MWC: Tablet market just got a lot more crowded (photos)

MWC: Tablet market just got a lot more crowded (photos)

Summary: At Mobile World Congress, several big-name companies either revealed their new tablets or their upcoming plans for one. Should Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung be worried?

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  • (Image: ZDNet)

    Grand Memo

    ZTE introduced its Android-based version of the "phablet", a cross of a smartphone and a tablet with its new Grand Memo. The 5.7-inch display features a Qualcomm processor, 2GB RAM and 1,280x720 pixel resolution. It's 8.5mm body will also feature 4G LTE connectivity and 16GB of onboard storage.

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  • (Image: ZDNet)


    Intel took the stage to introduce the Clover Trail+ platform, which consists of three new Atom processors, the 2.0GHz Z2580, 1.6GHz Z2560, and 1.2GHz Z2520.

    Clover Trail+ takes the Medfield platform, adds a second core and the improved memory controller from Clover Trail, and tops it off with more capable PowerVR SGX 544 dual-core graphics. Intel said that it will deliver twice the compute performance and 3x the graphics performance of the Atom Z2640.

    Intel is planning to ship its first quad-core platform for tablets, Bay Trail, in time for the holidays.

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    Firefox OS

    Mozilla plans to enter the tablet market with its new Firefox OS, an open-source, low-cost operating system. It plans to enter the smartphone market first, and be a cheaper alternative for emerging market.

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  • why would "Microsoft, Google and Samsung" be worried?

    all 3 have their products represented here. and Apple is doing just fine.
    • Because

      You cant write for ZDNet, unless you use irrelevant headlines.
  • More choices = Very good!

    Happy to see that Microsoft, Google and Samsung are not stuck into an Infinite Loop and innovate.
  • they all look the same

    I know that the rounded corners square form is the most appropriate for touch devices but its a bit boring. Anyone that can make a tablet or a phone with a different shape will at least get brand recognition. But the thing I really want from a tablet or a phone is having the front facing camera in the middle of the screen, I suppose that's a technical impossibility but it would be really nice for video calls. Also why on tablets do they not have the best camera on the front?
    richard in norway
    • We'll make yours look like a pizza pie

      How's that.
  • Exterior accessories

    Nice tablets. Hope for the best.
    China Name Plate Co. Ltd.