MWC 2014: HP intros Pavilion x360 convertible laptop starting at $399

MWC 2014: HP intros Pavilion x360 convertible laptop starting at $399

Summary: The hybrid notebook sports a 360-degree hinge to allow users to fold the display into tablet mode.


HP looks like it's been taking a few "Yoga" lessons based on its latest laptop release. The company is showing off the Pavilion x360 convertible at MWC 2014, complete with a 360-degree hinge that resembles the one Lenovo uses on its Yoga devices.

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Having such a hinge allows for a full range of viewing angles for the 11.6-inch screen (as the above photo shows), including a "tent" mode or, with the display completely folded down, a tablet mode with the attached keyboard underneath and disabled.

Where the Pavilion x360 primarily differs from the Yoga is in the price. The HP convertible will start at $399, whereas the Lenovo Yoga 2 starts at $549 (and other Yoga models are even pricier). You appear to get similar specs: Both use an Intel Bay Trail CPU and have a display resolution of 1,366x768. The Pavilion x360 offers up to 8GB of RAM and 500GB of storage (in the form of a hybrid hard drive).

The Pavilion x360 will be available starting Wednesday, February 26. In the meantime, our sister site CNET has some hands-on video and photos of the device. For $400, you get a Windows laptop and tablet for less than the latest iPad, which could be a pretty good deal. Do you agree? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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  • Back Flip

    Is this the end of the spin? Is the list of hybrid/convertible styles shorting already?

    There are front flips, back flips, rips, twists, rip & twist, and spins.
    • Yet, with iPads, you only get "spin" and hype, and very high prices, and

      much less value.

      Is that why you sound so disappointed?

      Eventually, you'll be able to get iPads that "flop". ;)
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