Nasdaq halts trading amid technical difficulties

Nasdaq halts trading amid technical difficulties

Summary: UPDATED x5: The Nasdaq has resumed trading.


All trading has halted on the Nasdaq stock exchange for the moment.

Going down shortly after noon ET on Thursday, it appears that the downtime is due to a technical glitch. But beyond that, there are no specific details available.

According to, the problem "appears to be related to a quote dissemination issue and it is not known when normal trading on the Nasdaq will resume."

Meanwhile, the financial commentary site added that the S&P 500 is doing well enough as it continues to hold on to its gain of 0.7 percent.

Before trading was suspended, the Nasdaq Composite index was last seen at 3631.17, up 31.38 points.

Some of the most active stocks on the American stock exchange based in New York City include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo, Intel, and Apple, among many others.

It is not immediately known when trading will resume at the Nasdaq.

UPDATE: The Nasdaq OMX told MarketWatch it plans to reopen trading at some point for a 5-minute quote-only period.

However, it has not been revealed when that five-minute window will occur.

UPDATE 2: CNBC is reporting that the Nasdaq will go live again for Tape C Securities at 11:45AM PT/2:45PM ET. Regular trading will follow at 12:10PM PT/3:10PM ET and then options will resume 15 minutes later.

It is still not know what kind of technical issue caused the second largest stock exchange in the country to halt trading for more than two hours on Thursday.

UPDATE 3: The Nasdaq OMX confirmed the original timetable. The stock exchange also added on its website that it will re-open trading in all Tape C securities with a 15-minute quote only period, not five minutes.

The Nasdaq also said, "Customers who wish to cancel their orders may do so and any customer who wishes to not participate in the re-opening should cancel their orders prior to the resumption of trading."

UPDATE 4: The Nasdaq has pushed back the start time for all trading to resume to 12:25PM PT/3:25PM ET.

UPDATE 5: Stocks listed on the Nasdaq have finally resumed trading after being out of pocket for roughly three hours.

Screenshot via Nasdaq

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  • What OS does NASDAQ use again?

    I can't quite remember.

    Can anyone help?
    • Nothing to do with OS

      • Well that answers half the question

        It is clearly not Windows then because whenever anything goes wrong on a computer running Windows, it is always immediately blamed on the OS.

        So now that we know what it ISN'T, anyone know what it IS?
        • ..

          According to, the problem "appears to be related to a quote dissemination issue and it is not known when normal trading on the Nasdaq will resume."
    • Is it the same used for

      • If yes...

        ... they will be back online in 3 or 4 days.
  • Must be because Windows 8 doesn't have a Start Menu???

    Either that, or they left the telnet port open??? Maybe they are holding it wrong?? Or, they downloaded the wrong app?? Maybe someone should try "sudo apt-get install NASDAQ CPanel"??? Hehe!