MWC 2013: HP unveils $169 Slate 7 Android tablet for April release

MWC 2013: HP unveils $169 Slate 7 Android tablet for April release

Summary: The computer giant leaps back into the tablet game with a budget-priced 7-inch model, the first of many to come this year, according to an HP exec.


Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 hasn't even warmed up yet, and the tablet news is already impressive. Following Samsung's official announcement of the Galaxy Note 8.0, HP is making a big return to the space with a new Android-based model.

(Image: HP)

Dubbed the Slate 7, the 7-inch tablet will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and be priced at a very affordable $169. HP's press release says the Slate 7 will be available in April, though its product page on the company website is stating a May release date.

The 13-ounce Slate 7 will be powered by a 1.6GHz ARM Cortez A9 dual-core processor, though it will only come with a pedestrian 1,024x600-resolution display and 8GB of internal storage. (It does include a microSD card slot for additional capacity, however.) In addition to the usual gray casing, the new HP tablet will offer a red option. It also includes the usual specs like front- and rear-facing cameras and micro-USB port, though it will be the first tablet to feature built-in Beats Audio technology. Also being promoted is HP's ePrint technology, which makes it easy to wirelessly print from most applications on the Slate 7.

HP spectacularly flamed out with its previous tablet forays, including the Slate 500 and Slate 2 Windows-based models, and the much-hyped TouchPad, which was based on the webOS platform it purchased from Palm. The company hopes to fare much better in 2013 with a full lineup of tablets, which HP Mobility senior vice president Alberto Torres told The Verge will include pricier models and Windows versions as well.

Check back as ZDNet will have more coverage of HP's return to the tablet market, along with additional news from MWC 2013.

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  • At last

    OK HP -- way to get back in the game. Instead of pushing a corporate OS or philosophy choice, a product we might jump on!
    • It is good to see them having another go

      I can see why they tried webOS; if the gamble had payed off, they'd be one of the kings of the industry by now.... That said it is good to see them getting into the android market and learning from the competition what people really want; quality at affordable prices and yes, I think the interjection of colour will go a long way. I know a lot of people lookin at getting into tablets at the moment and this kind of form, price and style will appeal to them; at the end of the day people want mobile devices that look nice.

      may be a mistake to use the same name for the android arm tablets and the windows atom ones. I hope it doesn't mean they'll give up on windows tablets; as an OEM backing several horses is the way to make money from the race. Take a least out of Samsung's book; support both platforms, but differentiate with model names.
  • HP = losers

    They can't get anything right in recent years... A former well capable CEO was kicked out for some silly issue and then on HP never really recovered...

    If HP thinks that the corporate world is going to adapt silly malware ridden androids then they are nothing but fools.
    • HP Sold Plenty Of Malware Ridden Windows Boxes

      But that's the past and they are moving away from Windows
      Alan Smithie
      • No they're not. They're still selling Windows PCs by the boat load.

        What makes them think this really low res tablet running an old android build will generate sales? The red case? And earth to HP and all smartphone, tablet, and ultrabook oems. Beats audio is nothing to write home about. It's just a stupid marketing gimmick. Save your money and pass the savings on.
        Johnny Vegas
        • Relax

          Ballmer is still quite wealthy, no need to loose sleep over it. HP getting back into the game shows how important the tablet market is, for the right OS. WebOS=fail, windows RT=fail, playbook=fail, Here we are years into the android tablet flood, and they are still comming out. Perhaps companies are actually making money off these things, ya think?
        • Re: They're still selling Windows PCs by the boat load.

          Each of which seems to be losing them money.
        • RE: "They're still selling Windows PCs by the boat load."

          And in 1915 buggies still outsold automobiles.
    • Layoffs and serial aquisitions... not constitute a business plan.
      John L. Ries
  • This looks like ****

    I expected better of you, HP
    • How this came to be:

      HP went to CES in Jan and checked out the 300+ Android tablets that were being shown. They found one that was buzz word compliant and worked OK and setup a meeting. The meeting was:
      HP: "We want 100,000 of those with the HP logo".
      WangChiTech Manufacturing: "OK. Same deal as Dell guy 10 minutes ago. $129."
      HP: "boy can we innovate or can we innovate? Let's go beer ourselves"
  • Me-too .... me-too ....

    And HP expects to survive by being a "me-too" company.

    With WebOS, they had a chance .... with Android, all they can do is try to compete for the scraps at the bottom of the barrel ... and probably lose miserably. Even with HP's reputation in the enterprise, the fact that Android is primarily a spyware OS will make the "cheap" device undesirable anywhere but in the minds of cheap idiots and dumbdroids.
  • Android Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient

    Adopting Android puts you on a level playing field with the rest of the mobile market, nothing more. It's no guaranteed ticket to success, you still have to build on that common Android platform, adding your own special sauce, before you can produce a truly competitive product.

    Other vendors have shown it's possible; now let's see some of that special HP magic.
    • A single vendor has shown really.

      LG? Nope.
      Sony? Nope.
      HTC? Almost but looks like nope.
      ZTE? Had hopes for them but nope.
      Google? Nope. Moto keeps posting losses.
      Samsung? Yep.
      • Re: A single vendor has shown really.

        LG? Yup. Last quarter looking up.
        Sony? Yup. Mobile is their one bright spot.
        HTC? Still in the black.
        • Sony and LG are out.

          As is Google. ZTE surprised me by posting a loss.

          HTC is almost out. When you have a YoY decline in profits of 75% when it based on a YoY decline of profits of 90%. It taint good. When the market is growing and your unit shipments are shrinking for 7 quarters, it is not good.

          The HTC looks like their first decent Android phone and I hope it does well. They went with solid design over gimmick and ended up with, what looks like, a great phone.
  • No Slot? No Nexus or IPad Mini.

    Another seven inch tablet that out performs the Nexus 7. I have had the Galaxy Tab 2.7 now for six months and absolutely love it. The micro disk slot on this HP Tab is a Nexus killer just like it is on my Galaxy Tab. I am on my third 32 gig micro SD card and that will be full soon with all the instructional and recreational videos plus music that I have on it. I will put my tablet side by side with the Nexus every day of the week and prevail for price and performance. Not Specs just flat out side by side performance and price. Get this HP or the Galaxy and you will be happy for all the value and functionality.