My iOS 7 wishlist

My iOS 7 wishlist

Summary: While I can say with no doubt that iOS 6 is the best version of iOS released by Apple so far, I can still see a lot of room for improvement.

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#4 - File manager

I'm continually amazed that there's no central way to manage files in iOS. I have to organize photos using the Photos app, music using the iTunes app, and my spreadsheet and word processor documents using a myriad of applications.

It's a mess. I have three programs for handling Microsoft Office documents -- because sometimes a particular app has problems with certain documents. I have to remember which app was used to edit/save the document and be able to find the document again.

Why can't we have a single, central app that allows us to handle and manipulate user-created files through a single interface? I'm not expecting Apple to give me access to the iOS file system, but being able to have access to my files would make finding, organizing, and managing them a lot easier.

Again, jailbrokein devices can already enjoy this feature.

#5 - Call/iMessage blacklist

Come on Apple, there are people that I don't want to get calls or iMessages (or for that matter text messages) from. Please give me an easy way to control who can and cannot get in touch with me.

Once again, the jailbreak community is way ahead of Apple.

#6 - Ability to change default apps

I don't use Safari on iOS that much any more. I also don't use Apple's abysmal Maps app. I also have my own calendar and contacts app. But Apple continues to try to force its own apps on me every opportunity. Click on a link in an email and it opens in Safari. Click on a time or date in an email and it opens the Calendar app. And no matter what, Apple still thinks that its Contacts app is the one and only way I should be organizing my contacts.

What I want is a way to tell iOS that I no longer want Apple's apps to handle certain features, but instead use the that apps that I have hand-picked to do the job.

Most of Apple's apps are good, but there are better apps available in the App Store.

#7 - Faster access to settings

Why does Apple continue to want to bury access to settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness and so on. iOS 6 did remove a few taps to access some of these settings, but I think that access should be much easier.

For handsets that have been jailbroken, there's already an excellent app that does just this. It is called SDSettings and it does a lot of things that I wish iOS would do out of the box.

Here's a video showing SBSettings for iOS 5 that will give you an idea of this app gives you faster access to iOS settings by utilizing the Notification Center.

Something like that please, Apple.

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • Multiuser?

    Did you for get or do you never share your tablet with anyone?
    • Yes.

      This is the most glaring omission in iOS, in my opinion. The ability to have multiple users who all can set their own preferences, homescreen layouts, etc. is sorely needed.
      • Yes + child mode

        I think so too, as a parent what I would really like would be a kid mode where they can access allowed apps under their profile but cannot delete anything or change any settings. For that matter, is there an app anywhere for that?
        • Like win phone 8?

          win phon 8 has a special child mode, you choose the apps you want... Love it, can hand phone to kid and he/she wont call your boss etc
          • Is it in Win 8?

            Is this functionality available on the Surface or other Win 8 tablets? Tight now my two year old uses my wife's iPad more than my wife does, since I am thinking about a Surface this might help me decide.
          • Yes.... Windows RT, like Windows always has, have multi-user support....

            I have Windows 8 setup on my home laptop with a profile for my wife and me (both password protected through our Microsoft accounts), and one for my 4-year old daughter so she can go on and play games and not mess with my stuff. She was able to get on my Linkedin on my iPhone once and posted to the site!

          • Surface supports...

            Surface supports multiple users just like a Windows PC does. You could set up an account with limits and provide it to your child.
          • Just get Surface, you will love it

            Simply said it is much more than any of the current tablets, just a tad bit less than a full PC.

            Don't read any reviews, just get one and try it out. You will not return it, once you get hang of the UI and features.

            Its a desktop OS running on tablet, and not a Phone OS running on tablet
          • Don't get RT

            I sure hope nobody here gets a Surface RT. It looks like windows, but it only runs apps meant for it. you can not install any REAL programs on it. To replace a computer, and not be "a tad less" than a real computer, get the surface pro. The Surface Pro is a REAL computer, just built into one. It has the same processor and parts used in real computers.
            Avery Kucan
          • Multi-user support is included in Android 4.2

            Jellybean 4.2 is being pushed out as we speak to existing devices and comes preloaded on the Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet.
          • Try the New Kurio Tablet

            Its Android 4.2,
            Has Parent and Child accounts,
            Allows each account there own home screen with their apps.
            Has a new App store geared for families.
            Has a wish list that the child account can add to or remove.
            Auto updates the store every time the tablet is on wifi or at a predefined time (set by the parent)
            Allows for Parents to have complete control over what apps the child uses but gives the child account the ability to buy apps via a Piggy bank function.
          • Limited

            It is a stupid feature. Designed only for "Owner > Kid".

            Open Handset Alliance made multi-user functionality correctly in Android by allowing a device owner to create new accounts and limit their access to settings, applications and so on.

            What people really want, is to have a one tablet at house what all family members can use. Not just 10 year or under old kids and single parent.
          • Your a tad confused.

            Windows phone 8: Kids Corner. Limited. There are apps on android phones that provide similar functionality - but, on phones android is not multi-user any more than WP8 is.

            Surface RT (well, any Windows RT device): Fully multi-user. With parental controls, various account access levels, etc.
        • Guided Access


          Settings>General>Accessibility>Guided Access

          Guided access is cool. You open an app, triple tap home button, and it locks it to that app, disables the home button, and disables any sections of the screen you choose. You triple tap home and type a password to exit.
          Avery Kucan
      • There is a reason for not doing it.......

        The only reason Apple is not adding this feature is because Nokia have patent for Multi User functionality. Nexus 10 adds this feature,and Nokia is suing it because it clearly violates that patent.. That's why Apple is not doing it....
        Anything else? :P
        • sony tablet s

          Is an android device that has a guest mode. It also has "small apps" that float above the main app. Calculator, TV remote (yes it has ir) or any widget can be one. Of course android already has all the features in this article. Apple needs to get moving. Even the retina display is not up to the HD display on the tablet s.
          • Agreed. This article is describing the lastest Android 4.2 feature set.

            Just use Android and move away from iOS. You can do that by buying the new Nexus 4 or Nexus 10. No jailbreaking required. :)
        • Yes, something else

          Windows (and Linux I presume; I do not know about OSX) has had multiuser functionality for a LONG time and has not been sued by Nokia. Clearly, the ability to share HW through separate log-in screens is not fully covered by patents.

          Google is not totally stupid and would presumably not willfully and blatantly violate Nokia's patents. Apple does not back down from a fight if it really matters to them and they can afford to license.

          Apple has lost its smartphone dominance. It is starting to lose its tablet dominance. Without multiuser functionality, I think Apple will become a niche player in tablets.
        • And this isn't true, anyway...

        • Anything else?

          Where did you get your info?
          Little Old Man