My nine wishes for tech gadgets

My nine wishes for tech gadgets

Summary: I want a few things from my tech gadgets and providers. Here are my top desires.


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  • An iPhone battery that lasts all day without a charge

    I turn the phone on and off, turning off cellular data, notifications and AirDrop. Sometimes, no matter what steps we take to conserve data usage and improve the iPhone's battery life, sometimes the battery only lasts for a couple of hours.

    Image: Lolzbook

  • A manageable email inbox

    I try to manage the Spam, Bacn, reply alls and round robin emails from my friends at work. It is difficult to keep our email inbox at a manageable level and try to drive towards inbox zero?

    Image: Exkalibur

  • A week without a patch or update from Microsoft

    There are updates galore - out-of band updates and errors in Microsoft updates. Patch Tuesday only happens once per month so these critical, urgent updates are an extra annoyance to those of us who hate rebooting.

    Image: Beta Download

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  • I want ...

    for ZDnet to get rid of Galleries/Slideshows ! They are nearly always a waste of time, bandwidth, clicks, etc... ! That's what I want.
    • O agre

      Makes no sense for any user these slideshow...
    • agree!

      ZDNet can suck it. These blatant attempt to add more ADS is just a waste of time. Oh wait, come click on a silly wish list and I'll put up 10 DIFFERENT web pages so you can see one list. I think ZDnet in general IS a troll.
    • Slideshow Hell

      I can't be bothered to open any slides ... on to next article.
  • so roll your own...

    ... and use Autopager for the whole slideshow in one scrollable format:
  • nº 2 is easy

    just get a different phone

    As for Windows BSOD i haven't seen one in the last 2y
  • How about wireless usb devices instead..

    something that can fit in easy or maybe a circular one like a power cord so it's easy to plug in. Also i hate changing OS's.. i'd rather stick with one and see that update just the security and you can customize your desktop/features so you don't need to reinstall everything when switching to a new OS.
  • No more Slides

    yeah agreed. CNet should just list all these items in one page, NOT in slide show - a waste of our time, i couldn't be bothered to open them one by one.
  • Haven't had a blue screen since I upgraded to windows 8

    I also don't mind the occasional reboot because it is so fast. What I want is a thin surface pro.
  • Some thoughts

    1. I run into the same problem with USB all the time.
    2. My android phone, a Samsung Galaxy Ace X II, if I turn off the GPS, WiFi, and Data plan, will run for 4 days. With the GPS on, it'll run for about 5 hours. The GPS uses more power and my guess is that's running the receiver amplifiers, than anything else on the phone, screen included. If you need the GPS, and you're in a car, plug it in. Otherwise, leave it off or turn it on for the 5 minutes you need to find out where you are and then turn it off again.
    3. I use Thunderbird and have created a large number of sub-folders and filters and have found this to work well. But I'd really like an addition to the mail protocol that adds a field "Friendly", "Work-Related", "Interesting", and so forth. Not a priority system since only I know how I'm going to prioritize stuff, but something so that when co-workers send me work-related email, it gets sorted differently than when they send me those non-work-related emails.
    5. If you are using a laptop, the antennas are usually panel types and mounted behind the screen, one VPOL and one HPOL. They usually have less than a 90degree beam width and height (regardless of what the OEM says). Aligning your laptop screen can help a lot. The same will apply to tablets. Put the back of the screen facing the hotspot and keep it as vertical as you can and it should work much better. And for those buying and setting up routers, I strongly recommend ones with external antennas. Some of the ones with internal antennas work very well, but many do not. With the external antennas, you can rotate the antennas to cover as much range as possible. An omni has 360degrees one way, but always less than 360degrees the other way. The other thing is you can get higher-gain antennas to replace the ones that come with your router. Both can improve the stability of the wifi connection for the users.
    7. I have never had a blue screen on Windows 7 and my last blue screen on WinXPx64 was due to faulty RAM. (Sometimes the RAM's actual speed is slower than the advertised speed and sometimes the RAM simply slows down with age.) The problem may be your hardware. If so, stop blaming MS.
    8. No "maybe" about it. You need to switch your cloud provider.
    4&6&9. Sorry to say, the likelihood of any of these happening is inversely proportional to your desired cloud provider uptime.
  • A list that doesn't need a slideshow

    And doesn't need to load a new page for every item.
  • Zero your inbox?

    If you get to a zero input on your inbox, why would you have an email program at all?

    P.S. The slide show format still sucks. Big time.
  • cheap tech - Apple?

    Apple doesn't do cheap, thank goodness. Too many others do cheap. Quality for a lower price, would be a good thing. The Mac Mini for the same price, but including SSD as the drive would be a good thing indeed. The iPad Air Retina seems fair priced, until they add for RAM and wireless, which gets too pricey. The iPad Mini Air is overpriced. The iMac just seems too hard to work out -- better access through a panel maybe? The Mac Air laptops with 15hrs of battery life - whoa!
  • Seriously?

    Plugging a USB in is simple. The symbol for USB, the 3 lines with the dots on the end ALWAYS goes up. Maybe your hands are just too shaky? But why even have USB? Like wireless mice and keyboards that use one Universal USB (HP does this) for up to 5 separate devices, just make a UNIVERSAL USB transceiver built IN to the device that receives and transmits the signal without having to plug in any kind of device at all because it's already built in, inside underneath. ERMURGURD!
  • Battery Life on iPhones

    Unfortunately you need to perform manual maintenance in order to get your wish. Double click the Home button and close all of your background apps. Do this frequently and your phone will last all day. I have my phone all day without plugging it in until night and yeah, it gets low but it always caps out around 25% plus or minus. Keeping the background apps closed accomplishes this. Sure you can turn off other things like Bluetooth (huge drain), wifi if you're not needing it all the time (I have unlimited data so I don't need wifi when I'm out and about) and that's about it. It's pointless to turn off anything else as it degrades the functionality of the phone and if you don't like having all the "functions" on, why did you buy a Smartphone then? ;)
  • Managing Email

    Create rules and folders. Based on the former, things will sort automatically into their respective folders of your choosing. It sounds like you want everything to just do these things for you. You have to use your human given intelligence to carry out most of these tasks manually. Apparently the world just doesn't want to do this anymore. Sure it takes a bit of set up in the beginning, but if you have that many emails coming in and can't sort through to zero, then there's a problem. The first step to resolution is admitting that you have a problem, so it sounds like you're on track. ;)
  • Microsoft Updates

    Again, go manual. You want things to be done automatically for you but then you turn around and point out that you dislike the automatic. In this case, the automatic Windows update feature which by default, is turned on in every Windows machine to run at 3 am daily.

    You know what? You can turn it off! ERMURGURD! Run it manually on your own on any magical day of your choosing and only then, by golly will the updates and if necessary, reboot deploy.

  • Working on a deadline via WiFi

    That's your biggest mistake. Connect at home only or plug in via Ethernet and work on your deadline responsibly. I have no sympathy for you on that one. ;)
  • Getting your hands on a BETA program

    Today! No wait, next week. Scratch that. October 2014. You know what. IT'S BETA. The world knows BETA means there is absolutely no guarantee. EVER. On anything. Release dates. Availability. It's all just a means of TEASING the consumer slash tech industry and geek world to get noticed. Leave it alone and wait. Use what does work. And if I am wrong correct me, but from the sound of it, if you're using mostly BETA programs because you just love BETA, this may just explain the root of most of why you're having so many issues with all of these "other" things, maybe? ;)
  • Windows 8 Blue Screen? Really?

    What are you doing? Either your device is clearly out dated or you're dinking around with WAY TOO MUCH stuff for that to even happen. Using too many BETA programs it seems or you're trying to play with stuff that you're not supposed to be playing with. In all my years, even as a complete amateur I have NEVER blue screened on my Windows pc's. Hands down no lies, I swear on the graves of everyone's Grandma. Because I don't frak with crap I ain't supposed to. And I also learned that using a BETA program was by far the worst thing a person should do to formulate any opinions and/or complaints about a product ever.

    You must have been using a Windows BETA.