps

Summary: Powerful authoring tools will be very important to the future success of the Internet of Things.

TOPICS: Mobility, Innovation
Marc Canter on stage and screen at a panel moderated by Dan Farber at the Mac 30 Anniversary event in January 2014.


Marc Canter, a leading pioneer of multimedia technologies with his work at Macromedia 25 years ago, has launched ThingFace, a startup focused on authoring mobile apps across all major platforms.

Canter says he hopes to emulate the power and popularity of authoring tools he helped develop at Macromedia, which led to an explosion of creativity in producing interactive media. At the time, CR-ROM based media titles were the only way rich interactive media could be distributed and presented on a computer. San Francisco in the late 1980s and early 1990s was at the epicenter of CDROM multimedia development and Canter was its leading figure.

Canter is founder and CEO of ThingFace, He's recruited an impressive team of industry veterans and former colleagues, plus advisors such as top tech editor and journalist Dan Farber, and popular blogger Robert Scoble. 

Canter says that his inspiration for the venture came from a project he was considering based on the "Internet of Things." He realized that this future world of massive interconnectivity would require a great user interface otherwise it would be hard to make use of its potential. Authoring tools that "mere mortals" can use would be the key to success of for the Internet of Things. The easier those tools are to use the more apps will be developed, and more users of those apps will be enabled. 

"We're starting with an application framework for smartphones aimed at quickly developing apps for five different use cases based on people's daily activities, such as a personal trainer." If personal trainers, and others such as a life coach, home assistant, or a tour guide can use the authoring tools to create customized mobile apps for their clients, Canter believes this will prove that ThingFace has a great user interface. 

Canter says the choice of name is designed "to make you hate it. We're looking to standout and be seen."

ThingFace is developing a series of frameworks for each user archetype so for example, the Personal Trainer app development tool is preconfigured to easily integrate Fitbit, and other digital sensors, into an exercise regime that can trigger music or words of encouragement at key points in the user's activity stream. 

ThingFace will be free for creating up to five mobile apps per user — a generous allowance. ThingFace will also act as "the player" of the apps allowing it to hide the complexity of backend functions. The startup is starting to talk with investors and set its development schedule. 

Plans include a marketplace for ThingFace apps and additional tools for Internet of Things platforms.

More information here:

ThingFace | AngelList

ThingFace - App Authoring for Mere Mortals deck

ThingFace Apps will feature authored “smarts” (that can run in the background ) and “foreground” interactive sequences and mobile interfaces, which would have media playback and record, points, leaderboards, cloud based Content publishing all built into the experience.

The tool is designed to work with IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest, HomeKit, Fitbit, Galaxy Gear and any other coolio wearable liveable Wink kind of platform thingie that’s gonna be important to work with moving forward. We want to be friends to all and deliver something nobody else is doing – authoring tools that non-programmers can utilize to do sophisticated kinds of media rich, highly interactive mobile based contextually aware on-line experiences.

We think of it as the Instagram of Authoring. The ThingFace authoring tool environment would be utilized by ThingFace authors to create customized, one-off Apps for their clients.

Each client could have their own instructional materials, interactive tools or interfaces, on-line media and on-demand relevant information – crafted exactly to their needs.

Topics: Mobility, Innovation

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  • A failure in the making

    Does no one else realize that Canter hasn't produced anything worthwhile in over two decades? That he has no business sense whatsoever? That his technical skills, if there ever were any, are non-existent and certainly not up to par with today's standards? That he squandered whatever money he got from his part of Macromedia and has barely scraped two pennies together since? That he gets his rocks off by being controversial and disruptive, with most of it targeted towards the people who won't support his bogus ideas because they realize it's a waste of their time? That whatever he is proposing to do with "ThingFace" is already in the works by players with far more resources and skills?

    Or, am I the only one?
    • No one more qualified

      Marc pioneered multimedia authoring tools. This is a winner.
  • Hey thanks LGridly for the kind words

    Obviously I must have pissed you off - somewhere along the line.

    Since leaving Macromedia I have:

    - helped invent "Interactive Music Videos" - started a MediaBand with Todd Rundgren - created a CD-ROM, live show, invented new kinds of interactivity with music

    - created an Interactive TV Talk show

    - the theme song alone is worth the price of admission -

    - then there was the MediaBar:

    - then we helped build an interactive flat panel display for SuperBowl XXXII

    - then a digital city project was prototyped in Trieste, Italy

    - then an interactive TV authoring system was built for

    - then there was work for AOL, Reuters and lots of others - which we can't show you

    - then there was - which I helped invent

    - about 20 other social networks - all running on the PeopleAggreagtor platform:

    - then I gave a present to Silcon Valley - of a design called the "Persona Editor":

    - I also helped start

    - co-authored the "Bill of Rights for User of Social media" -

    - lots of speeches that pissed off people like you - LGridley - which I'm actually kind of proud of....

    - then there was a lot of effort to help create jobs in Cleveland, Jamaica, Lafayette, LA, Tamp and Kansas City

    So that's what I've been up to. How bout you LGridley? What do YOU do?

    How many jobs have you created?

    And I didn't even mention that I'm in wikiepdia:

    Are you in wikipedia Mr. LGridley - cause I can't find any mention of you.

    But thank you for the opportunity of communicating together.
    • Wikipedia!

      Marc, please. Do you even look at the stuff you produce? You must see how outdated and lacking in sophistication your work is, which is why you spend more of your time/effort blasting the good work of those advancing in your field. Each of these sites looks like it's from the AOL dial-up era.

      Did you write your own Wikipedia page or perhaps have one of your old chums contribute as well, so that it looked authentic? That's cute!