My love of Windows Phone drove me to order a 64GB Microsoft Surface

My love of Windows Phone drove me to order a 64GB Microsoft Surface

Summary: I can't say I really NEED a Microsoft Surface tablet, but as a huge fan of the Windows Phone platform and metro UI I just could not resist seeing it on a screen larger than my phone. I look forward to testing it alongside a new Windows Phone 8 device in November too.


After reading through Ed Bott's detailed Surface article and seeing that the Surface was available for pre-order I decided to place an order for the 64GB model and should have it by 26 October. One of the main reasons I decided to go ahead with a Surface purchase even though I have a fully functional new iPad and fabulous ZAGGkeys PROPlus backlit keyboard is that I am a HUGE fan of Windows Phone and the Surface RT looks to bring that same Live Tiles experience of Windows Phone to the big screen.

I ordered the 64GB model since I am wanted to make sure I had enough space to do what I want and not feel limited so paying an extra $100 seemed like the best option. This one also comes with the black touch cover and I figured I would try that one out before seeing if I wanted to go crazy with another color. The $120 additional cost for the touch cover is about what is charged for iPad keyboards so if I end up really liking the Surface then I may pick up a red or blue cover/keyboard.

Ed had some hands-on time with the Surface and his details on the quality and fit and finish helped push me over the edge. I want a high quality tablet, like my new iPad, and am looking forward to the Windows Phone-like experience on a large display. As an engineer, I understand I won't be able to run my high end engineering applications and will have to look to a full Windows 8 tablet for that in 2013, but plan to test out the version of Excel included with the Surface and other available applications. I may get a Surface Pro through work next year so figured I can use the Surface RT to get used to that experience too.

I find the Windows Phone UI refreshing and so does most of my family. My wife's Nokia Lumia 710 failed so I gave her my Galaxy Nexus to try and she hated it. She wants a new Windows Phone 8 device now so I am very interested in seeing what she thinks of this new Surface RT that will be entering our house in a couple of weeks.

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  • Yep, the same factor drove me to get one

    more over I need a touch enabled device to test my modern ui apps.
    Ram U
    • and I sold my ExoPC with Win8 RP on ebay recently.

      Running ModernUI apps via Splashtop on my iPad is sufficing a few, but definitely need better solution, so it drove me to get 64GB Surface RT. Once RT Pro comes, I will give this to my wife and get that.
      Ram U
      • Win8 on my ExoPC

        Runs great. I put Win 8 Enterprise on it and it runs better and faster than the Win7 with ExoPC layer did, that is what has me sold on Win8 for a tablets and laptops, it is extremly fast.
        • Yes, I had ExoPC with Win8 RP installed. I sold it recenly.

          Thats what it drove me to Surface RT. Yes, I totally agree with about Win8 on ExoPC.
          Ram U
    • Important question

      Do we actually know the process of testing Modern UI apps on a Windows RT device? Are they tethered via a cable or connect over WiFi or something?
      Jeff Kibuule
      • Most of the details you need ...

        ... can be found in this article and video:

        The Win8 emulator is very proficient and high-fidelity so any discrepancies between the emulator and real WindowsRT devices should be minimal.
    • Probably has happened millions of times with iOS users.

      Good relevant article. Just think how many iPhone users have purchased iPads for the same reason.

      Not me. I'm NOT an iPhone user. I purchased my iPad because of just how bad my Android phone is... and Android tablets are much worse than the phones are. So, it shows that the love/hate logic of this article also works in reverse as well.
  • Good for you Matt.

    I got a 32GB one with a Cyan Cover. I didn't see the need to get a 64GB model since the MicroSD slot allows for an addtional 64GB of storage. I also have a Windows Phone and couldn't help but be drawn to the Surface.

    The 10th can't come quick enough.
    • MicroSD question

      Which 64GB MicroSD will you get? Will there be difference in speed compare to the onboard SSD?
      • I'm not sure?

        I read the marketing fluff from Microsoft, but haven't gotten any specifics on the MicroSD. I suspect the Packaging will spell out exactly what you can or cannot use for the MicroSD when it arrives next week on my doorstep.

        As for if it's faster than the internal SSD. I don't know. Maybe someone else has an answer on this Blog?
        • as per site it is MicroSDXC

          which makes it to go upto 2TB. and
          Ram U
        • its already been spelled out....

          You can't run apps from it, but you can store all your media files on it and leave more room on the device for apps and app data. Seems fine for me, plus I will be using the cloud so its not really that big of a deal.
      • yes

        BUT you will install apps and that on the 32GB (20 in reality) and use the storage for things like videos documents music pics etc that don't need the full speed. Also worth a note there is a full sized usb 2 on the device so you could connect a portable hard drive of flash pen etc.
    • Can you change the default App install location?

      I hear you SmoothDouglas. I did get a 64GB version because I didn't know if you would be able to change the install location for Apps and I wasn't sure if 20GB would be enough for some of the larger apps I'll be getting and testing. Does anyone know if you can change the default install location? I would have gotten a 32GB one with a 64GB(maybe 128GB) MicroSD Card for all of the Apps and Media I have or will buy.
      • The MicroSD is for Music, Photos, Videos, Documents

        It does not allow Apps to be installed upon it. I have a Windows Phone with 16GB of memory and I'm constantly having to manage it. Not because of Apps or Games, but because of Podcasts, Photos, Videos. 64GB for Media is plenty on the MicroSD.

        20GB should be just fine for me on the internal storage (12GB goes to OS), but others may want to have 300 Apps installed on the Surface. I probably won't have more than 20.
    • Per-ordered 2

      Ordered 2 32GB nodels one with the touch and the other with the type cover. Tried to get a HDMI cable but they were already out of stock on the Aussie MS site. Also looking forward to Win Phone 8 so I can upgrade our 4 Win 7 business phones and also distribute the older phones with 7.8 to colleagues and relatives who want to move up from Android and iPhone.

      It really is the one UI to rule them all ;-)
      • I ordered my 32GB with touch keyboard

        You'll have to let me know if the type keyboard is worth it.

        I am so much more excited to get this than when I ordered my iPad. The only excitement my iPad brings me these days is in the thought of watching it blend when my Surface gets here.
  • I will be very interested in your reviews

    Matthew - I'll be very interested in your reviews. I also have and love my Windows Phone, and in using pre-release Windows 8, I found for Windows 8 they sometimes made different choices than Windows Phone made, and in every case, I have preferred the Windows Phone choice. For example, I find I really miss the hardware Back button that the phone has. And I also dislike that on Windows 8 Calendar, when you are looking at the month view and you touch a date, Windows 8 Calendar assumes you want to create an appointment for that date rather than just navigate to that date to look at your schedule. Windows Phone does the latter. My concern is that the Windows 8 devs were too arrogant to look at what Windows Phone did and make sure their good design choices carried through to Windows 8.
  • Correction

    You mean your love of writing articles for a microsoft shill site.
    Fred Smith234
    • or your love

      of trolling. ZDNET is anything but a MS shill site.