Mushkin outs 480GB SSD for thin notebooks

Mushkin outs 480GB SSD for thin notebooks

Summary: The enthusiast component supplier's Atlas 480GB model is a record for the mSATA form factor, and it comes in at a $500 recommended retail price.


The enthusiast PC component supplier Mushkin has revealed a 480GB mSATA solid-state drive.

Atlas SSD

It is easy these days to find a 480GB or even 512GB SATA SSD, but such high capacities have so far eluded those who want a smaller form-factor SSD for a thin notebook. This is what the not-very-well-known Mushkin is promising with the single-module Atlas 480GB model.

"Keeping z-height as low as possible and managing to fit eight NAND flash chips and a controller on a mSATA PCB was no easy feat, but now capacity-hungry ultrabook and notebook users can go beyond the 256GB mSATA barrier," Mushkin product development chief Brian Flood said in a statement on Wednesday.

In terms of specifications, the Atlas 480GB SSD has a 6Gb/s interface and runs on a SandForce SF-2281 flash memory controller (or 'SSD processor', as SandForce terms it) with unthrottled IOPS. The firmware is user-upgradeable, and the drive supports ATA advanced power management (APM) and native command queuing (NCQ).

The recommended retail price for the SSD is $500 (£312) in the US, where Mushkin makes its kit. There is no word yet on UK availability.

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