Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

Summary: ZDNet Asia picks out top apps across four mobile platforms--iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone--to help today's workers be more efficient at work.


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  • We live in an increasingly mobile world in which work is no longer limited to one's office and employees work on-the-go more often than not. As such, ZDNet Asia has compiled a selection of useful mobile apps handy to boost one's productivity and efficiency.

    All photos and captions by Ellyne Phneah
  • iThoughts
    Use this mindmapping tool to better see the big picture without having to search frantically for a whiteboard. Add topics, change the shape of the mindmap, create notes and pick colors for different subjects--all at your fingertips.

    "I have random ideas for work all the time but this really helps me consolidate everything," Jessica Chua, advertising executive said.

    For: iOS devices; US$7.99

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