MWC 2013: Windows Phone Store has more than 130,000 WP8 apps

MWC 2013: Windows Phone Store has more than 130,000 WP8 apps

Summary: Microsoft and developers continue to fill the Windows Phone Store with a selection of apps, and they are seeing record downloads from consumers.


I have been reporting on the status of the Windows Phone Store app count for a couple of years (remember when it passed 1,000 apps?), so it is nice to read that there are now over 130,000 apps available for the refreshed Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft reported that it is seeing a 75 percent increase in app downloads and a 91 percent increase in paid app revenue.

MWC 2013: Windows Phone Store has more than 130,000 WP8 apps
(Image: Microsoft)

Developer registrations are up by over 40,000 since the launch of WP8, 15,000 new apps optimized for WP8 have been released since the launch, and WP8 SDK downloads have passed 500,000. Microsoft data shows that people install an average of 55 apps on their devices. These are all good trends to see for Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft also released a new WP Dev Center so that developers can better track metrics associated with their applications.

While most of the apps I enjoy on Android and iOS are available on Windows Phone, there continue to be some big names missing. Instagram is one that people talk about a lot, and one that should have been announced at the WP8 launch event. BTW, where is the official Pandora app announced last year?

We continue to question why Instagram is not yet available. Are there not enough resources to develop for WP? Are there technical issues preventing Instagram from working on WP? Does Instagram just not see much potential for the WP market? I would think with Microsoft resources that it could make this happen.

What apps are your favorites on WP? What apps are you still looking for on this platform?

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  • Pandora pinned to start works great

    no app needed

    A good 80-90% of what I do on my nokia 920 was already there by default, nokia /xbox music, nokia drive, skydrive.

    Gym Pocket Guide & BigOven are the main "apps" I use, you could throw in iHeartRadio, but I could just pin that also if you app was there.

    Flashlight XT, is cool, but anyone has those.
    • WP no

      I make apps for WP if they pay me
      they pay 1 billion per year to nokia, and much money to gameloft and Rovia
      Henrique Dourado
      • Nokia apps are awsome apps

        Nokia makes great apps, its total worth to pay for Nokia. it got maps and augmented reality is its center point. As MS said WP8 is build around you literally.
  • Love my Lumia 920 however......

    There are still a few apps I would like to see
    - Dropbox(yes I have skydrive and want my dropbox as well)
    - Google maps - this is still the number 1 solution out there. Street view and google traffic is still superior to nokia.
    - TD Canada Trust : the problem with WP is that ppl will not build apps until they see massive adoption. I wrote to my bank and other services I used and it is always the same response.(same goes for GO transit in Toronto)
    - More XBOX games. its okay, but gaming should be the competitive edge for WP8 leveraging its incredible gaming division.
    - Better facebook app: the existing one does not even let you share(just likes)
    - flipboard: I use other readers but if you want to be big time, you must have the big time apps

    I have zero interest in Instagram, however they should release it so that his stops being a distraction on the platform
    • File explorer and VLC player

      I forgot my number one application i want. ES File explorer. I love this app on my android and really want to be able to surf my own network and file folders. it wouldn't hurt either if i could use VLC for my media player as well
    • Alternatives

      I recommend: Facebook Touch


      BaconIt (an awesome Reddit client, better than any I tried on IOS or Android)
      Rowi (Twitter)
    • Overall, not too bad

      I agree that Instagram could be a HUGE win for the platform. As we don't have legitimate access to Pandora in Canada, Slacker is good enough, although it would be great to have Nokia Music / Nokia Music+ in Canada.

      Re: Jsingroy,
      -For Dropbox you're right, but there are some alternatives, Box is available, in addition to Skydrive. I don't think we're going to see Google Drive anytime though.
      -Google Maps - Nokia (HERE) maps are pretty darned good. I found that Nokia Drive (I have a Lumia 800) was better than google navigation. But fair enough - it is a personal preference sort of thing
      -TD Canada Trust - it does suck that they aren't planning on making an application, especially as they do not have mobile site.
      -xBox - you're totally right
      -Better FB app - totally right - not even sure why we need an app - they should have all of the FB features built right into the people hub.
      Mike Baughan
    • Quality apps are growing

      With Nokia and MS working with bug developers quality apps are getting better and better
  • Math Skills

    75% increase; 91% increase. ??? ON WHAT BASE? 100% of nothing is still nothing.
    • Why do you want to bring your lack of gray matter into this discussion?

      You should be complaining to your parents about that problem.
    • Why bother pulling your head out of the sand...

      ...when all your going to do is enlighten us about how much you have learned down there.
  • It's great but...

    it could be even better with Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Maps and ES File Explorer...ES File Explorer is a "must have" for Windows Phone 8 store because it is much more than a simple file explorer.
    • Question

      It is not possible to have anything like File Explorer on Windows Phone. It has to be implemented at system level and in that case it would be a security problem IMHO.
      Regular apps do not have access to full file system and are limited to only their own storage so File Explorer type apps are not possible.
      It was possible in Windows Mobile where phone was like a small computer. I see android as a better version of Windows Mobile with all the background tasks and file system access and I quite frankly I am surprised that it is doing so well :)

      Anyway I also do not understand why would people need a Dropbox app. It is OK on computer but on the Windows Phone, where file system is closed Dropbox app would not do much. Yes you could create folders, move files, etc. but you would not be able to open files (except for photos) or send them via email or anything else. Again, due to secure nature of windows phone it is almost impossible to have apps which would access file system and manage files of different apps.
      Quite frankly I think that the whole idea of file management is somewhat outdated. I do that on my computer but I do not want to do that on my phone thank you very much.
      • Re: and in that case it would be a security problem IMHO.

        That's odd, because Android has a sandbox permissions system to keep it from being a security problem. Can't Microsoft figure out something similar?
        • They can and they did

          From the very first version of Windows phone (7.0). Any other mobile os does this as well. In fact Android's sandbox has proven to be the least effective of all major mobile operating systems, witnessed by the large amount of malware targeting the system. Of course combined with Google's phone home antics, a clear reason to stay well away from it.
          • Re: They can and they did

            Then why would it be a security problem for Microsoft to offer a capability that Android users can take for granted?
  • Not even close to Apple's 2 million apps!

    wake me up in 10 years when they have as many as Apple.
    I Am Galactus
    • Discoverabiltiy

      I think that is also an issue on all platforms. when you get in the hundreds of thousands of apps, you need superior search tools with advanced filters to find the right application. Also the number is closer to 750,000 apps. Some are good, some are not so good:)
    • 2 million my ...

      Recently my friend was looking for a simple app on his iPhone to see the EXIF data of the photo he has taken on his phone. Half a day and two dozen apps later he mailed photo to his PC and in couple minutes he could see all information in file explorer.
      So, yeah... 2 million... woo hoo. Mine is bigger than yours and all that.
    • How many are installed on your idevice?

      If you have fewer than 130,000 apps installed on your idevice, your point is moot.

      But, if you want to go down this path, wake me when there are as many os x apps as there are Windows apps. Until that day, os x is a non starter.